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Monday, March 15, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Secret Societies, Freemasons, Occult Knowledge, Who Rules the World?

Secret Societies

Secret societies, we’ve all heard about them. Everyone from the Illuminati to the Freemasons, to dark dealings with extraterrestrials and the occult, have all taken the public by storm at some time in history. The New World Order is another of these grand conspiracies and private clubs that have become a part of our national conversation. It is even believed by some that the New World Order is run by lizard people who change from human to lizard and back within the blink of an eye.

This concept of secret societies, which is gaining more and more notice with the spread of easy information around the world, is really nothing new, for they have existed far back into antiquity as one can imagine. This also includes early Christianity who were subversive and secretive in order to be overlooked by the ruling powers. They often spoke in coded language and as many of you know, much of Revelation is indeed coded language. If you look at the next fifty years or so after the death and resurrection of Christ you’ll notice that in secular society it seemed as if nothing of great import had happened at all. In fact, some fifty years later the leading Jewish rabbi of the time hailed the coming of the messiah and publicly supported a common man as the Jewish savior. Sadly, this messiah did not bring peace to Jerusalem and was killed in battle, yet how commonly is this known?

This early church was indeed a secret society of its day, and although it took quite sometime, has a major place on the stage of world history today. The same could be said for Islam, the Greek and Roman empires and also the burgeoning resistance of Russia. In order for us to comprehend the real possibilities of secret societies, we must take a step back and look at the wider, long term story of history. It would be in error for us to romanticize the secret society as something a Batman villain might do but it would also be error to ignore the idea that those with power will leverage their position by joining forces.

There is power in numbers, and also when you create a cadre of mankind you also bring together the smaller parts of that entity and magnify them to a greater degree. If indeed these larger entities are made up of people who are greedy, lusting for power and not necessarily humanitarian in their decrees, then you have something on the order of organized crime. The difference of course, is the scale and political leaning.

A hallmark of these organizations which runs all through history is the ever present forms of dualism that are found. On the one hand there is a great wealth of information from ancient history, such things as old spiritual truths and archaic beliefs. At first they seem redundant, but actually there are great psychological advantages to these long held beliefs in relation to the control they exercise over the elect of their organizations. These organizations then also have a rather bloody history in their participation with some of the major events of history. But how can this be, you ask? If there is a ritualistic, handed down spirituality from generation to generation then how can there be a literal murderous side to these organizations? This is a question they often struggle with themselves as there are also histories of splits within these organizations dealing with that very self same issue.

But this is merely the outgrowth of the nature of the people involved themselves. Naturally, the struggle within a single person will be manifested within a group of persons. Secret societies gather the divisions of persons within a group together, for you may have Freemasons in both political parties of one country at the same time.

Secret societies have an internal structure not at all different from many business or political models. They have a series of held beliefs and rituals, sometimes they even have their own set of holidays and festivals. The difference is that those events and beliefs are hidden and secret. They hide them away in symbols and codes. They basically live “under the table” of common public awareness, and this too, like the dualism of their inner struggle, is an outgrowth of human nature. Anyone who truly understands the deeper aspects of Biblical scripture regarding mankind and “what is in him” would find this fact to be of little surprise.

The power base of secret societies is not unlike the psychology studies of Madison avenue advertising. They understand the basics of human nature and how to manipulate it, and this is how they have gained their power for centuries. Much of their closely guarded secret information was held long before it became public, not just in the esoteric reading of the heavenly host, but also information on such subjects as navigation and mathematical properties of construction.

Many of the symbols that we see used today that are now a matter of every day life can be related back to ancient times and the worship of the heavenly host. Star tracking and knowledge of how to read the stars and their positions were matters of great survival to the societies of long ago which had no compass or wrist watch. This was the practice of literally moving your mind into the heavens and using that information for guidance and navigation. This information became rigorously guarded and secret societies emerged.

It was during these times that man needed a device for making measurements, and as one can see down through history, this measuring rod was a staff of great position. From wizards to holy wise men, the staff that they held was a symbol of greater knowledge and position.

If you’ll read in the Book of Wisdom, you’ll see where it is spoken of the scribe who has time to discern the great learnings of the world and to decide man’s place within the grand scheme of things. The potter must busy himself with clay and ovens, the blacksmith with tools and such, but the wise one with the staff had to have time to work on the deeper things of man’s reality, be they spiritual or be they practical towards the acquisition of power.

The man with the staff, therefore, became the priest or shaman of the society. He was the one who had the measuring rod or staff and could tell what the “signs of the times” were by looking into the heavens and seeing the placement of stars and the relation of planets around the Earth. These great wizards or sensei’s, if you will, became an integral part of the survival of the society as a whole. Even to the point that if they revealed that they had contacted the dead or heard from Angels, few would have been brave enough to challenge them. The knowledge that these priest disseminated was so powerful and amazingly true to the tribes that followed them that often war broke out among tribes over possession of “holy men”.

Therefore, secondly, you saw in history a development of a “brotherhood” of warriors who’s function was to protect these holy men. This brotherhood also had a store of symbolism and signage which placed into secrecy their true purpose for existence. The knowledge of these groups would be deemed sacred and protected. Whether it was practical methods of survival, navigation and measurement or psychological and spiritual inner wisdom they would become the ground floor of future secret societies, and as populations grew around them, they would be given great power and dangerous freedoms.

More on the story of these sacred groups next time.

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