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Monday, August 31, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Are We STILL Living With Darwin?

After all of our advances in science and medicine, Are We Still Living With Darwin?

What makes the world continue? Where did I come from? Why are things as they are? These are important questions. Questions asked by those for whom I think therefore I am is a closely held mantra. But not only that, it is also the patterned response of those for whom the mind is broad enough to survive in the current world of nations and men. The really significant thing about those questions is how they are answered by the so called intellectual elite of our day.

All too often such things as these, perhaps best described as an intellectual construct, ultimately move beyond their original purpose and platform and begin operating in the wider world. Darwin’s concept of evolution has left the confines of biology, botany and paleontology and is now used in the broader spectrum of social structure at large. The term for this construct is “Social Darwinism”, and it has become foundational in our culture.

What assumptions come from Social Darwinism? First of all, the idea that social structure is created and monitored by impersonal forces rather than by God is the beginning of the unconscious control that Social Darwinism has proffered upon us for a century or so. Until the emergence of SD (Social Darwinism) it was a generally held belief that the ever unfolding story of history constantly revealed that the Judeo-Christian God was behind all things. The founders of America firmly believed it, and they revealed it in saying, “There is a just God who presides above the destinies of nations”. The mind set of western culture at that time is crystallized in this statement. It was the biggest principle, largely undisputed, by which all other things were judged.

The concept of natural selection is meaningless gibberish unless Darwin is in fact referring to an impersonal force, a power that compels history and establishes it’s direction. Although Darwin had many Christian associates in his younger days, he became more and more of a hard head about natural selection and it’s so called importance and he traded God for a concept. The impersonal engine of natural selection became his new God, causing history and it’s inexorable move forward to drop into a depersonalized mode.

Our society, once correctly called Christian, has fallen into such a secularized mess that the Fathers of our country would have never believed it if they had been here to see it. Education, Government, business, the media, and in many cases, religion, have moved into successive stages from Christianity to atheism. God is now, ignored, resented, opposed and vilified at every turn. Jesus Christ is now considered in many parts to be persona non grata. If you don’t think so, then why isn’t there more outcry against public movie entertainment that constantly uses his name as a dirty exclamation? The arrogance is stomach turning. Concomitantly, the Bible has lost it’s final authority, the Christian religion has been pluralized, our standard family unit is disappearing, and immorality is now a an art form in sitcoms on TV. Those who insist that a secret force moves history now have the floor. What will they do when the castles they have built on sand are washed away?

The second assumption is that our society is moving forward and progressing toward a sort of Gene Roddenberry type vision. Supposedly we are improving from a mean past to an improving future. Evolutionist insist that life began in the primordial slime as it’s lowly providence. Then, the engine of culture worked form there, producing in our day and age the best that the world has ever been. This improvement will continue until we join the Vulcans in the Federation of Planets. (Heh)

Therefore, SD is utopian in it’s design and concept. It looks at the so called straight upward line of progress from the past until this moment and then extends that line into the future, implying of course, that evolution of progress cannot fail and will ultimately produce an unimpeachable society. Although the promise of perfect tomorrows and positive change is a consistent promise of politics, education commerce and religion, due to the influence of SD, we as a society have heard much more of this sort of thing than most any other society in history.

In fact, the concept has gone even further in it’s arrogant assertion by beguiling us to believe that we can even control our own evolution through intelligence and technical skill. Perhaps, WE are God? But those who put their faith in the societal improvements they put forth are hard pressed to represent any real evidence of such. As I have written in my series on education, the real facts are that we are living in a deteriorating society not an evolving one. Just ask the Euro dollar and the Chinese yen, if you can.

This comes alarmingly to the forefront when we consider the ultimate standard by which improvement or degeneration of a culture is ultimately measured, the moral standard. Technical and military prowess and improvement mean very little in the face of lack of moral improvement. You need only look to Nazi Germany as a prime example of this. Laugh all you want at Hogan’s Heroes, but this was a threat the world had never seen before, a power that had the greatest minds and bravest hearts of the entire Earth deeply concerned. Without moral improvement going hand and hand with technical abilities, the outcome can only be the greatest of human disasters. When we look at only surface tokens of improvement, as Social Darwinians do, then we are whistling past the graveyard, as it were.

A third assumption is that man himself, is nothing more than the most advanced animal on the planet. For a crystallization of this idea you need only refer to a book from 1980, written by Desmond Morris called the Naked Ape. Mankind is seen as little more than an intelligent orangutan. And if you say anything against this, the orangutan lobby will come and get you, citizen. And they will be wearing brown shirts. But seriously, The Naked Ape says such things as: women use lipstick to imitate the redness of an excited and engorged vagina and that cleavage is actually a mental cue to men to think of their buttocks, but in a more socially acceptable way. Do you know any women who use lipstick to imitate their blood engorged vaginas? I sure don’t.

But really, have these people spent any time in a zoo? In strict biological terms, the evolutionary connection between man and animal is unproven by any evidence, although it is continually shouted from the roof tops by Social Darwinism supporters. Not only this, but they can’t explain man’s innate tendency to think of things in terms of what Is and what ought to be. A difference that cannot possibly come from chemistry. Science can only deal with the observable, or it is NOT science. It cannot tell us what should have happened or what should have NOT happened.

The fourth assumption is that soul, spirit and eternal life are merely chemical actions of the brain. This kind of chemical determinism refuses to hold true the concept of “mind”, but holds that all things, even “thoughts” come from brain matter. The evolutionist must give credence to chance in ways that he perhaps would rather not. According to them, great works like Beethoven and Shakespeare are not gifts, or the revelation of higher things in man, but are instead the results of chemical reactions in the brain. So, therefore, Othello could have been great theater or just interracial porn depending on how the chemicals came together at that time.

You can see the cracks breaking on the idol of evolutionary theory at this point. If human thought and spirituality are nothing more than electrochemistry in the human brain, then we have a mechanistic universe. So why put anyone in prison? That robber shot your mother and killed her because of chemicals in the brain. Get over it. Existence is the same as non existence, up is down, logic is comedy, rationality is an inconvenience like an unplanned pregnancy. Nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters to me. Life is a Bohemian Rhapsody. If the mind is not a separate and distinct entity from he human body, something that is merely contained within, then the light of understanding goes out and nothing is understandable, all things just happen. Sorry Mr. Hitler, we just didn’t understand.

When incomprehensibility becomes the movement of any age, then subsequent generations come onto the field of play with the idea that this is just reality. Things have always been this way and why should they be different? Can God fit anywhere into a society that is wearing comfortable old shoes, shoes given to them by their fathers and grandfathers of corruptions, reprobate minds and vile affections? How blind can we be to have seen similar ideas played out in science fiction writings and not recognize the river we are all heading toward. Oh, it can’t happen to us, we say, but is there really anything new? Clothes and tastes change but the core of mankind has remained the same for as long as man has known himself. There’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy, and many lessons to learn from both, but when we ignore the truths of both in favor of today’s thrill of entertainment, we cheapen ourselves and the process. We’re people, not just commercial receptors who live from moment to moment. I don’t care what Big Brother tells you.

It’s unfortunate, but we’ve all bought into the intellectual cancer of Darwinism and it reveals itself in those things which we choose to spend time with and believe in. (Jerry Springer show anyone?) I hold the advertising world partially responsible for this and the consumer gets the other side of it. We can’t be irresponsible to our society of human beings, those creations who are more than just the latest monkey, they are a special creation on the Earth by the almighty God. To treat each other with such a lack of out right respect for our place in the grand scheme of things is to kill each other with thoughts and concepts and then to tread upon the dead bodies for our own desires. It’s a society that lives with a blade in it’s hand and thinks nothing of swinging that blade at the next person if they see fit to do so, and then wants protection and understanding for doing so.

You think that’s not the case? Go see some of these movies I have seen this summer for “adults”. The F-bomb is now the litmus for our communication. We are constantly shown people who are supposed to be either family or good friends hatefully turning on each other and saying, “F-You, man!!!” “NO! F-You!!!!” Slash slash slash! And as both characters lay dying and disemboweled on the ground they reach out to each other and say “I love you, man...” with their last breath. And the director says: Good scene! People will love to pay money to see this, because they are just like this. It’s insane.

Thank you Mr. Darwin.

We now know today that all things needed for life and survival come from the stars. We know that far off stars transmit light to the planet Earth and contain elements from the periodic table which are much needed by our biological bodies. Things such as iodine, calcium and phosphorus. In fact, the very dust of the ground, is space dust, the dust that man was created from. Yet Darwin knew nothing of the advances of Astrophysics, he knew nothing of what was out there beyond Earth and the enormous revelations that are coming to light which have great value to our understanding of Earth, it’s people and the connection to ALL things created. None of that fits into the model of evolution except as a retro-fit explanation. Yet we still live with Darwin, we still have these precepts, these “Old Shoes” from a few hundred years ago that we live by. Surely the Truths of scripture are older, and they have more weight and cache and have moved man further along in his history than any theory of evolution, if only for the Bible’s unwavering stance on morality and it’s imperative position in the heart of mankind. And yet... we still live with Darwin at every turn. It’s incomprehensible.

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