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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi Pt. 4

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi


There are many teachings in tradition about just who the Antichrist is supposed to be, and many of them come from old Jewish tradition. They say, for instance, that because Jesus was a Jew then the Antichrist is to be a Jew, and this is why the Jews will accept the Antichrist as Messiah and when he is accepted, he will bring peace to the world. But these sources are old theological teachings and not necessarily something that lines up with what the Bible says about this.

According to some, there is nothing that says the Jews will accept the AntiChrist as Messiah. There have been many who have come and gone and been accepted, but they weren’t necessarily the AntiChrist. Some also say that he has to be a Jew because he will rebuild the Jewish temple. But Solomon’s temple was NOT built by Jews, instead it was built by Hiram’s men who were workers from Lebanon (Gentiles). The temple itself was only “dedicated” by the Jews of the day. My facts aren’t quite secure on this next point, for I have read many variations, but according to the major view of my research, the temple is already built when the AntiChrist takes it over at the halfway point of the Tribulation. (After his forces invade Jerusalem)

The re-builder of the Temple could actually be Elijah the Prophet. Scripturally, it is Elijah who must return and restore all things. The Book of Zechariah tells of the rebuilding during the time of the “Two Witnesses”. You might feel that the Arab nations who oppose such a thing would indeed stop the rebuilding, due to the fact that their own Temple is in the immediate vicinity, but they will already be severely weakened by this time, and they will be unable to prevent it.

There are, interestingly enough, Jewish leaders today who are promoting the rebuilding of the temple, and this seems to lead into the “Two Witnesses” idea as they will take over the temple mount and they themselves will be something the world has never seen before, something like “Supermen”.

True, tradition has spoken for a long time about the AntiChrist being from the tribe of Dan, however, there is much to consider when looking at the AntiChrist as a Muslim. Once you do a little homework on the Mahdi, it becomes a bit academic to see that this Muslim-AnitChrist is indeed a possibility.

There is a person named the Dejal, who is expected to be the King of the Jews by the Islamic Nations. Dejal is found in the “Hadith” as a King who rises in the latter days. (Hadith being the traditions handed down by Muhammad’s listeners.) The Muslim world, however, is awaiting the arrival of the Mahdi as the anointed one who will rise in the last days. The Mahdi is expected to appear with Christ and they will both convert the entire world to Islam. Resisters to the directive will be “beheaded”, according to the Islamic tradition.

Now tie this in with Revelation 20 and Revelation 13 and you have a “beast” rising out of the sea who will be a military political leader. The False Prophet, Revelation 3:11, teams up with the Mahdi and will be accepted as Jesus by the Muslim world. The Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was ever crucified, so there will be no need for him to have the markings on his hands and feet and in his side that identify him as the Judeo-Christian Jesus. Further continuing with this line of thought, the false prophet is to come as a lamb, with two horns, possibly apostate Christianity and Islam.

Dejal is to arise near Syria and Iraq where the Kurds now live, and he is to operate for forty days going from East to West giving food and health to everyone. He is to be a man with twisted hair and a blind eye, in fact his eyes will be bulging out like a puffer fish. 70,000 Jews will be his followers and the world will know two years of famine before his arrival. According to the Islam tradition all believers will see the letters KFR (Kafir) on his forehead, which to them means “infidel”. (Keep in mind that they see him as the Jewish king)

(Stay with me now, I know a lot of this seems jumbled and disjointed, you have no idea how hard it has been to finish this blog series.)

This Dejal just might be one of the Two Witnesses. The Jews will see him as Elijah the Prophet, but because he takes over the temple mount, the Muslims will see him as Dejal. Dejal, as you remember will have 70,000 followers and the Two Witnesses will have 144,000 followers. Since Elijah and Dejal are the same person in both Torah/Bible scripture and Islamic tradition from their sources, it makes sense that Dejal/Elijah will restore Israel. Elijah must come and restore all things for the Jews and Dejal must take over the Temple mount. They also both work supernatural miracles. Now at this point, the AntiChrist rises up and kills the Two Witnesses. (The other Witness being Moses or Enoch according to what source you take.)

Both Sunnis and Shias believe the Mahdi is coming very soon. The Islamic “money” even has the horse of the Mahdi on it like we have George Washington. Both groups living in Iraq believe that he will come from the Carballa, Sumara area which is the “Sunni triangle”. Apparently the Sunnis and Shiites are fighting over the Mahdi. But they all have one problem: the United States. As long as The United States has forces there the Mahdi cannot appear, and as long as Democracy works he also can’t just move in and take over. President Obama has promised to remove all troops by August 2010.

Democracy is hated in this part of the world for two reasons, for one, they see democracy as the gateway to many things they consider evil, such as homosexuality, drugs and others. I am referring to the family oriented Muslims who are very strict according to what they will allow in their own homes. We like to give these people freedom but they feel we are destroying their culture. Even China feels this way. China has said that Russia was destroyed by Democracy, and they want nothing to do with it. They prefer the unity of communism over the fracturization that comes with democracy.

Now remember that the AntiChrist as I am presenting him here comes from that Ishmael/Esau lineage. Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran, has his eye on annexing the southern part of Persia and as soon as America pulls out of Iraq that is exactly what he will do. Why? Because he wants to be the one who introduces the Mahdi, a person HE CLAIMS HE KNOWS.

According to reports from intelligence sources who have captured terrorist computers, there is already a man living in a cave (as the Mahdi is expected to do) who has already described himself as the Mahdi and that man is Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden believes he IS the Mahdi, and he feels justified because for six years we have been unable to bring him to justice and he is living in a well or a cave and has been untouchable. Not coincidentally, the rise in infants being named Osama has quadrupled past the name Muhammad in the Middle East. Over there they believe him to be a hero. You would be right to say that the world would never accept him as any kind of revolutionary hero, but Islam would.

I find it quite amazing that the two future texts of Islam and Judeo/Christian teaching are suddenly coming together after hundreds of years. The Islamics teach what is in the Bible and they don’t even recognize it. It’s an interesting hypothesis that America itself may be restraining the AntiChrist and not even know it.

Like some old Shakespearian play, the Middle East is a family squabble that goes on and on as the descendants of Abraham, Issac (Israel) and Ishmael (Arab nations), both with different mothers, hold tight to their birthrights and perceived superiority over one another. Poor little Israel is such a small nation surrounded by its sibling enemies, and yet it survives today in a way NO other nation ever has in similar situations. It’s surely a powder keg in the Middle East and if the world would ever follow someone with bated breath and admiration, it would be the man who brings peace to a part of the world that could explode at any moment. When America pulls out of the area in 2010, the “plug in the dike”, as it were, will be removed and the resultant flood of turmoil will destroy many walls of stability that can never be repaired back to their original safety.

President Obama may be the “professorial” type and he is indeed quite educated, but his policies and lack of understanding of deep tribal and blood feuds in the area will be his undoing. Israel is still the target of international leftist who dream of a new, more thorough Holocaust. The Arab nations will always need to have Israel to blame for their failures and the Arab on Arab killings that happen every day in their own countries. When Obama addressed Cairo, he seemed to give the impression to the fanatics that America was now more friendly to Arabia, and would not necessarily defend Israel if she was placed under siege. That could have been a huge mistake for everyone in America, but only time will tell.

In the scriptures of prophecy, many interpret Damascus as being the first place to face utter destruction in the coming conflict. Recently the father of the Lebanese Prime Minister was assassinated by Syria, more Arab on Arab killing. Syria has long penetrated the government in Beirut and various Lebanese factions who back terror organizations such as Hezbolla, have kept Beirut dependant on Damascus for breaking political deadlocks in Parliament. Hezbolla has been rearming itself with lots of firepower since its battle with Israel in 2006. Will they go to war again? Will they be the ones to devastate Lebanon and Damascus, who can say? Who really wants to look too deeply at this mess?

And speaking of Damascus, would Israel be the one to destroy it first? Would this be the first strike that they would take despite America’s refusal to infringe on the new buddy relationship with Arabia? Syria actually looks pretty good these days, its getting stronger by the day and yet still backs terrorist groups, looks forward to Israel’s destruction and has nukes on its mind. Israel’s first strike would be proactive by any measure, and it would set off an unstoppable quagmire in the area.

The European Union, you’ll remember that they are supposed to be the revived Roman Empire in prophecy, has turned down the addition of Turkey to its ranks. 90 years ago there was a man named Kemal Ataturk who left the country a secular constitution and saved them from oblivion. This constitution has been systematically taken apart over the last century as the Islamic forces have continued to grow in the area. Will the military come forward to preserve the legacy of Ataturk? Obama’s administration would back the Muslims in a heart beat, and Turkey would fall ... well, like a Turkey. One more power under the thumb of the coming AntiChrist.

Egypt is actually one of the “three horns” spoken of in prophecy that will be conquered by the AntiChrist, as he rises up in power among them. Egypt is a United States ally who has long been a bastion of stability in the area. Their President seems poised to have his son, who is considered not the man his father was, to succeed him upon his death. Islamic movements have been impossible to stop in this country and the military is more fractured than anyone knows. New leadership could quickly cave into Islamic pressures or perhaps turn against them, if the latter, this would explain in this one instance at least the motivation of the AntiChrist to conquer Egypt.

And what of Saudi Arabia itself? The birth place of Osama Bin Laden. Saudi oil funding supports a radical push for all Muslims to fall into the extremist side of the Muslim life. The Saudis could care less about the suffering of fellow Muslims, they bully Palestinians on a daily basis. They care only for their version of radical Islam. Saudi Arabia only disagrees with Bin Laden over tactics and strategy, but both want a forced compliance with radical Islam. Doesn’t this seem to connect with what I have already said here about Bin Laden, The Mahdi and the beheading of resistors? You bet it does.

President Bush was told by Ahmed Chalabi that America would be welcomed with open arms if we invaded Iraq. Upcoming elections have already been rigged against the Sunnis by banning over 500 potential candidates by Shia political agents close to Iran. The Sunni now feel betrayed. In the meantime all factions fight for greater share of oil revenues among themselves. And Obama has nothing to say, because this is George W. Bush’s mess. The upcoming elections could send Iraq into a reverse free-fall if the populace is not pleased with their outcome. By the way the man behind the Iranian move to ban the Sunni candidates is Chalabi himself. It would seem that unification under the Mahdi cannot come soon enough.

Iran today races to acquire nuclear weapons that would result in a war to lead to the “return of the hidden imam”, the Mahdi as you now know him. Hell bent on destroying Israel, Iran is still protected by Russia and China, postulated as the nations in prophecy that will surround Israel in the final world war. Starting to come together for you? Israel may indeed strike Iran first when it sees the first nuclear bomb test out in the desert of Baluchistan. Will Obama be there to back Israel up? Not if he’s shaking hands with the Arab nations, and the idea of Israel standing all alone in the final battle is Biblically based, not to mention Islamic tradition based.

Much as many around the world hate to hear it, as Israel goes, so goes the world. She is God’s special people and land according to the Bible. You can see how this centuries old family feud can quickly involve the whole world, and is indeed coming to a head as countries, including the United States are being moved across the chess board of the world for positioning in the final act all laid out in scripture; and not just in Bible prophecy, but for the Islamics as well. This could all begin in the Summer of 2010 as America pulls out of Iraq, and for those who have been keeping a watchful eye on such things, it will be no surprise at all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi Pt. 3

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi

Pt. 3

Continuing Part 3 in this series:

Nimrod, one of Ham’s sons as you will remember, was a rebel who set out to defy God and held in his mind that he would not trust that the world would never be flooded again which is one of the reasons the Tower of Babel was built. He also built in this lower plain, three cities whose names I don’t want to even try to spell, and Babel which is to become Babylon. His building plan also includes four cities in Syria. So, therefore, this man built some of the first cities in this area of Iraq and Syria. He was know in this day as “the Mighty One”, the word being “Gibor” in the Hebrew language. It is used six times when referring to the mighty one, and it means “giant”, essentially.

Remember the Nephelim who were Angels that came down and had relations with the daughters of men, and they bore the “Mighty Men of Old”. Some scholars think that Nimrod was a huge man, and that is what attracted people to him. We DO know that he was a warrior and a hunter and he killed wild animals who were endangering the populace. (Keep in mind that now animals were filled with fear and loathing of man, as directed by God to Noah when he released them from the ark.)

Just in case you have your doubts about this seemingly incredible idea, In the late 1950’s, during road construction in the Euphrates Valley of south-east Turkey, many tombs containing the remains of giants were uncovered. At the sites the leg bones were measured to be 120 cms (47.24 inches). Joe Taylor, Director of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, was commissioned to sculpt the human femur. This Antediluvian giant stood some 14-16 ft tall.

Genesis 6:4 claims: “There were giants in the earth in those days;” Deuteronomy 3:11 states that the bed of Og, king of Bashan, was 9 cubits by 4 cubits (approximately 14 ft long by 6 ft wide).

In an ancient text of the Jews, we read an astonishing description of some of these gigantic Amorites whom the Israelites conquered. In Buber’s Tanhuma, Devarim 7, the text tells us of a Rabbi Johnanan ben Zakkai’s encounter with the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This event occurred in about A.D. 135, soon after the Roman victory in the Bar Kochba war, when the Jews rebelled against the Romans. The text reads:

“The wicked emperor Hadrian, who conquered Jerusalem, boasted, ‘I have conquered Jerusalem with great power.’ Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai said to him, ‘Do not boast. Had it not been the will of Heaven, you would not have conquered it.’ Rabbi Johanan then took Hadrian into a cave and showed him the bodies of Amorites who were buried there. One of them measured eighteen cubits [approximately 30 feet] in height. He said, ‘When we were deserving, such men were defeated by us, but now, because of our sins, you have defeated us’” (quoted in Judaism, edited by Arthur Hertzberg, p.155-156, George Braziller, New York: 1962).

Continuing on with the giant theme, there was a race of giants before and after the flood who were there to corrupt the “seed”, (as a prevention against the coming Messiah) and we know that King David annihilated this race. The point is though, that when Nimrod picks up the genealogy, there is a gap with Noah in which Noah’s sons are righteous. Remember that Ham had Cush and Cush had Nimrod. Keep something in mind, that all false religions started with Nimrod and his wife. There have been quite a few books that have been written to trace down this lineage of Babylon.

Now keeping this in mind, there is another gap of genealogy and Abraham begins a new line of righteous lineage, through Shem to Heber, and this line would become the nation of Israel. We at this point get two different “seeds” that come from Ishmael and Issac (keeping in mind that Ishmael is half Egyptian). Ishmael is the father of the Arab nations and Issac is the father of the Jewish nations. Jacob and Esau follow the theme of the warring brothers with Jacob maintaining the tribes of Israel and Esau keeping the way of the Palestinian tribes continuing.

Many of today’s people who are living in the “oil states” are the sons of Ishmael, prophets of his day told that he would be a “wild type” one who is set against all his brethren. Now the middle east people who are Arabs are about 95% Muslim. As I have been reminded, the moderates among the Muslim religion are definitely against many of the practices of the fanatics that get all the news press. It is very much against the Muslim religion to kill, as I have been reminded, in fact I have been told that it is like “killing a nation” to kill another person. I have been told this by someone I know who is a confessed Sunni, and I acknowledge his information and thank him for it.

The problem is, war is very much going on in the Arab states, they DO turn on each other and are at war within their own homeland. How can this be? Fanatics WILL kill each other, and those are the facts. Pretty much anyone who is off the deep end will shoot you if you give them a gun, and you don’t need to be of ANY particular religion. These same people often blame Israel for deaths of their own people by their own hand.

Now getting back to Esau a moment, his father blessed him by saying that his dwelling shall be the fatness (a Hebrew word meaning OIL) of the Earth, the dew from heaven ( a reference to living out doors in tents), and by thy sword you shall live. You shall serve your brother, but when your dominion shall come, you will break his yoke from your neck. (Talking about descendants of the Arab nations and Israel.)

Did you know that recently Israel discovered oil? The problem for the Arab states is that they found oil lower than the Arabian oil, lower in the ground that is. They were terrified that the oil in Arabia would run downward into Jordan and they would lose all of their oil, in fact they paid Jordan a billion dollars a year to discontinue drilling for oil. They do NOT want the oil of Arabia to shift over into Israel.

We see the internal fighting on the news all the time, the sons of Ishmael struggle against each other and also Israel all the time. These people are the descendants of Esau and Esau is the country area of Edom, the Palestinian territories. This territory also includes some of Israel, but mostly Jordan.

“When you grow restless, you will break the yoke of your brother off of your neck”, is part of the prophesy given to Esau. A Palestinian state would give them this freedom, and this is something they strive to attain in our day and time. They ARE restless and are consistently trying to break the “yoke” of Israeli occupation from around their necks. Now in order for Esau, descendant of Ishmael to have this happen and rise again in the ends days, the following had to occur. 1) The Israelites have to have control of the land (Jordan mostly) 2) The Jews have to rule over them and they become restless 3) Esau has to rise up and break the yoke of Israel off of the neck of his descendants. This is the issue within the Palestinian world today. (Oslow Accords and other agreements)

For Ishmael in the prophecy, the Arabs have to have a series of independent nations surrounding Israel. Back in the early twenties the United States gained rights to Saudi oil with 900,000 dollars worth of gold. They took over and controlled over 160 square miles of land in Saudi Arabia, and this includes some of the eight richest states in the area, like Iraq and Iran. Now the United States had access to this oil from the early 1920’s and this access ran out in 2006. Have they renewed the contracts? It’s difficult to say, especially in this day and time of unrest just what is actually going on between America and the Saudi States.

One of the things that has happened that causes me great concern is that leader in South America, a known United States hater, seized the opportunity and jumped in and made deals with the Arab Nations for those rights to go to him. This is also a man who allows Al Quida agents into his nation, he’s good buddies with Al Quida.

Now jumping ahead to the New Testament, we know that Jesus has 12 disciples and one of them was Judas Escariot. According to Jewish studies, the name Judas is a form of the name Judah. Escariot is a small town in the tribe of Judah, the word Escariot actually means strangulation and some say it was given to him after he hung himself. Judas was called the “Son of Perdition” in John 17 and it also says he went to his own place when he died, which of course would have been Hell.

Now follow me back to part one where we talked about Cain being “of the wicked one” and connect to the Antichrist being called the “Son of Perdition” also in 2 Thessalonians 2 and 3. The seed of the Antichrist is traceable through Cain to Nimrod to Esau to Ishmael. And where will that lead us?

We’ll find out next time in part 4. I know some of this seems very brief and perhaps a little confusing, but if I were to write on all these points and be more specific, it would take me all year just to make one simple point about who the Antichrist may be and why the Summer of 2010 could well be an important prophetic time, and this will include the United States involvement. The internet is full of sources to find out greater amounts of minutia on specific points and I encourage you to go ahead an do some studies for yourself. Keep in mind however, pro and con arguments over specifics can be found on anything. See you next time.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi Pt. 2

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi
Part 2

The Greek word for Antichrist is “anti” to oppose or “instead of” and “cristos”, which is the “anointed one.” Therefore, the whole term means “to oppose the anointed one”. So, the Antichrist will be someone who opposes or comes “in place of” the anointed one.

Point number one, “the” Antichrist is coming and also there are many Antichrists in the world. In fact that sort of thing is even true in our own day. There is someone in a foreign nation who claims he is Jesus and also had many followers. These followers mark themselves with the 666 number already, and even refer to this person as the “Antichrist”. I know that sounds contradictory, but that is sort of the way it is supposed to happen, the Antichrist will say he IS Jesus and in doing so, will fulfill his place as the “in stead of” Christ, because he will not be the original. You with me?

Point number two, the Antichrist “spirit” will deny that he is the “Son of God” and that he is related to the Father.

Point number three, which we made last time also: the Antichrist is now working. Remember it was working then and is still working today.

When we first hear of the Antichrist it is in the book of John when he originally coins the phase, but the first symbolic appearance is in Daniel 7 and 8, as a beast with ten horns. The first prophecy about him is in Isaiah 14, where he is referred to as the King of Babylon. The first real identity of him is in 2 Thessalonians 2. Now remember, in the Old Testament, Jesus himself has many scriptures that allude to him without a specific reference. They speak of how he was to be born, how he was to live and also how he was to be a living sacrifice for all mankind. There are lots of them, but one can identify almost 40 major ones that Jesus fulfilled. Jesus has more prophecy about himself than anybody.

The second group of people who have a large number of prophecies are Abraham and Moses, their names are mentioned so often in the whole Bible that they create their own commonality. But who comes in third? Who has the third most predictions concerning him: the Antichrist.

Jesus himself said that though those days be shortened there would be NO flesh saved. He was referring to the days when the Antichrist was here in the flesh making the world his own. Things just aren’t going to get better folks, and it won’t be long now within our lifetime. It matters little what so called positive thinkers and contemporary prophets tell you today, if it goes against the Word of God, it’s not only Antichrist, it’s just plain wrong.

Remember, when Israel was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Roman Empire, there where prophets of their day who were telling the people of Israel that the city would never be destroyed, that God loved Israel too much. Or, in today’s terms, I guess you could say, Israel was “too big to fail”. Heh. But Rome did come, and all the prophets were killed along with 6,000 of the people who were listening to them. Remember, Jesus said the temple WOULD be destroyed and yet these Jewish prophets of 70 A.D., only a short time after the Jesus events take place, were already contradicting him.

Now, symbolism concerning the Antichrist in Daniel 7 talks about a “beast” that has ten horns. Its teeth are like iron, a symbol of using one’s MOUTH to create war and fighting. Its claws are like brass, and in the book of Daniel that is a symbol of the Grecian empire, so this could be a territory that is to be trampled over. The beast devours much flesh with its mouth, killing many people, and “stamps out with his feet” which means he marches into and overpowers many nations, or territories. He has ten horns, which are ten kings or rulers, and in the middle of those ten is a little horn that rises up among those ten, which has a mouth that speaks great things.

Now in Revelation there is another picture of this beast and it says, that the beast has a body like a leopard, a mouth like a lion and feet like a bear. In Daniel chapter 7 you have a description of those creatures, for instance the Lion represented Babylon, the bear represented Medo-Persia, or today’s Iran and the leopard represented Greece. Now leopards are very fast, and just like the days of Alexander when he captured the world before he was 33 years old, the beast will move very fast. The mouth was like a lion and Babylon had authority in its day over the entire Earth, they passed all sorts of laws that controlled everything. And the feet here are like a bear, and the beast’s feet crush and pulverize. Babylon which is Iraq, Persia which is Iran, and Greece which is the modern day territory of Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria. All that territory is what is spoken of in the book of Daniel as he sees one man controlling it all, organizing all of it together under his rule.

I would suggest that this is the reformation of an Islamic Kingdom. For many centuries the Muslims had a system of something called the Caliphs. There was an empire once known as the Ottoman-Turkish empire. Just like we have great empires down through history, and even world powers today. They owned land from southern Russia to west Africa and even Palestine and Israel territories. They existed for about 1,000 years and owned the middle east territories for about 400 years. But the Turkish leaders of those days ended the rule of the Caliph’s. Recently, however, the ruling factions of the middle east are pressing to re-form the rule of the Caliphs and form a Muslim empire.

Saddam Hussien himself felt he was a new kind of Nebuchadnezzar, in fact he spent 100 million to rebuild Babylon. It was his desire to create a territory shaped like the crescent symbol in the Muslim religion. He attacked Kuwait not so much as to get oil, but so as to begin the construction of the “crescent” of power in the Middle East. He was at war with Iran for about 10 years and he wanted to seize all that land also and march upward and westward to Israel and even into Egypt. This territory he wanted is the same territory we have just spelled out as the area the Antichrist takes over. Now, this didn’t happen with him, because he was not the man for this to happen with, BUT he is not the only one with this idea and it is a very natural “middle east-muslim” concept.

So how do we find this guy, this Antichrist? The whole world will be blind to him when he comes so even those who are looking for him will not see who he really is until he is revealed. No offense to those who believe that Prince Harry of England is the one. But, we can trace who he might be and that’s a great starting point to continue the points of this blog.

Back in Genesis there are two trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. According to Revelation the Tree of Life is a tree that bears twelve types of different fruit every month and will be for the healing of the nations. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a forbidden tree.

Now, after the fall of Adam and Eve there are two sons born to them, Cain and Able. As you know, Cain kills Able and then God raises up Seth. From that point on there are two lineages that are formed. Cain’s lineage comes from Adam and continues forward to Tubal-Cain, seven generations, and then stops. From that point on you don’t hear anything about Cain’s lineage. But when you go from Adam through Seth’s lineage, ending at Enoch, Enoch gets taken up or raptured. Seven generations. We today are 6,000 years from Adam in the Garden of Eden and now live in that 7,000th year time. So don’t be surprised by a taking up of the church at the time of the revealing of the Antichrist.

The entire lineage from Adam to Cain and his lineage and Adam through Seth’s lineage covers the first 1,000 years of human history. In fact, Enoch was taken up in 988 according to the numbers given us in the Bible. Adam lived 930 years, 70 years short of 1,000 years and Enoch was taken up in 988. That’s all done with generational numbers and ages. And, as those of you who know understand, for God a day is like a thousand years and visa versa. Here we are in the seventh day.

In 1 John, when he was referring to the Antichrist and his day, he spoke of Cain who was “of that wicked one”, therefore, you can trace the Antichrist through Cain’s lineage. Now obviously Cain’s lineage continues on, somewhere somehow. But where does it go and where does it end?

The second 1,000 years, of course includes the flood and Noah (who comes from Enoch’s son) who went into the flood with three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. So now we have a lineage being formed from Seth’s righteous side in order for the Messiah to be of that line. Noah’s son Ham had four sons, Cush, Nimrod; who was said to have gotten off of the mountains, and two more sons. Historians tell of how everyone after the flood was living on the mountains so as to avoid the problems of another flood, but Nimrod moved his people off of the mountains. They moved off of the mountains and into the plains of Shinar, which today is Iraq. (Babylonia)

Now all around the mountain called Ararat, where the Ark settled, all that area is mountains, like Armenia and Turkey and such. When those flood waters settled, they settled like any flood waters, they went to the lowest point of land. That being Iraq. Much of the bones of the flood victims settled in the plains of Shinar, or Iraq.

All of this will lead us to the tower of Bable next, but I’ll get to more of that next time. Just stay with me and you’ll see where I am going with this. Until the next installment, remember...

.... you be good. ;-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi

Well, Happy New Year everyone! What a year that was. 2009 was kind of different for me in that I had lots of time to do this blog, and much as I enjoyed it, I have faith that time will be a luxury this year. I want to thank everyone who made December a banner month for the blog, there was definately an uptick in the amount of interest from the first 9 months of the year and I hope the trend continues.

With that idea in mind, I am going to begin the year writing a series that will be close to the material so many of you seemed to like in December. This one will be called the Summer of 2010 and the Mahadi. Last year I made comments (Laughing at Prophecy) about a certain liberal TV show that just loves to pick on Christianity, and yet has no spine for satirizing any other group. In fact I made quite the inference that the writers of this show were a bit spineless in their lazzie fare attitude toward mocking Christianity and Jesus, due to the fact that they feel safe that there will be no retribution for their actions. How misguided!

I, on the other hand, WIll tackle the dangerous side of this subject, and handle some information about the Muslim Religion. I won’t be making light of it, as the TV show might have, for I try to be cogent and intellectual for my reading audience, that is, unless I am in the mood to be snide for a moment or so. But, not this time. This time I want to cover some serious material that I feel should be out there, free for anyone with interest to read and be educated with. So with all due respect to the human beings invovled, I will cover a middle eastern subject that could very well bring the Jihad right to my door. But, so be it, many of my friends and the remnant of my family will be effected by the Summer of 2010 and what the Obama administration is planning for this coming summer, plus the effects it will have on the middle east, and then once again on America.

1 John 2:18 has this to say: “Children these are the last days, you were told that the Antichrist must come, and now several Antichrists have already appeared, we know from this that these are the last days.”

The definite article in Greek refers not to “an” Antichrist, but THE Antichrist, and if you know about the conquests of Alexander the Great, you know that his kingdom brought the Greek language to most of the world at that time; a language that has seven specific words for seven specific kinds of “Love”.

1 John 2:22,23 says: “The man who denies that Jesus is the Christ - he is THE liar, he is Antichrist; and he is denying the Father as well as the Son.”

1 John 4:2,3 says: “You can tell the spirits that come from God by this: every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus the Christ has come in the flesh is from God; but every spirit that will not say this of Jesus is not from God, but is the spirit of Antichrist, whose coming you were warned about. Well, now he is here, in the world.”

At first it might sound as if the writer is saying that the Antichrist is alive and well in his own time, and there are groups of people who believe that scripture has already been fulfilled, that there is no rapture, and all things were fulfilled by 70 A.D. (Which you will remember was when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.) Those same folks will tell you that it was probably the emperor Nero of his day.

But let’s consider a few things, even in John’s day the “spirit” of Antichrist was working in certain sects and groups that existed during his day, and those people were saying then as many say today, that Jesus wasn’t who he said he was, that there is coming someone else.

But John uses that “THE” word when he refers to the Antichrist and he is quite definite about there being a person who will come, not just a social movement or ideaology. One of the traits of this “person” will be the way he refers to Jesus. He will deny that Jesus was the Chist (or messiah) and also his relationship to the father, namely as being his son.

Now, in our day and age, if you were looking for a “major player” organization in the world who put forth these ideas, you would look straight at Islam. It is the top religion in the world with over 1.4 billion people who are members.

If you were to talk to some moderates of the Islamic faith you would find that they admit that Islamic and Christians have much of the same points of belief. We believe in the God of Abraham, the Tora, the Psalms and the four gospels. A big difference is that they contend that the translation of the Bible has been changed by the Jews. They will tell you that it is the Quran that has the original translation. Fasting, praying, tithing, angels, judgment, hell, paradise and charity are also a part of the Muslim faith as it is a part of Christianity. But the interesting thing about this is how they think about Jesus.

I would tell them that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit inside of the virgin Mary, and they would tell me that the Quran includes that. I would tell them that it was a supernatural birth and they would agree. But when I tell them that he was and is the Son of God, all common things take a severe turn at this point. They don’t believe that Alla has a son, they’ll tell you he was not begotten and does not beget. Jesus, they say, is equal to one of the 27 prophets of the Old Testament; Abraham, David, Isaiah and so forth. But, they stop short at agreeing that Jesus was the Son of God.

This is where all arguments come down to one point, even in the United States today, as scripture pointed out, Jesus is the great divider. If you do away with Jesus as the Son of God, you eliminate his priesthood, and if you do that, you have no other way to arrive in heaven after death. So therfore, you have to come up with another way to get there. Every “religion” on the Earth is like this. Man must “reach up” in some way to get to God. But with Christianity, God reached down to us to offer a way of grace.

You see, most Muslims don’t really know if they are going to heaven when they die. They will inform you that they have to wait until they are there in front of God himself, and they step on a big scale. If they have done enough good works, then the good works will outweigh the evil they have done and they will be allowed into paradise. I find that to be a rather difficult way to live, not knowing where you’ll end up while you are still living here on Earth. What an incredible pressure on your life to pray constantly and do good works constantly, never knowing how the measurements will one day work out.

This pressure is part of the reason for the “fanatic” side of Islam, which believes it has solved this issue. Namely, “Jihad” or Holy War, the killing of innocent people. Do you realize why they get so worked up over a suicide bomber? Among the Shia and Sunni raidcals, Hezbollah and such, if you die in the Holy War, it firmly cements your entry into paradise. No need to guess, or make five times a day prayers or give alms to the poor. The young boys in these groups are told that if they die in the Jihad, then they will be given entrance to paradise and receive 72 full bodied virgins all dressed in linen for them to copulate with. (And guess what? They are PERPETUAL virgins!)

Now, you take some poor kid in a refugee camp who has nothing, (and a big part of it is that THEY are keeping them poor, that’s the PLO who has billions of dollars in bank accounts that don’t go to their own people), and you blame Israel whom you have centuries of conflict with, how can they NOT be a suicide bomber?

Now not only does the boy get 72 virgins but there is automatic entry to paradise for 25 other members of the family. So the young men and women who blow themselves up and take others with them, die as heroes in the same way veterans of foreign wars are celebrated every year in this country. There are no scales and judgment. They are martyrs for their own family.

In Christianity we stipulate that God sent his own Son to die on the cross to make a way for all mankind to get to paradise, and yet Islamic extremists believe they have to kill their own sons and daughters to get to paradise. Sounds a little like what was going on in Babylon with Marduk, thousands of years ago, when they would throw their young into a furnace to appease him.

There is much more to this, and I hope you take it in the educational manner in which it is meant. There will be quite a few follow-ups this month, I am keeping things short with each post, just so you don’t get eye strain looking into the monitor for too long. See you next time for part two.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: America: Down at the End of Lonely Street

America: Down at
the End of Lonely Street

“And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” - Matthew 24:10-12

Often times when we look around us, we find that the situations we discover ourselves in seem to have no connection to the outside world. Without the proper overall statistics on things and the information we need, the lives we live become isolated in our understanding of them. We often think that there must be something about us, individually, which has reason and meaning for the way things are. But such myopic view points, though understandable and forgivable, are often just fuel for a dangerous downward spiral of both a mental and spiritual existence.

With the overall statistics on obesity and drug use in our society, there is indeed need for information to help us understand just what is happening on the individual level, which is manifesting itself on the national scale. One of the statistics which has grown alarmingly large, is the number of people who are living alone.

I’ve written a lot about the last 100 years of United States history, and its social, economic and spiritual effects on our lives today, but who could have foreseen the meteotic rise of single living that is now at over 25% of the American population? In 1960 the total amount of persons living alone in the United States was at 13%. In 2000, the number was almost 26%, double the amount in only 40 years. Almost half of the city of New York lives single and alone.

With the rise of brainwashing propaganda like “Success motivation techniques”, we’ve also seen the romanticism of living alone rise dramatically. “Be in complete control”, we’re told. “Forget other people’s needs and wants, let them fend for themselves.” “Stand on your own two feet, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” Unfortunate comments, due to the reality that rarely does anyone ever achieve anything by themselves. Despite that reality, we’ve been told to keep ourselves busy with work, cook for ourselves and get some electronic entertainment to obliterate the feelings of being alone. With the rise of internet social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, where people can have thousands of “friends” they never have met or never will meet, it’s easy to see how we can fool ourselves into believing the lie. If you would like to get a better barometer of the loneliness in our country, and in many parts of the world, just join a site like, where you will meet shut-ins and social outcasts on a regular basis, some of them often pretending to be someone they are not, for a myriad of personal reasons. And yet the empitness remains.

Living alone can be a life of relentless, almost savage loneliness. You eat breakfast alone, you eat dinner alone. You sleep in a full size bed by yourself, not wanting to feel like a kid and sleep in a single. (Some of us do it so that we can be prepared for company, we tell ourselves.) It can become such a problem that if a person doesn’t purposefully plan events to get out of the house or apartment on the weekends, they can “cocoon” for two days and their neighbors will think they went out of town.

Many of these lonely people have a deep concern that perhaps something is profoundly wrong with them, and only them. TV tapped into the fantasy of this idea last decade with the “Friends” idea in its TV shows, which still continues with many a sitcom to this day. There is a large amount of the population that finds it attractive to think that we could have a hip, sassy group of buddies that are always around in much the same way as an adopted family could be. Just do a background search for yourself to see how tragically untrue this idea is for many, many people all around the nation. Try the sites, or, and try to hunt down the people you knew from your past. Amazingly, you’ll find that more of them than you would ever have guessed, have never been married, and they also have a dozen different addresses in different states and sometimes outside of the country. My parents were from the 1940’s crowd. They may have had three different addresses during their entire lives. People just don’t stay put anymore for the “friends” idea to take root. There is just too much loneliness, and when you are tired of going out to restaurants and other places by yourself all the time, you move, so that you have a ready made excuse for your current state of singleness and a new chance to find those “friends”.

Self help writers try to tell you to see yourself as your own company. “Cook for yourself as though you were about to have guests.” they tell you. But it’s all a lie. One more admonition to the tragic flaw within all of us that wants to believe we can be self sufficient and master of our own domain. All for just $29.99 and a place on the crowded book shelf we keep of authors who have all the answers. The dusty, rarely used bookshelf.

Lonely people often suffer in ways that manifest themselves in the physical world in results that can only be described a “weird”, even to those persons themselves. Sleepless nights, headaches for no reason. Muttering under your breath all the time, and for some, talking out loud to yourself at the wrong moment. Riding the crowded public bus and not minding when someone leans into you or brushes against you. It feels good to at least be touched. Massage parlors, both legitimate and the other kind, do a brisk business for these lonely people. As does Starbucks on any given day.

We need to recognize that there is another side to the national shift to singleness. Being alone too long brings on high blood pressure, dulls the mind, makes you more susceptible to illness and injury, and creates a false sense of reality that allows you to believe that you are safer alone. But we just don’t accept it. We are enamoured with the falsehoods that have been perpetuated upon our society by those wanting to sell products like books and TV shows that convince us to turn over our money for a comforting stroke of ego that only lasts so long. Then it is gone and we are alone once more.

Thanks for the advice. Were’s my money? Oh yes, I helped pay for your BMW, Mr. or Mrs. author.

I think it was a very wise being who once said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” And he is right. We’re not made to be an island among the sea of people we live only a few yards away from on any given day. You and I need each other, we were made to be with people, not disenfranchised. That is a lie straight from hell. Stop telling those who are alone that they are supposed to be their own best friend. Stop giving in to the falsehoods perpetuated by sitcoms and hit movies. Major university studies have shown that along with the rise of singleness in our country, we have also lost the connection to those we can trust outside of the home.

“Living Alone and Loving It” is all a perspective trick. Don’t be interested in perspective tricks anymore. If they worked, we would all be millionaires. There is no mental trick that can cure the sheer emotional poverty that comes from a society of single people, along with the increase in distraction and anxiety that it produces.

Nearly 30 million people in our country now live alone, about the same amount as those who are now on the unemployment lines. America is a real mess folks. The last 100 years of Americans believed the lies of the late 1800’s and now we are on the brink of foreign indentured servitude. The piper must be paid and the chickens have come home to roost.

We all need to reach out much more to those who we know are living alone, or are entering their later years still single. Often times these folks have no idea how to solve the problem, though they try and try. But our society has lost the ability to be “inclusive”, love has become “exclusive”. If only we could all see that love doesn’t belong to us. It isn’t our right or privilege to pick and choose whom we will be loving to. If you don’t agree with me, well then you are a “douchebag”, is a phrase I hear all too often when listening to conversations in real life or even on social gathering sites. You and I don’t have that right. We are commanded to love one another, and to forgive understandingly.

Love covers much.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Heart Attack Matters

Heart Attack Matters

It has been shown that the leading causes of death for male executives in their forties and fifties is usually cancer and degenerative diseases of the heart and liver. A 50 year old male executive who doesn’t get a lot of exercise and sits behind a desk for most of the day and then the TV at night, with perhaps a small bit of hypertension, has a 15% chance of dying in the next ten years. The causes for such an event are several: Heart attack, lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, highway accident, stroke, cancer of the intestines and or rectum.

How does one reduce the odds of this happening? If you smoke, you need to stop now and add 1.5 years onto your life. Exercising can add another year, no alcohol can add another 8 months, seat belts can add another 6 months, and losing weight can add another 3 months.*

*The Life Extension Institute

Heart attacks rarely just happen, they often are the results of compulsive behaviors, both physical and mental. If one makes work and financial success a top priority over personal health and personal needs, this can lead down a road to futility that cannot be returned from. Continuing to spend holidays, weekends and evenings at the office, believing that your family’s financial health is more important than their emotional needs, will leave them without a mother or father. Taking the brief case home at night when you don’t stay late at the office, and then reviewing the days problems at home each night will also cause you to have problems.

Let’s just run down a few more ideas for heart attacks:

1) Agreeing to every request, never saying no.
2) Accepting every invitation to serve on a board or committee.
3) Using lunch as a midday business conference.
4) Taking shorter vacations than you are entitled to.
5) Refusing to delegate authority.
6) Working 12 hours a day.
7) Smoking, overeating and drinking at night as a reward for putting in a hard day.
8) Associating mainly with business associates who do the same things in #7.
9) Avoiding exercise because you believe it’s a waste of time, after all, time is money!

If you already have these habits, then you are headed for trouble, my friend. In order to begin on the road out of the Coronary Club, you’ll need to get involved in a committed exercise program, three to four times a week. And stick to it.

Physical exercise and also taking a moderate amount of alcohol are connected to higher levels of blood protein. This combination can guard against heart ailments. But you need the combination, not just one or the other. This blood protein is called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). It binds to cholesterol in the blood and carries the cholesterol through the arteries. Cleansing the cholesterol from the blood prevents forming blockages that cause heart disease.

Heart attacks and strokes can be prevented. Here are some ideas.

1) Check blood pressure regularly. Early detection and treatment has played an important part in the declining number of strokes in the US, About 2/3 of stoke victims have either high blood pressure or diabetes.

2) Eliminate excess body fat. Shifting to a low fat, low cholesterol diet is the best thing. Avoiding obesity is important in lowering blood pressure in order to reduce levels of harmful low-density lipoproteins (LDL). This helps the blood to flow more smoothly and resist clotting by reducing the deposits of cholesterol on blood-vessel walls.

3) Avoid birth control pills if you smoke or have high blood pressure. The pill increases the chance of stroke 6 times more than the ordinary woman with only high blood pressure.

4) Reducing stress with regular physical contact can greatly decrease the chances of health problems. This applies even if you live alone and only have a cat or dog as a companion. The regular ability to feel external stimulus is both important not only physically, but also psychologically.

5) And of course, the regular use of fish oil is an old and useful stand by. Eat more fish with oil in it, like sardines, salmon and flounder.

Would you be able to tell if someone was having a stroke? What if YOU were having one?

Look for these things:

1) Sudden temporary weakness or numbness of the face, arm or leg.
2) Sudden loss of speech or the inability to understand speech.
3) Sudden loss of vision in one eye.
4) Double vision. (Not the Foreigner kind.)
5) Unexplained headaches or a change in pattern of headaches.
6) Dizziness.
7) Changes in personality or mental ability.

Would you be able to tell if someone was having a Heart Attack? What if YOU were having one?

Look for these things:

1) A crushing, searing pain the in the middle of the chest, moving quickly into the arms, shoulders or neck.
2) Sharp pains in the pit of the stomach.
3) Fainting spells, nausea, sweating and breathing problems.
4) Heartburn or indigestion that just won’t go away.
5) If indigestion or heartburn doesn’t respond to the usual treatments within 2 minuets, get to the hospital. The majority of heart attacks happen within three hours of the first signs.
6) If you are having recurrent problems, it is best to have someone around that knows how to react in case of a problem. Someone trained in cardio pulmonary resuscitation would be the best person to have around. Having one of those little heart stimulator machines in the house would be a wise, wise idea.
7) Remember CPR is for people trained to administer it, Hollywood movies would have you believe otherwise. They are lying to you.

So okay, you’ve had a heart attack and survived it. What do you do to prevent the little bugger from happening again?

The recurrent rate is now about 45% in the United States. In order to control things now, you’ll need to eat more fish and fowl, No red meat. (I mean it!) No heavy meals at night and no exercise within two hours of a meal. Always low fat meals, as much as humanly possible. No smoking and moderate exercise one hour a day every day no matter what. Buy a treadmill and watch TV while walking at night. Use your imagination.

No high altitudes or running or jogging. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, even if you are working out for health and you push too much. No heavy drinking, remember a little wine can be good but a lot of wine can be death.

Rehearse for emergencies. Feeling a pain in the chest in the middle of the night has to be planned for, after all, it is YOUR life we’re talking about here.

Are you a Type A person? This is the kind of person who drives themselves to breakdowns. Don’t be a control freak, you can’t be the boss of everything. Even if you believe that in order to get a job done right you have to do it yourself, you have to come to terms with the fact that not every job WILL be done right.

Time sickness is what Type A personalities have. They are obsessed by the idea of getting more and more done in less and less time. They are constantly upset by traffic jams, people who talk too slow or anything that gets in their way. When Five o’clock, or the end of the work day comes, GO HOME.

Think about this: Did you ever get a promotion because you were impatient? Because you operated at a faster rate? Does it help to be hostile or aggressive?

Twenty to thirty percent of all heart attacks happen just before or just after travel. When having that business trip, relax before and after the meeting. Plan for the trip and the work you need to do for the week before, have it finished over the course of the week, not immediately. Hotel, meeting, hotel. Follow this pattern. Use the KISS method. Keep It Simple (Stupid).

Ideas for caring for your heart.

1) Eat two to three meatless meals a week.
2) Eat fish and chicken rather than beef. (Remember that grain fed beef is fattened up for higher bottom lines for the meat industry and when the cattle has been bloated and you eat the cattle products, YOU get bloated.)
3) High roughage, low cholesterol breakfasts.
4) Skip dinner when you begin to gain weight. Lots of weight can be lost by refusing to eat after 6pm.
5) Avoid dairy products. (If a cow has been given hormones for bigger meat payoffs, then its milk will have hormones and your 11 year old daughter will develop breasts way before she’s ready for them.)
6) Swimming two or three times a week helps, but personally, I prefer something more aerobic since swimming tends to be anaerobic. However, the lower stress levels caused by working out in water can be very, very beneficial.
7) Exercise rather than attend meetings or sitting around watching TV all night.
8) Give love to the atmosphere at home and also at work, if you can. Maybe you don’t love what you do, but you can give love to it.
9) Keep an eye on the blood pressure.
10) Bicycle and use the stairs more often.
11) Eat more raw veggies and a few more raw fruits in the diet. Fruit juice is a miracle brew. Less animal products, less sugar.
12) Practice muscle relaxation.

It’s sad to say, but the majority of our lives have been brainwashed into us. We’re constantly bombarded with the ideas of others who just want to legally take the money out of our pockets and put it into theirs. The only difference between a man on the corner with a gun who is demanding your wallet and a salesman, is that the salesman has to convince you to turn over your valuable money for his product that will lose value almost immediately. Less TV and movies in your life will help immensely. There is just too much sales crap out there constantly being fed into our brains. Keep your money. Keep your health. The two will go hand in hand to help you to live on terms that are YOURS and not some salesman’s.

You only have one heart.

Only ONE.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: President Obama, American History and Keynesian Economics Part 3

Justify Full
President Obama, American History
and Keynesian Economics

Part 3

Controlled inflation is a tricky sort of business. Inflation is a four eyed monster with its own will and drive that all too often refuses to be controlled. The things that control inflation are myriad, productivity, interest rates, careful management, personal competence, lack of greed or too much greed, and few systems, including dictatorships, have ever be
en able to tame and train those factors.

The world economy has paramount position in any economic situation. Decisions in Europe, South America and even China, decisions that have nothing to do with America, will impact the whole of the Earth’s nations. When nations could claim isolationism, they could indeed state that they were masters of their domain, but no longer! Any industry from across the globe can now compete with any other industry and or nation. Globalism is now the new catch phrase and American planners have less and less control over the situation.

Keynesian economics can indeed be shown to be faulty both in the short and long term. The once stable economies of the Western nations existed in the past when the government served as an umpire of sorts. They were not a part of the team competition. Workers and entrepreneurs produced the results and the government called the balls and strikes. In Keynesian economics, the government plays God and therefore fixes the game before it has even started. In this event, the game cannot be won by even the most talented of players.

Some could argue that the government has the right to do this sort of thing, if indeed it could be proven that the government is run by the smartest, most moral, most competent of men and women. This would be the case if the government were really run by the tall, holy men of the mountain who live above it all; above the fog of the public and the private. Unfortunately, as anyone who reads the sensational media knows, we have a nation of faulty humans who have risen to power above the level of their competence. The Peter Principle has become an ironic joke. (We even produce TV shows that are based on the current shameful news of public figures who have been disgraced.) How else can we explain our staggering debt, huge deficits, lost wars and costly scandals? When a government expands its control of the populace without matching the ability of its leaders to manage that increased control, the ground beneath its feet begins to turn into clay.

The Keynesian view that the government can solve all problems will soon be put through the grinder of proof. That grinder will be survival of the fittest. There is no nation anywhere who has proven that it can decrease its spending. The question now centers on where will new sources of revenue come from? France already has a 50% tax rate and we can all expect that eventually the money the government needs will come from you and me. Governments all over the world have taken upon themselves a cornucopia of obligations that they cannot and will not fulfill. In the economy of God, the government is never to be the father, mother, rich uncle or overall provider of each of its people, and when this happens its actions and reputation take on a more an more worldly view which can only be described as heavily influenced by Hell itself.

Now think about this: Where will the money come from? Back in Roosevelt’s day, it was easy to say “It doesn’t matter, we only owe it to ourselves.” But now “ourselves” has become more and more Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and German. The money we must borrow today must come from far, far away. Either that, or we must expand. America must add more states to its union, either by friend or by foe. Scary, huh? We’re the Borg. Resistance is futile.

In order to make this borrowing possible, from far, far away it will be necessary for the nations of the world to set up an international economic construct. There must now be a WORLD BANK. There must be commissions and cartels that are a part of world wide finance. We cannot borrow from ourselves anymore, and President Obama is setting out to make this more of an obvious recourse. But the world has its end also, and yet the bills must still be paid. How long can international finance flow? How long will interest rates be manageable? How long will former enemies continue to be friends? Will there come a time when other nations decide that it is time to overturn the current financial structure of the Earth, and along with it, the political structure also. We owe our soul to the company store and others who may or may not be our buddies have the position of calling the shots.

Keynes has placed the nations of the world in a position where they must come under a new system of international control. A world government is the final inevitability to which the whole Earth is headed. Europe is already pulling itself tighter together to bring about this change, as is the Pacific Rim and its nations. Japan and China have given huge credit to the world and it is the United States that has borrowed from everyone and his uncle, more than any other nation.

By the time 2020 rolls around it will have been 100 years or so since Keynes and his economic time bomb came upon the scene. His statement of “In the long run, we’re all dead.” has come true only for himself and those alive at the time. You and I have no such luck. This is the long run and we are still here. His lunacy of the government being God remains with us today and is perhaps the seeds that have been laid for the coming of the Antichrist. But who could have avoided it even if they knew this was the case?

Is this all Keynes fault? No, that would be dishonest to believe so, for all he did was appeal to the broken nature of mankind that desires to eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Keynesian economics gave Roosevelt and those who followed him both here and abroad the permission to live lives of economic dissipation, and of course, the grand ego is the “spoiled baby” who grabbed the poison candy because it looked good.

If you are your own man or woman, you don’t roll over for easy government support. Being a responsible human being, one who makes their own way and assists others beside them, is one of the highest human functions. You were created to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow, not to allow the government free nilly to provide and direct your life. We must live and breath and have our source of being in something beyond the halls of Congress. You weren’t a mistake, an evolutionary by-product or a being created to live on the dole day by day waiting for a hand out. God is God and government is not. Keynes has created a condition by which the incompetent majorities have over thrown the competent minority and they use the government as a club to subdue them. Keynesian economics has us all riding a train into a dark tunnel with a solid wall at the end. Fortunately, we can still turn to God, and live in HIS government which trumps all of mankind’s flawed attempts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: President Obama, American History and Keynesian Economics Part 2

President Obama, American History
and Keynesian Economics

part 2

Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929. That was the day when all hell came home to roost and the market crashed. Between late October and mid November of that year the stock market lost more than 40% of its value. It was a drop of $30 billion in paper value. One of the big villains in this disaster was that prices for stocks were placed far, far above their true value. There was no economic justification for the price hike, just human illogic.

Stocks could be attained for as little as 10% on the margin with the rest being financed by stockbrokers with big loans to give out. When the market began to fall, the investors were required to put up additional investment despite there heavy mortgaging of the initial investment. With the height of credit debt adding to the fiasco, many could not afford the additional expenditure. Brokers were also carried away in the tide of financial ruin, as was the rest of the world eventually.

The idea that something to do with economics was a sure bet, a never fail, a world without limits died a quick and permanent death. Black Tuesday also gave birth to the over study of economics. Everyone wanted to know why it had happened, how could it have been avoided. Curiously, there was also included in this study the possible connection between economics and politics.

The pursuit of these questions brought little release and answer and the west moved into the dark, grey world of the Great Depression. Employment statistics went down while soup kitchens did a booming business keeping the unemployed alive. Few today would hardly believe the deep despondency that covered America in those days. Life was over. Period. The bright dream of the new America and the ascendancy of man was now a cruel joke. As the world moved into the 1930’s any bright words of encouragement, any “power of positive thinking” typ
e rhetoric, was now considered the equal of car salesmen chatter.

Eventually the dream of unlimited prosperity was now seen as a huge charade, a joke played on the public to line the pockets of those who knew better and had made off into the night. Yes, a lot like the name, Madoff; Bernard Madoff. Banks had been failing just before the crash at a rate of 2 or more a day. The nation was upset because they remembered the statements of the politicians, businessmen and economists who said the nation was moving along at a steady pace and there was nothing to worry about. Much faith in those who were experts in their fields was lost and most probably never has been regained. No one had any answers. And the 30’s rolled around with no improvement. From 1930 to 1932 the national income fell from $75 billion to $42 billion.

The nation then took vengeance on the political party in power, as is always the case, and nominated Herbert Hoover for President. The Democ
rats nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt, who promised a “New Deal”. The nation loved the concept, despite the overwhelming national attitudes, and declined Hoover’s “we’ll make it through” ideology for the preaching of HOPE and CHANGE. Roosevelt was elected in a landslide.

1933 brought little change however, and the nation was hugely dispirited by the high unemployment rate that continued to cripple the nation. The jobless millions were like an embolism in the nations circulation. Economists of the day however, refused to admit the problem of joblessness and wrung their hands over other causes and effects. The economic system of the day, and unemployment, was a paradox that could not be untangled by all the kings horses and all the kings men.

Then along came a man named John Maynard Keynes.

He had a new and plausible way of thinking about economics. He had
already made a fortune in world finance and was one of Britain’s most respected intellectuals. His solution was Keynesian Economics. It changed the world, and still effects us today.

Keynes, born in 1883, studied at Eton and then Cambridge. He so impressed his professors that he was offered a position in the economist college at an early age. He declined, however, and sought other outlets. By 1907 he was working for the government in the India office, where he wrote a treaties called: India Currency and Finance, which today is considered a masterpiece. He became editor of the Cambridge Economic Journal which he held for 33 years.

As he continued to work with foreign currencies, for say Spain, Germany and France among others, he was able to develop some high position theories on how to handle currencies of nations. He quickly became an important figure in the treasury of Britain. Many believe he had more to do with the winning of World War I than any other person in civilian life. During the 1919 peace conferences, when it was being wagered about that Germany should be forced to pay reparations for the damage that had been brought upon the world, Keynes disagreed publicly and warned that Germany had no way of making those reparations. Any forced action, held Keynes, would only lead to a resentment that would fuel greater German autarchy and militarism.

Rejected for his beliefs, he resigned from the peace conference and went about to write a book: The Economic Consequences of Peace. The book was such a big influence that by 1924, the treaty that had been set up in 1919 was already being undone. All this made Keynes quite famous and he was considered an economic genius.

Keynes had speculated on the stock market and made himself a multi-millionaire. His ability to make money for himself, a rarity for an economist, made him the “go to” guy. Keynes ideas deeply influenced the Roosevelt administration and he gained a great deal of notoriety in America, as he had done in Europe.

So what was Keynes magic bullet? You must first understand the economic thinking of the day. Variations in the economy between inflation and depression were considered inevitable. It was believed that factored into an economy were the automatic tools for bringing that economy out from a depression and also to ease it down from an inflation. It was believed that during a depression savings rates would rise, and interest rates would fall, thus industrial expansion would begin. Industry would expand and employ more workers, the economy would rise, as would investments. Interest rates would then rise, reducing savings, and causing a downturn in the economy. The cycle would continue to go round and round with the safety switch at the top and bottom of the business cycle.

Keynes argued however, that there was no guarantee that savings would increase during a down time and therefore bring down interest rates. For him, the trigger to make an economy rise again did not lie in savings and investment. His great trigger was Enterprise, which made an economy strong again. Business investment and enterprise, he said, was not and could not be a dependable thing. Expansion would top out at a certain point where it was no longer necessary to build larger and bigger industry due to the ceiling of demand upon a product. Business could not invest perpetually, and therefore an upward spiral was no guarantee.

In his book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money; he states:

First, an economy in depression could remain there. There is nothing inherent in the mechanism of economics to pull it out. A nation can reach equilibrium with unemployment, even massive unemployment. Prosperity depends on investment. If business spending for capital equipment falls, a spiral of contradiction follows. Business investment must rise for expansion to follow. Investment is an unpredictable drive for an economy. Uncertainty lies at the core of capitalism, the threat is reaching the end. Reaching the point where business growing larger would only incur more needless cost, and this spells economic shrinkage.

(No need to mention the current state of affairs relating to the argument of illegal immigrants taking American jobs and using American resources to see how these statements of Keynes could be prophetic in their assertation.)

According to Keynes, the economy lives in the shadow of collapse. There had to be, for him, another catalyst for making the engines roll once again. As demonstrated in some of the ideas of Roosevelt’s New Deal, Keynes believed that the motor for getting things running again was Government investment. This was his golden panacea. His magic bullet, as it were.

Keynes felt that it was a government’s role to create FULL employment even if it had to create a mountain of unmanageable debt to make it happen. Borrow, borrow, borrow. The world was on the verge of a major financial problem due to America, and Keynes believed that the government had to make up the slack for lack of business investment.

It’s probable that Keynes was merely suggesting a temporary fix for an economy by instructing the investment in employment by the government. His vision was not necessarily meant to be a permanent state of existence. He could not have foreseen a permanent existence of government borrowing and deficit spending which was being suggested for all nations.

The world could have seen the workings of the New Deal as a temporary and expensive fix for poverty and unemployment, as they would have then noticed, if it had not been for the up can coming disaster that we all know now as World War II. Government spending rose like a red tide to $103 billion annually. The day for paying the bills was put on the back burner until after the war.

Keynes philosophy can be summed up as much: The Government has all the answers. Government guarantees stabilize banks. Protection satisfies labor unions. Regulation stabilizes transportation, travel, the media, housing, mortgages, pension funds, and retirement plans. Government is the final resource, it can create something out of nothing. Sound a bit “Orwellian” to you? The government is God.

Keynesian economics writes a check for the next generation that it cannot cash. The ideas are effective in the short term, but mortgage the future. “In the long term.”, said Keynes, “We are all dead.”

Where does all the money come from? Where can government borrowing continue to go to for larger and larger jobs of being the ultimate provider for the American public? Roosevelt’s administration felt there was NO problem due to the fact that the money was only owed to OURSELVES. This was true at first, of course, bonds were issued to finance the borrowing of the federal investment. In the 1940’s they were called war bonds. More and more bonds have been issued since then and now the red tide of staggering debt is undeniable.

There was a time once, when having a national debt was an embarrassment, but not anymore. And in the subsequent years since the Nixon administration “balancing the budget” has become little more than wishful thinking. The Gramm-Rudman act passed by Congress, which was to reduce the national debt each year until the government had a hold on things and the government could then become smaller, never came to pass. In fact, the government has funded its own deficit by dipping into social security to the point where there won’t be any social security for millions of Americans in just a few generations, if not before, considering the geometric rise in such things.

There is no safety net in Keynesian economics for digesting and handling a debt of trillions of dollars. It would take 100,000 years to count the trillions of dollars of debt at one dollar per second that the United States finds itself in today. Who will answer for the empty treasury that is looming in the future of America? With no retirement, no military pension, no civil service pension and a growing baby boomer nation of older people, what will America look like in just a few decades time? Not to mention where the money for government run health care is going to come from.

If our hopes for the future rely on increase in population, where will this population of earners come from? If we continue to abort our future for the comforts of today, both monetarily and yes, in the womb, who will pay for the sins of the fathers? Will there be a zero population growth, and thus no more ability to invest and borrow and take care of the aging public that can no longer afford to take care of itself?

All good questions Keynes never envisioned.

more on this next time

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