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Monday, November 16, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Checking Your Life for Health Hazards

Checking your life
for health hazards

Did you know that aluminum cooking pans should be thrown out if corroded or marked with pits surrounded by white deposits? Evidence has show that food cooked in corroded aluminum pans absorbs the metal. This is dangerous to you because it causes: Impaired kidney function, brain and nerve cell problems, behavioral abnormalities. (!)

Foam insulation releases formaldehyde gas after installation in a house. This is dangerous to you because it causes: Respiratory problems, eye irritation, skin rashes, nausea, headaches and dizziness. You can have your house tested by the government health service or perhaps find a private company to do it for a fee.

Electric blankets can be hazardous to people with occlusive arterial disease. Uncontrolled heat can lead to GANGRENE by increasing metabolism but not circulation. (!)

Hair dye contains something called Paraphenylenediamine, a chemical that can cause damage to the eyes. Some 89% of long term hair dye users tested developed cataract problems. The extent correlated with the length and frequency of use. Besides, whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream, be it hair dye or suntan lotion, and many chemicals are not made for your consumption. Where does all this cancer come from? Hmmmm.

Sensitivity to foods may be increased when they are consumed with alcohol. You may be allergic to one or the other, the food or the alcohol. Too bad because if you have high cholesterol you SHOULD drink some wine every day. The wine grabs hold of the artery clogging cholesterol and drags it out of the system when you wiz. But you have to judge these things for yourself.

Mascara. Ugh! Bacteria can build up in opened tubes of mascara and lead to eye infections. Don’t keep a tube of mascara past six months.

Caffeine can produce the same symptoms as anxiety neurosis. Insomnia, headaches, muscle twitching, restlessness, and irritability. Try to monitor your intake of caffeine per day from all sources, coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and even some headache remedies have caffeine. It’s a drug people. And yet millions are addicted and un alarmed.

Prescription drugs can cause more harm than good if combined with other medicines or even some foods. Before Big Pharm representatives write that ticket for chemical good health, make sure they tell you about the incredible side effects that can happen. You know, like your head exploding or some such thing.

Vitamin C and aspirin can be a bad mix. Given a long period of exposure to mixing the two, experimental results showed ulcers in the stomach as a result. Of course, too much acid in the stomach can be a problem anyway, and they are both additional acid.

Use eye drops sparingly, especially commercial brands. They relieve redness by constricting blood vessels so eyes will look whiter, once again medicine covers symptoms instead of providing help, if you use eye drops for too long and too often, varicose veins can develop and you’ll have permanently red eyes.

Kidney failure can be caused by mixing aspirin with acetaminophen or phenacetin. Don’t take aspirin and Aleve at the same time.

Do you have toxic plants in your house? Plum pits, apple seeds, apricot pits, morning glory seeds, English and American ivy, holly, hyacinth, hydrangea, lantana, Japanese yew, Virginia creeper, lily of the valley, daffodil bulbs, azalea, rhododendron, rhubarb leaf blades, sweet pea, wisteria, nightshade, Jack in the pulpit, water hemlock. (Yes! HOLLY!)

If you have heart disease, ice water could be harmful to you. Sudden drops in body temperature can cause stress. It can also cause cramps if taken right after a good workout for the same reason. There are those who say you should never have a cold drink with a hot meal, since it spoils the digestive fire needed for good food assimilation. I have seen that proven true myself.

Steak has more saturated fat in an average serving than many other meats. This can lead to heart disease and cancer. Besides, most meat these days has so many chemicals from all the manipulating animals go through just for a faster and easier buck, like hormones for bigger cows, and antibiotics that end up in your own system, it’s safer to just go shoot some wild deer if you really need meat. Make sure the cattle is grass fed and organic, more expensive I know, but you won’t be killing yourself just so the big meat companies can make the payments on their Ferarries.

Also, the worst combo you can eat is having a potato with that steak. The proteins and starch mix is way too much stress on your gut, no matter how much you love the combo. Try some grilled veggies instead and watch out for the overload of crap they want to serve you along side the meal. (Warm water to drink, or room temp wine. Beer will not help you.)

Try to get your older folks to do a liver cleanse every six months or so. The medical establishment has about ten or more drugs in their purse or medicine cabinet and these older folks cannot clean their systems like they could when they were young. Slower metabolism can result in an accumulation of drugs and eventually an overdose. Things like sleeping pills and antidepressants can be deadly after a year of not cleaning out the system.

Cut flowers can kill you. They can contain high levels of pesticides that can be inhaled and cause headaches and blurred vision, and also muscle weakness. About 18% of flower arrangements are polluted.

Acupuncture needles can give you hepatitis. Insist on disposable needles when having this procedure, don’t rely on someone else’s cleaning habits.

Utensils and pots which have copper can be poisoning you. Direct exposure to copper over a period of time will not pass through your system, and this is deadly. Just don’t use this stuff, it rubs off on the food and is absorbed, then you eat the food and .... well, you get the idea.

Your bicycle seat could be killing you. (hehehe..) Hard leather seats can compress the nerves in the pubic area, leading to impaired sexual response in men. Women always have impaired sexual response. ;-) Add extra padding and angle the seat downwards.

Non-stick cookware has fluorocarbon resins. This means that fluoride can be transmitted to persons with allergies to fluoride, and that can be toxic. Never overheat food in non stick pans or pots. Never use it after it becomes scratched, chipped or peels either. Throw it away. You get enough fluoride and chlorine in your water when you shower or bathe and it’s slowly killing us all. Did you know that when you shower in city water containing chlorine that the steam produced is chlorine gas? You know what they killed people in Vietnam with?

Chlorine gas.

Speaking of your tap water... metals can build up in the top layer of the water over night because they leach out of the plumbing, and that includes lead sometimes. Make sure you give your child plenty of water from the tap, a cold glass of fluoride, chlorine and lead will make him woozy and complacent at school. Just don’t use the hot water ever for anything if you can help it. So what if the water in the bottles come from a municipal source? As long as it has been purified, it’s better for you. Don’t let yourself be killed by ignorance and monetary concerns that our government embraces despite the fact that you pay their salaries.

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