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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: STILL Living With Freud Pt 7?

After all our advances in science and medicine, Are We Still Living With Freud? Pt. 7

The proposed idea that life is significant or worthless, depending upon its sexual promise, is a huge lie. Sexual determinism is, as the kids say: #$##@!!!@# %%^^%&&&!

So what is it then, what is the determinism that makes mankind what it appears to be? What we have to remember is that throughout history is moving a very significant force. That force is NOT Darwin’s natural selection, Marx’s economic determinism, or Freud’s libido. The force is indeed the will of God. There is nothing else more significant in the life of mankind other than the will of God for man’s existence.

Life is successful or not based on it’s conformity to or rebellion from the will of God. The Apostle Paul said it best: “For we can do nothing against the truth, only for the truth.” Nothing of any significance, nothing that lasts, nothing of consequence, nothing that matters can truly be accomplished except that which is for the truth. Just ask Nazi Germany, Russian Communism, or any big society of the past that is no longer with us. All energy expended for those things that are not the will of God, is lost forever.

Just take in to effect that America was indeed founded on principles from the Word of God, America a Christian nation in its’ inception, has had only one form of government in all it’s 233 years, while nations all over the globe have had anywhere from a handful to a dozen or more in the same time period. Life, happiness, accomplishment and eternal happiness are all accomplished within the will of God. The key to all REALITY in life, to every good work that matters is the INTELLIGENT human will responding positively to the Will of God.

The one principle, if followed, will bring a thousand blessings to the soul and will save that soul from a thousand problems. It is a huge mistake to reduce mankind to a sexual thing and no more. Such a come down for the special creation of mankind is the grossest sort of recidivism and reductionism.

Freud can be said to be one of the greatest deceivers of all time, and that’s no overstatement. He has confused millions as to the nature of man and God and it has been passed down generationally like a family curse throughout society. The professional opinion of all this is stated this way:

The sudden discovery of Freud’s work and ideas by intellectuals and artists. As Havelock Ellis said at the time, to the master’s indignation, Freud was NOT a scientist, but an artist. After eighty years of experience, his methods of therapy have proved, on the whole, costly failures, more suited to assuage the unhappy rather than to cure the sick. We now know that many of the central ideas of psychoanalysis have no basis in biology. .... As Sir Peter Medawar has put it: it contains nuggets of isolated truth, but the general theory of it all is completely false.” (Modern Times 1983)

Freud responded by calling his critics “insane”. Freud’s practice was picked up in an ominous way by the totalitarian society, the idea that dissent was a form of mental illness, demanding hospitalization, blossomed in the Soviet Union and became a powerful tool of political repression.

Freud also seconded the notion of Social Darwinism, one has to marvel at the imagination that created the idea of libido directing the person before all other possibilities and then applied it to society as a whole. Let’s put it out there on the table, Freud believed that society was only after a “piece of ass” as its’ main drive for accomplishment. Irregardless (not a word, I know, just seeing if you are paying attention) Invented by Darwin and then helped along by Freud, cultural Darwinism stays with us as pop culture that is subtly believed. Out of all this comes the notion that there is some “force” that makes it all happen. (May the force be with you)

So now we have been programmed to believe some rather amusing ideas in our so called advanced age. School books and advertisements on television tell us there is something “dynamic” about the world that makes it an exciting place to be. How easy it is therefore to believe that history itself possesses a force that will bring us all to progress, riches, enjoyment and even utopia if we will just cooperate with that force. Cultural Darwinism means nothing unless it connects to humanity itself the possession of a life force, a cultural libido.

Many modern, cultic, and pagan religions have built their appeal on such a presumption. The presumption that there is a reality that exists all around us without the controlling influence of God himself. The New Age movement insists that we live in harmony with nature, moving along with its’ life force, and then we will enjoy happiness. I still remember the harmonic convergence of 1983 or so.. I am not sure, but I remember the music group Yes was involved and it was just after 1982. Throngs of people all got together to harmonize and humm on the same wavelength. This was supposed to bring in a new era or some such thing, I wonder where it is? I was told as a young person to hold onto imaginary goals and truly believe them and they would come to pass, simply because of my connecting to that sort of mystical, magical force of the universe thing. Well, I used to really love model Cindy Crawford, back in my twenties. I “thought” about her a lot, for a long time. I never “married” Cindy Crawford. When I tell these proponents that sort of thing, they tell me I didn’t truly believe. Really? Where’s the measuring rod for that? How much would have been enough? How much would not have been enough? The New Agers carry their propaganda everywhere, calling people to cooperate with the destiny they say is built into the social structure.

When Freud gave us the idea of determinism, he caused the world to concentrate on determinism to the point of addiction. He also legitimized the idea of determinisms, and now we are flooded with them. It seems there is someone somewhere writing a book about a new determinism every day, just go to your local self-help bookstore and see for yourself.

Freud left Austria in 1938 and died of mouth cancer the next year in England. His life work can best be summed up like this:

This hunger for the soul of faith can find no nutriment in the harsh, cold, severe and matter of fact sobriety of psychoanalysis. Analysis can give knowledge and nothing more. For the very reason that it has no place for faith, it can only supply us with facts, with realities, but never with philosophy. This is its’ limitation. No other philosophical method can so successfully lead man into the recesses of his own ego: but, being an intellectual discipline and not an affective one; it can never lead him back to altitudes that transcend his own ego. It dissolves, divides and separates; it shows to each life its’ own meaning; but it cannot weave the separate parts into a greater reality of meaning. If it is to be supplemented and until it becomes truly creative, the enlightenment it effects must have superadded to them a conjoining and confusing technique; psychoanalysis must be must supplemented by psycho synthesis. Perhaps this will be accomplished by the science of tomorrow. Freud’s work is still largely undone, and the world awaits the bright minds that will put feet to his most outrageous ideas.
- Stefan Zweig

Of course, this statement has some New Age overtones, for they must remain secular and populist. But I really have to wonder, as we come closer and closer to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and we still await the return of Planet X; which will turn the Earth over again like it does every 3,600 years or so... when society looks back on the Freud era, let’s say 300 years from now, will it too, like the 2012 scare and the twelfth planet, be seen as a footnote, a movement that belonged more to the mind of one man than to an overall reality of mankind.


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