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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let’s Talk About Mental Leverage, Pt. 1

Inventors and scientists have done much with their own talents to improve our lives. They’ve given us machines for cooking and travel, some that can take us clear across the globe. But so far they haven’t been able to do anything to improve the mind of the common man.

Oh, for sure we have nifty computers these days that will play complex video games or even the more austere “chess” match, and calculators that will balance a checkbook correctly for you.... if indeed you are paying attention as you compute. But what have they done to help us in the every day work of learning, remembering and problem solving we all do each day? When you apply for employment, your interviewer is interested in the abilities YOU have, not those of your calculator or computer.

The nice thing to know is, that even without help from scientists, you yourself can do very well on your own. In fact, you can do much better than you are doing now, regardless of your present level of achievement.

What I am alluding to is something called Mental Leverage. With development of mental leverage you’ll be able to improve in many areas. You can sharpen your memory, learn things more rapidly, read faster and retain more, and you’ll be able to handle math much more easily. Most of all, and there are a few more benefits, but mostly, you’ll be able to become a much better informed person.

Mental leverage is exactly what you might think it is. Levers can move objects you would never be able to move otherwise. Financial leverage can help you to take one dollar and make ten. What really counts in these examples is not how much you have, but how that which you do have is applied.

It’s the same with mental leverage, it’s not about the amount of thinking or studying you do, but it’s about the way you go about it. People who don’t use mental leverage usually find it difficult to remember information on a regular basis, info they actually need regularly. And they tend to struggle to solve many different kinds of problems. They impose needless limitations on themselves, on their work, and their relationships with family and friends. They fail to realize just how great their God given mental potential really is. In short, they bury their talent in the ground.

This will be an ongoing subject for my blog, and I hope you’ll join me for the serialized posts I am planning. I’m hoping to give everyone of my readers tips for improving their brain power and finding more blessings in their lives. So stay tooned!

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