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Monday, November 23, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Checking Health Fallacies

Checking Health

Due to my recent excursions into the Los Angeles subway system, I have been ill all week. I believed that my lack of catching any colds and such had a lot to do with my diet of 80% fruits and veggies, and although that may have been a great help to my overall health, it is by no means a miracle shield against the germs flying around on crowded subways and public buses. But don’t worry, I have successfully managed to defeat the bug with my usual tricks of the trade. Now, of course, I am ten pounds overweight, due to the fact that feeding a cold is a major part of defeating it. So, therefore, I pigged out at the Hometown Buffet and, of course, Hooters. Now I am fat.

I also was home for taking frequent hot showers when chilled and being able to take naps for the headaches due to sinus pressure. Sudafed helped some, although I am generally against taking too many medications. They tend to mask symptoms, and don’t cure anything. But it did allow for rest and the ability to overfill the needed requirements of white blood cells to devour the invading virus. ... so now I am fat.

It’s ironic that last week I started writing about health and immediately was taken for a ride by a cold. So, I thought I would continue this week, if that’s okay with you... I have lots of info on health, and some of it may not be information you generally think about, so I hope you’re okay with that. BTW, whenever I sit down to write to you, I generally have some Boney James music playing in the background. His latest album “Send One Your Love” is great smooth jazz. I highly recommend.

So let’s get on with the “health fallacies” of our program today.

All in one vitamin supplements can be misleading as to the amount of nutrients they provide. They can supply about 100% of some nutrients, trace amounts of others, and leave out some vital ones all together. Consumers often think vitamins can be a replacement for a balanced diet and can miss some important stuff as a result. The thing about vitamins that you don’t hear is that tablets often go right through you. Go to any public gathering and see if the port-a-jons aren’t full of vitamin tablets at the bottom when they dump into sewage. You’d be amazed! And that’s all money those people will never see again while getting only about 3% of the benefit from a tablet.

Breast infections from breast feeding is not necessarily a sign that breast feeding should be stopped. Nursing with the infected breast will help to cure the infection, which is called “Mastitis”. Milk is not infected by the breast infection... but I gotta tell ya, I would think twice about putting my baby’s mouth on it. As a man I can only write about this, not recommend it. Although, I have heard it said that breasts “know” when something is missing from a baby’s system and therefore produce more of that chemical need, I don’t know how true that is, but if it IS true, that’s not evolution people! Praise God!

B15 may be in trouble these days as the medical community is having second thoughts as to it’s effectiveness and safety. The FDA, the masters of Big Pharm, say it has no therapeutic value and there have also been some high profile doctors who have said it could be harmful. There also is no standard profile for the drug, so it could be made of anything. It’s known as Pangamate.

Getting a rash after an injection of Penicillin is not always an allergic reaction. The rash is often a result of the illness. True allergic reactions are things like, hives, swelling in throat, joint pain, and chest constriction.

Milk and dairy products may not help ulcers. Calcium in the milk helps to create the need for acid secretion that will aggravate an ulcer. Antacids with high buffering capacity are better, and of course food also acts as a buffer. It will help to begin a grazing diet if you have ulcers. This way you always have something in the tummy and your sugar levels won’t swing wildly either, but of course that food you graze on should be raw veggies and fruits. I have found myself that some meat just before bed time keeps the acid stomach away and I can sleep, probably because it takes the system 8 hours or so to dissolve meat. But don’t miss the idea of blood alkalinization. Most of the food in the grocery store is NOT food, and it causes an acidic blood stream. Natural foods will make the blood more alkaline and get you off of any ulcer medicines. But the effect is very fragile and can be ruined by ONE donut.

Get some “Prime PH” from this website:
I highly recommend.

Corrective shoes for kids with foot problems rarely do any good. Children regularly outgrow any lower limb problems without any help. Severe cases may require casts, and splints and such, but wedges for pigeon toes and bowlegs or knock knees do not correct the basic deformity.

Make sure that your aspirin has entertic coating or it could lead to stomach stress in the future. Buffered aspirin really doesn’t work, and it’s just a marketing name anyhow. Tests have shown that aspirin taken with the coating works the way you would expect it to, preventing tummy stress.

Not all cholesterol is bad for you. The good kind, HDL: High Density Lipoprotein, is associated with reduced risk of heart disease. It blocks the production of the low density cholesterol, which clogs the arteries. Long distance runners, joggers, moderate drinkers, and the college educated are more likely to have the better cholesterol. Overweight persons and heavy smokers, plus the less educated, have more levels of the bad stuff and are at greater risk.

Dark circles beneath the eyes are probably hereditary. There is no medical evidence that fatigue or lack of sleep cause bags and dark circles. That’s more old information that was wrong that we today still take as truth. Time to upgrade our everyday knowledge people.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope my blog is bringing you some info you can use, and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great day, and remember... you be good. :-)

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