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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Secret Societies, Freemasons, Occult Knowledge, Who Rules the World? Part 2

Secret Societies Part 2

We saw earlier how many signs and symbols used in the secret societies evolved over time from star worship. The ancient word “Tzaba” may actually derive from an old use of the word which no longer exists, and may mean “many baptisms”. The pole star was worshiped as the creative principle which they named IAO, which also means “Isis” or “nature”.

From those earlier times the nature and star worship were intermingled. Stones and rocks were worshiped and considered a part of the greater universe, they were used to erect “houses of god”, each one contained a major place within for the heavenly presence. Nations from all around the world, Asia, Africa, Egypt and even those you might find surprising such as the Aztec nation and other similars were all used as a part of a world wide construct, or world wide “map” if you will of these “houses of god”.

Eventually the worship of the stones would fall into alchemy and there would arise such things as the “philosopher’s stone”, and also adding many spiritual and psychological meanings. All these representations, from the works in Egypt to the Mayans, seemingly on the other side of the world, were all different manifestations of the “god of light”. And when I say “god of light” I most certainly mean Lucifer and the Devil. Surprisingly, the number seven, used for perfection in the Bible, is here used to represent the number of colors in the spectrum that make up the color white, as well as the number of planets known at the time. In fact, there is a “holy meteorite” that is held in great esteem in the Muslim world even to this day.

The spread of Satanism was so successful that traces of it can still be found within modern secret orders. The Rosicrucians have some sacred grains known as “Elohim Tzaboath”, the dead are invoked and adored. One of their inner circle sayings goes, “I am the light of fire.” Secret societies often practice the invocation of spirits by using these types of divine secret names.

The bottom line of all this is that members are taught that ma
n is connected to nature by a divine light that resides within himself. This divine light is the key to connecting to nature itself and must be awakened. Over time, the mind-bending level of energy needed to produce this state of connection was kept ultra secret by these societies, believing they had some inroad into ultimately manipulating this connection into serving their own ways and means.

This universal agent as they call it, can be controlled, say the
ancients, and reality itself as a result. Don’t be surprised if one day you see the AntiChrist himself following this line of thinking as he proves to the world what is believed to be hidden since ancient times. He will be able to send thoughts around the world, give out words that will guarantee success, and heal at a great distance.

This unknown language, which can reverberate around the world, is completely unknown to most ordinary men and women. It has been used for millennia to proselytize people all around the world into their societies, a
nd is usually revealed in deep drug hallucinogenic states. Not scientifically provable, this ability more so belongs to the types that are “Tibetan masters” who practice a kind of mind control that escapes the grasp of the common man.

Overt drug use, sexual depravity and types of BDSM, transcend
ental meditation and other similar practices, are all used to bring the mind into an altered state of consciousness in order to grasp this connection to nature, and the “light within”. This is a device that spread across the world in much the same way as the stone “houses of the holy” but was kept less obvious by use of secret rituals and hidden practices. From the drunken parties of Bacchius, to the orgies of Caligula, to the shedding of blood in the Aztec nation, and the self mutilation of the Gauls; all were expecting to gain a secret wisdom and thus advantage.

It would appear that all through history, there is a consisten
t attempt to become one with a “higher power”. If the self flagellation that is required in order to receive this special connection is still practiced, and in these societies it indeed is, then it is no wonder they are kept as secretive as they are.

Amazing symbols can be found in the esoteric writings of the Greeks, the Elysius as they are called. These secretive symbols actually come from ancient Egypt in its antiquity. There was a sacred phallus, not unlike the Washington monu
ment, which was erected in honor of the virile part of Osirus (the sun god), and to which Isis ordered sacrifices and offerings. This is, in fact, the IAO, or creative principle worshiped from the very beginning by those who worshiped the stars. The phallus was a stone pointing upright to the northern star, giving homage. In India it is known as the “shiva linda” or “philosopher’s stone”. Whether Shiva or Osirus, the idea is the same, we are talking about the worship of nature, the creation, as though it were the creator.

Down through the ages the central idea has splintered and been effected by those whom have handled it, but the basics of the secret ideas are all pointing in the same direction. They can be broken down into simpler parts. The stars and planets directed man, and therefore they were worshiped. They offered navigation and measurement and solidified man’s place in the time of day. This heavenly process gave rise to tales of Osiris and Isis and much more, the sun and the moon and the cycle of life measured out by the gods. This powerful knowledge was ruthlessly guarded.

To communicate with what man thought were deities, he had to alter his state of mind. The process was related to the heavenly host which would guide his way. The priesthood, learning and developing the means to do this became quite powerful, and therefore had to be protected by an elite guard. The royalty of that day was given its power by the work of the priests and therefore, there was a tribunal gathering of king, priest and military. (Not unlike the predicted state of the coming AntiChirst with his religious leader by his side and the massive control of the military.) Civil servants were the sinews by which the body of the tribunal could interact and they had all the knowledge of the Kings and Priest and could also manipulate the military.

More on the story of these sacred groups next time.

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