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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Secret Societies, Freemasons, Occult Knowledge, Who Rules the World? Part 3

Secret Societies

Part 3

From ancient Sufi to the Druids and then to modern day “wise men” all searched for the same thing, this “inner light” of man that could connect them to the divine. They all had sacred rocks and stones and also had a “secret knowledge” of the divine inner light that was symbolized by a serpent, something that looks an awful lot like the symbol for medicine used by hospitals.

The Sufis, are indeed a secret society of Persian mystics whose original religion may well have been that of those called the “Sabeans”, those referred to in this article as the “star worshippers”. They also hold, that it’s possible for them to hold onto their own faith while expressing outwardly allegiance to the religion of their homestead. They even practice spending a fixed amount of days in the wild, all on their own, in order to connect with the surrounding nature.

The Essenes, the Israeli counterparts to the Sufi who also worshiped the heavenly host, were protected by the Cassi-deans, an elite fighting force known as the “knights of the temple”. The Cistercians, created the Knights Templar, who themselves have been accused of heresies by the very church they were a part of.

All these groups, and more, meet within a structure that can only be described as a hidden society within a society, the society of the world. Wherever we find this peaceful society, protected by the “warrior elite” we also find them dressing in white, sporting beards and having secret knowledge of the planets and stars. This hidden framework has been around for centuries and remains unavoidably connected to the past and they influence society on a level we can only imagine.

What is their true purpose? Are they simply the society of the mystical, or do they have other things in mind? As I have said, any organization made up of people will look a lot like the people themselves and it would be naive to believe that every single organization is completely and correctly altruistic in all its operations, due mostly to the fact that people themselves are rarely this way.

History records that “Sabeism”, worship of the heavenly host, spread across the middle east, taking with it the idea of an “inner light” within man himself. This concept can be found in the non-Biblical books known as “The Lost Gospels”. These books come from the Essene, early Gnostics, who worshiped the sun, the light, the serpent. Both the groups of the Persians and also the Israeli societies soon became “brothers” of the order protected by the Knights Templar.

The next event was the emergence of the alchemists, who aided in the formation of secret occult orders. The Freemasons, the Illuminati, and others emerged from the shadows with an amazing likeness to the practices of the Sabiests. Though they have different names, they all amazingly have the same tools for operation and the same base belief system.

This all began in ancient Egypt, with a confederation of priests who specialized in the study of governing mankind. The Egyptian sages had an immense knowledge of all things relating to the physical sciences, and a huge library of sacred books. Their influence spread across the known world and held sway for thousands of years. The consequential empires of Greece and Rome owed their base position to the arcane knowledge of ancient Egypt.

All the mystical secrets can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian empire, as displayed by the practices of initiation that were used then and are still in form today. Being exposed to long stretches of fasting, imprisonment in darkness and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs were all part of a “do or die” test, that if survived, was the price of admission into the secret society. (Consider the building of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the inside King’s Chamber, although believed for a long time to be a tomb, it has NO artwork on the walls like other tombs of the day. What was the pyramid really for?)

From Egypt, these secrets were passed into Judaism, with the Essene and Gnostics, and from there to the Sufi and Ismaelite orders, and then into the Cistercian Templars. The Knights of St. John, also attached, continued to pass along the mystical concepts. The symbols and concepts passed down then appeared in the orders of the Alchemists and Cabalists (The Cabal) and from this mix came the secret societies of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and now which today are mostly known as Freemasons. This makes the Freemasons a literal sacred ancient Egyptian order.

The Rosicrucians, The Illuminati and others all are connected satellites to the core of the Freemasons. They are indeed a modern day society that can be traced back to millennia, despite their own vagueness toward their origins. Due to the undeniable connection of the search for power beyond mere man’s strength that is at the core of all this, what can we guess is the true motivation behind the organization of the Freemason lodge?

With the Freemasons we have an organization that is concerned with altruism and also alchemy, they have been helpful to society in many ways but have also had their fair share of being connected to revolution and scandal. But if indeed they are connected to history in this way, then somewhere somehow, deep within the construct of their organization we MUST find the truth about the “connection” to man’s inner light that is so aggressively pursued.

In the early years of the 16th century a book known as “The Long Livers” was written. It was a long essay on universal elixirs which was dedicated to the lodge. In this book, it was stipulated that connection to the illumination within man was not only attainable, but necessary for eternal life. But this could only be found at the highest level with the use of a language know as “the Rose and the Cross” (Rosicrucians).

The Rosicrucians tell of their founder, a 14th century man known as Christian Rosencruz, who went to Damascus, the home of the Gnostics, and Arabia where the Persian Magi lived. There he learned many things about achieving this connection which are held in strict secret even to this day.

To the common man, the one raised on an education of scientific physical reality, the idea of reaching physical enlightenment through drugs and suffering can seem completely insane. Within the Freemasonry there are the rationalists, who understand this, and the illuminist, who have this mystical connection that drives them at the core, seemingly contradictory but bound together by the ritual of the lodge. Freemasonry today is so huge and so powerful, that it could spread propaganda around the world in the blink of an eye. To deny the political influence on the outside of the organization is to completely miss the deep, hidden mystical impetus that drives them.

More on the story of these sacred groups next time.

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