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Monday, March 29, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Secret Societies, Freemasons, Occult Knowledge, Who Rules the World? Part 5

Secret Societies

Part 5

Grand Lodges have now spread into other nations all over the world and influenced the societies of these nations to such a degree that the history of the world cannot be written without the inclusion of their influence. However, even the Masons themselves have come to admit that the forms of Masonry have over time become divided. There are those who have called for the “ancient chain” to be once again soldered together in order for the politics of the current age to be influenced according to Mason edicts once again.

In 1921 the first meeting of the International Masonic Association was held in Geneva. The next year, the leader of the IMA meeting stated in front of a world gathering: “My brother Masons, my hope is that Freemasonry, which has done so much for the emancipation of men, and to which history owes the national revolutions of 1789 and 1871, will also know how to make the greatest revolution, which will be the international revolution.”

By 1930, this powerful order included the Grand Lodges of Vienna, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Poland, America and many more. They have even had an obvious intent to infiltrate the governments in Latin America and undermine the Catholic power base in those countries. Why? For the same reason that the Grand Lodge of France encouraged its brothers, namely, in order for there to be a network of Freemasons encircling the globe.

Even Islam has not been spared of the encroachment of Masonic intrigue. Revolution in Turkey was sparked there also by the Masons who had become friendly with the Turkish military, and by 1908 they had deposed the government.

One enemy of the Freemasons has stated: “Freemasons have contended for the empire of the world, as few Kings have attempted. And to what end? To be the point of issue for all follies and all monstrosities, the Kabbalah, magic, Hermetic philosophy, communications with spirits, magnetism, Theosophy, Deism, Atheism, physical and moral regeneration, vengeance, destruction of empires, the Universal Republic. If we take away these ideas, what would remain is but a few honest citizens.”

Today there are millions of innocent people playing a part in the Masonic game, completely dumb to the truth of the organization they are ignorantly a part of. Freemasonry’s call to members and the subsequent subjugation of their freedoms and independence is really no different than that of Mohammed telling the slaves that he will set them free, or Adolf Hitler telling his people that they are the chosen ones. It is a divisive and destructive practice. It sets men against one another.

Freemasons argue that they are indeed not religious and yet they hold dear to the grand architect of the universe and have more rules, dogma and doctrine more complex and draconian than any on earth. They are indeed a religion and thus believe in divinity, their own transformation from man into divinity.

Since the beginnings the initiation into the order has not changed. It is still a system of control. A wolf in sheep’s clothing that states it is for the good of the people, by the people and for the people. They are not the conquerors who come with tanks and bombs, but the infiltrators who take the place of the man who works beside you at the office everyday.

Great works of charity are performed by all religions, including Freemasonry. But great works of destruction also come from many of the same groups, who then claim the role of hero when they rebuild the cities and towns afterwards. In the meantime, the first victims of war, the innocent, cannot be consoled or reconstituted.

One hundred years ago a reporter wrote in a publication that the Masonic chief of a lodge or order has little free choice as to his direction over the people under him, or the society in which he finds himself the inevitable influencer. His directions come straight from an unseen power above him, a massive “underground” government to which he answers. Since the beginnings, nothing of this relationship has changed. The laws of nations may try to prevent such “under the table” intrigue, but the Masonry has few worries as to their being impended in their prime directive. Those who hold positions of power have a knack for seducing the uninitiated into the fold with their contacts and abilities which mimic something of an old style Sicilian organization and they can in fact be called, in reality, “the Untouchables.”

Today there are many high ranking persons with great influence and power who are Freemasons, most are unknown to the every day masses. But they are also involved in altering the mind set and beliefs of the ordinary person and the whole society. Books such as “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is one of these types of planned influences. Its author is indeed a Freemason. The precepts of the book take direct aim at the Catholic church and all Christian beliefs and then replace them with the ideas and directives of Freemasonry. Its child, “The DaVinci Code” is merely another shot heard round the world in this ideological battle.

There are also hundreds of United States senators and governors who are indeed members. Others such as Buzz Aldren, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ex President Gerald Ford, Henry Ford, and even Daniel Boone. There is a great web of influence, including many of the names well known to society from today and yesterday; and that may or may not be a coincidence, which if looked at from a distance can be seen in a rather shocking light in terms of the persons who have indeed influenced society from all factions. These factions include politics, entertainment and business, and many other areas where curiously, the leadership and successful organization beneath the leadership have the look of conquering success.

From the earliest times the orders have been involved in the worship of nature, the stars and planets. They created icons in rock and stone “Houses of the Holy” and claimed these houses to be the place where god was. One of these places made famous by The DaVinci Code is Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is in fact a structure devoted to nature itself covered in Masonic symbolism.

These works in stone are all known by the name “Masons”. It is the Masons who are responsible for building the stone houses of worship and rock deities which we know of down through antiquity. They have also placed sacred geometry upon the ground in places such as London and Washington. They seek to create a New Jerusalem which will result in their New World Order. Ultimately, Freemasonry seeks to also rebuild the temple of Solomon.

They also continue to worship the “divine light” which in coded Masonic language is indeed Lucifer himself, the morning star. The representation of the inner light is shown in the wearing of all white, which today is not at all that practical. Therefore, in replacement, but not in lesser importance is the wearing of the apron. This apron, it is stated, must be of the purest lambskin. There is widespread understanding that the KKK or Klu Kulx Klan may have indeed been started by Freemasons and was populated by a majority of Freemasons.

As for the beards, the very first Mason wore one as representative of a kind of “Aaron’s beard”, which when burned represented the inner light. Only the Master Mason was allowed to have the full beard, marking him as the “wise one”.

All the things I have covered here come to the world via a long historic chain of secret orders that have encircled the globe. They now influence politics, business, media and religion. They have caused revolutions, set up international organizations, and created numerous other sects and orders in the directive to achieve their purpose to influence humanity and create a New Jerusalem. A new Holy city.

This long invisible hand has left its powerful effects all over the world and its history, and is still alive today. The leaders of these secret societies have little use for your religion or political beliefs. They answer to a supreme father who runs the whole world wide network. It is a unifying creed and utopian ideal that is detested by fundamentalists across the world.

The choice is as old as time, as old as the first questions from the Garden of Eden. Whom do we believe? Like Eve, we can ask ourselves if what God says is the ultimate truth of our reality, or is anything anyone else tells us the truth instead. But unlike Eve, in our day and time, we may find ourselves pitted against the whole of the masses who have been manipulated once again to go off on a “Holy Crusade” to ultimately serve the nefarious machinations of the unseen powers of our society.

More on the story of these secret groups next time.

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