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Monday, August 24, 2009

Let’s Talk About Mental Leverage, Pt. 5

When I was a young’n in elementary school, I had a hard time remembering if the head of the school was the principal or principle. It was easy enough to remember that the head of the school was supposed to be our “pal”. Now you will never forget it.

Do you remember memorizing the names of the great lakes by filing them away in your memory with the word “HOMES”? (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior) Or even when you may have learned music, .....Every Good Boy Does Fine. Ring a bell? It’s the interesting association that makes these things so easy to remember.

Now you have a clue as to how to increase a rapidly expanding mental index to all of the written information you posses. You do it as Mental Leverage experts do it, by associating the information with it’s source in an interesting or perhaps, unusual way. Now, whenever you think of the information, and want to refer to it’s source, you’ll be instantly reminded of where to look.

So let’s say you like Tigers. Yes, the big cats. You have many books, or at least the library does and you want to remember the book sometime in the future for reference. But who was the author? Calvin Burger? Well, let’s make the association down right silly, and imagine a tiger eating a hamburger in a fast food joint. Keep driving that picture home in your mind and whenever you think of Tigers in the future you’ll think of burgers and the Author’s name.

So let’s say another Tiger book is written by Gloria Lincoln. Can you picture a Tiger, this time with lip stick, (and that’s all!) and she is counting five dollar bills? Who’s on the five dollar bill? Lincoln? Now what was the author’s name, a woman named Lincoln? I prefer not to make these things violent, but if you must place the tiger at the theater in the balcony, well, that’s up to you I suppose.

Now did you have to consciously remember anything? No, you didn’t have to.

So, you might ask, how do I remember numbers? Wouldn’t it be great to remember your license number, checking account number, credit cards, social security numbers, car license plates? You can’t picture digits the way you can picture words. So, therefore, you convert the numbers to words.

Which can you remember better? The number 32155846 or Mental Leverage? The words of course, but you would be surprised to find that they are the same thing. Remember that there are ten digits in the decimal system. Each of those ten digits is assigned a consonant sound or group of sounds. For instance, the digit 1 can have both “T” and “D” assigned as it’s letters. Sure they don’t sound exactly alike, but they are close enough for the audible reference to make sense.

Consider the consonant sounds in the phrase Mental Leverage. Here they are with the corresponding letters and numbers.

3 2 1 5 5 8 4 6

We’ll talk more next time about assigning numbers and consonants and transposing back and forth between them, but for now, and I know this section may seem confusing and perhaps “too much work”, but hang in there and you’ll see how suddenly your brain can perform calisthenics you never considered possible.

And, just a note on this as far as the “password” ticks we discussed earlier. If you have a square of numbers on the right side of your key board, you can transform a letter into a group of numbers and only have to remember a letter for the password. Try this, working from bottom to top, left to right, spell out the letter “A” on the number key board. 148563. How about “C”? 3214789. “X” 159753. You don’t have to remember password numbers, just the corresponding letter. Easy? See ya next time.

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