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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Secret Societies, Freemasons, Occult Knowledge, Who Rules the World? Part 4

Secret Societies

Part 4

One of the ways we can look further into the organization of the Freemasons is to examine a text written by Theosophist called: The Anatomy of Revolution. The writer, Dargon, explains; The modern Theosophist organization was founded by a person named Madame Blavatsky, who was an agent of The Cabonari. The Carbonari is a branch of the larger Freemason society. Blavatsky was admittedly working for so called “hidden masters” who directed her every move.

There are many other diverse sects like the Theosophist, and they all draw their existence from the large Freemasonry society. But what is the true purpose of this group? One person who has spoken up and written about this says that, occultism, Theosophy, and other sects connected to this mystic system all have the same common baseline purpose, to assure the liberation of man, to take away all traditional moral sense, in order to be able to enslave him for the good of the interests that Freemasonry is aimed at. To me, that seems
a bit frightening when you consider the results of Supreme Court rulings from the 60’s that took prayer and the Bible out of schools and the resulting escalation of murder rates, increased poverty, convicted felons and moral decay that American society has suffered for forty years now.

This is, however, the supreme Freemason secret. It ha
s its roots in the literal beginnings of our world. In 1822 the President of Austria warned about these groups to his allies in this way: “These societies are a malady, which eats into the social fiber at its noblest parts. The evil has already thrust out deep and extended roots, Europe runs the risk of succumbing to attacks upon it ceaselessly repeated by these associations on absolute monarchies, constitutional monarchies, republics, all are threatened by these levelers.”

Immediately after these warnings, revolution in Russia became a reality. It was fostered by the Freemasons from the few lodges that still remained. Many of the writings of Karl Marx himself are suspiciously line for line retreads of the writings of Adam Weishaupt, of the Illuminati from the 18th century.

This happened again in the 1900’s, in Hungary, and at that time the secret writings of a local lodge were published and it lead to a revolution in 1918. It was revealed that the Freemasons actually owned the press, they also sought control of the professionals, school masters and professors, seeking to take control of the minds of the youth in the nation. (I have talked about this sort of thing in other posts on this blog.) They managed to succeed.

This happened again in Spain, as long held efforts by the Freemasons brought about revolution. Deschamps wrote in 1881, that the subsequent revolutions that had rocked Spain since 1812 were the results of wars between rival factions of the Freemason lodges which always unite in order to fight “Christian Social Order”.

It all began in 1728 when the delegation from the English grandmaster (Freemason) opened a lodge in Spain. By the time Charles III came to power in Spain, the government was full of Freemasons. By 1766, the arch enemy of the Freemasons, the Jesuits, was driven out of the country. In 1812 the Catholic power base of Spain had become a lap dog of the people. The real power was held by a Freemason constitutional government. In 1878, they militarily deposed Queen Isabella with a Freemasonite army. (This gets even more interesting if you include the information of others about the possibility of The United Kingdom being the revived Roman Empire and Prince William as the possible AntiChrist.)

The then chancellor of Spain in the early 1900’s, proud of the work they had done to literally take over the entire nation of Spain, gave a speech where he told the people: “The Spanish Masonry associates itself with the task which the League of Nations has taken on. It is the Masons which must create this universal conscience.” Not long after this, the League of Nations would become the United Nations. The UN itself was now full of Freemasons in the highest positions of authority.

Moving on to Portugal, 1941, we find the following: that most of the men associated with political, religious and intellectual revolutions over the last 200 years, were somehow connected to the Freemasonry. The history of Spain and Portugal will now remain absolutely linked with the history of Freemasonry itself.

Tales of Masonic power struggles in Europe go on and on from Italy to France, Great Britain to Russia. As an example, in 1903 a Freemason had created an international court of justice. By 1917, Freemasons had set up the League of Nations. Similar plans also exist in India, as one of the major players in Theosophy, stated in 1929 in her own published newspaper, “Try to perceive the great plan as a whole, India is the key note. India is the center of a great storm that will usher in peace. No true Theosophist or anyone who is working for the inner Freemason organization will be careless of India’s welfare. CoMasonry has been given to India, that it may be a powerful organized force that may be of service.”

To assist in the rise of India, an annexed portion of the British Empire, a secret hereditary group of assassins known as the Thugees were employed. They were devoted to the goddess Kali. According to history, it all began in the 14th century.

This is the period that the Freemasons trace their own origins to a
nd the same period of the Knights Templar. The story goes that a Thugee Saint appeared in India, possessing vast sums of money. He had come from Persia, where he had bee a disciple of the “old man of the mountain” (You’ll remember Persia and it’s Mahdi from former posts in this blog.) The Thugees, who were good buddies with the Knights Templar, were associated with the Fakirs, or the “Sufis”, the religious or mystical counterpart. With the aid of European secret societies, these Indian organizations eventually took back control of India from the British.

These Thugees existed right along side of the society as if they were co
mmon folk, they would rise when called and then fade away again and this tradition and training was passed down to their children. There is little difference in the way they operated from our own modern day terrorist groups across the world.

So what was the true purpose of the Theosophist and CoMasonries who directed the uprising of India against the British? As one historian put it: “The idea of
establishing “nationhood” is a linchpin of the future creation of a world empire.” Therefore, it can be said, that the Freemasons influenced the people of India in such a way as to ensure that a future “socialist” New World Order would come to pass. (Hear that, Mr. Obama?)

More on the story of these secret groups next time.

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