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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Science Is The Revelation Of God

Does Science Make God Obsolete?

No, because Science and God are just different names for the same creative force. God and Science are the same force if they have the same attributes. Are they both Universal? - yes. Eternal? - yes. Unchanging? - yes. The source of right living; love and freedom? Etc. - Yes. So, if they have the same attributes, then, they are the same entity and to say one is obsolete is to say they are both obsolete.

Thank God that we don't have to choose between God and Reason as to which is supreme. To believe they are one and the same is to have beliefe both are supreme. Goodbye Science and Religion split. God and Reason are different names for the manifestation of the same force: the Law of Identity; the Universal Constant; the Fifth Force of the known five forces that construct and explain all existence. This Law is the source of logic, reason, science, art, music, philosophy, health and happiness -which means: God is the source of all this goodness.

God is Science - can be expressed as A=A, which is also known as the Law of Non-contradiction. A=A is the mother and father of all equations; the equations that explains the workings of the Universe and all within. Now, God, like Science, can be described by a mathematical equation. A=A, God, is necessary, universal, eternal, infinite and explains all matter and human action. A=A unifies all the forces and brings together all things in a single mathematical scheme that explains every fundamental process in nature. It is the "elegant simplicity underlying the diversity of the Universe," that Timothy Ferris writes about.

A short cut to the proof of this proposition is to ask how does the Law of Identity, A=A, explain the origin of the Universe and not make God obsolete in the process? And the answer is: The Law of Identity created this infinite Universe by creating an infinite list of laws by which the Universe constructed itself - an infinity of information informed the creation of an infinity of matter - by law.

The laws of Identity are: 1st law - Identity proceeds existence. What something is, is determined by its attributes. 2nd law - Every existent seeks to maintain its existence and resists change. This is the source of the Force. 3rd law - Two or more "things" may combine to create a new "thing". This the Law of Creation. 4th law - The creation of each new "something" creates the time to run the cycle of creation and the space that it moves into. 5th law - An entity emits energy as it changes what it is. This is the source of the Weak Force. 6th law - No two enties are identical. (The source of infinity.) 7th Law - Only one entity may occupy the same space in the same time. 8th Law - Energy equals mass, times the speed of light, squared. 9th Law - A=A creates an infinity of laws.

Creation of The Universe from the Void According to the Laws of Identity, or, How something come from nothing.

Obeying these Laws, the Universe came into existence. The first Law: Identity proceeds existence, and for the Void to exist it must have attributes. The attributes of the Void were: it is necessary and unique. Then, complying with the 2nd Law, a new existent was created: the Force of the void's presents, whose attribute is: An entity that seeks to maintain what it is. We now have two existents! The Void and the Force (of its Identity.) Next, according to the 2nd Law: Two or more existents may combine to make a third - and so, the Void and The Force combined to create a third existent - the Weak Force. And next the Void combined with the Force and the weak force, and created the fourth existent, the Strong Force. Then the Void combined with the Force of its existence, the Weak Force and the Strong Force and created a 5th existent: the Electro-Magnetic force. Finally, all five forces combined to create a sixth unique force: the Force of Gravity - then, these 6 combined to create a 7th unique existent and so, combining and creating, on and on, for a long, long time, creating an infinity of unique existents - existence is information. This is the mechanism of creation that spawned an infinity of unique existents. A vast universe was created by this continuous ribbon of information, unbroken and containing all the information of the five forces. Each new existent unique in the sense that a new existence was created at the end of each cycle of creation. At some time in space this unbroken ribbon of information reached a critical mass and collapsed in on its self condensing into a tiny ball before it exploded in a "Big Bang" and spewed fragmented bits of information containing all the forces in each bit of information back into space where these bits of information combined according to the laws of identity and became pre-matter: the building blocks of the Universe.

(Did you guys get all that?)

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