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Friday, August 14, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Funny People

Funny People

Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, RZA and newcomer Aubrey Plaza join a cast that reunites Judd Apatow with Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill in their third comedy together. --© Universal Pictures
Director: Judd Apatow
Screenwriter: Judd Apatow
Producer: Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend
Composer: Jason Schwartzman
Studio: Universal Pictures

There’s a character in this movie who is the lead in a famous sitcom, a fake one made up for this movie. He likes to throw his 250,000 dollar paycheck in the face of his buddies, the very people he shares a house with. Then, later in the pic, Seth Rogen is sitting on a couch with two little girls and they are watching the same sitcom. He asks them, “Do you guys like this show?” And they both answer, “No, it’s the worst.” And yet they remain there, watching it, like trained zombies instead of changing the channel. A fitting spit in the eye to all of us.

This movie was an enormous chore to watch. By the last half hour I was on the edge of my seat, literally ready to get up and leave. I really have to wonder what Hollywood is thinking about some of the so called “adult” movies they put tons of money into. I mean, honestly, do the hundreds of people involved in such a project, from the producers, directors, and actors all the way to the key grip guy, actually believe they are doing something worth while when putting this kind of trash together?

Do they really believe that real people go around F-bombing each other into dust and yet still get along? Can you assault someone verbally and emotionally, someone who has no real attachment to you, like, say marriage for instance, and yet they are still there tomorrow? Don’t you believe it!!! They are lying to you folks.

Why anyone in Hollywood would make a movie that flatly states that the entertainment industry is a huge sham and we’re all brain dead for being involved at all, is way beyond me. What kills me, is that when this opened there were benefits like this one included.

The night will benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and 826LA. 826LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

Now after you have been depressed by the utter waste of life that is presented to you on screen, and you have been F-bombed to death, let’s all help the kids.....

Something is seriously seriously wrong with our society.
1/5 Stars Don’t waste your money

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