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Monday, November 2, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Are We STILL Living With Freud Pt 6?

After all our advances in science and medicine, Are We Still Living With Freud? Pt. 6

Fortunately, for Psychology itself, the rejections of Freud’s hypotheses began in the professional sector. They, his partners in the field, believed he was practically addicted to the emphasis on the sexual determinism he so heartily professed. Professionals such as Bleuler, Jung, Adler and most of his personal associates broke with him over this. The world may have loved him, but his compatriots analyzed him into repudiation, despite the refusal of the outside world to listen to them.

What are those things which have firmly ingrained themselves within our mental makeup to the extent that we no longer question our programming. We barely even realize the source of many of our casually held truths about life and ourselves.

Freud drew a picture of the human being consisting of the Id, Ego and Superego, motivated by libido and guided by the life instinct or death instinct. These of themselves are concepts for many a late night of ruminating over a hot cup of tea by the fireplace, but the overemphasis on them has caused people to forget a number of essential characteristics that cannot be ignored.

The first and foremost point is that mankind was made in the image of God. And God said, “Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the Earth.” So therefore, God created man in his own image, male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:26-27 Here in the Bible is the basic truth of the universe, and also the basic truth you need in understanding the basic nature of mankind. We are special creations, not like the beasts of the field, but like the creator of the universe.

It is in great error then to say that a man is nothing more than a collection psychological forces. Even more of an insult to say we are merely a subspecies of the rest of animal nature. Freud’s view suggests all of this, as he forced a concentration on himself by mankind and created a kind of casual forgetfulness of the of the one who created the protons, electrons and neutrons in an atom and also the mighty planets that rotate around our sun in much the same fashion.

In contrast to Freud’s view, and Darwin’s also for that matter, the Word of God teaches that man is a tripartite being, made of body, soul and spirit. The body of man was created out of the dust of the ground and not from the water, that dust, I might also mention, can be traced directly back to the stars. In fact all elements for life and the world that we see come from the stars, this is the “dust” scripture is talking about. All the elements from the periodic table travel over great distances in space to reach our home planet. Calcium travels inside the light beam of far off starlight and the plants absorb it, the cows eat plants, we drink the milk and we have calcium in our bodies. Freud and Darwin knew nothing of this. Astrophysics has proven this with observable measures.

Freud in his concept of the ID, would have us believe that it is your essential component and exists in a kind of autonomous reality. Freud sees mankind as a result of his environment, his pressures, his happy opportunities that just come his way (luck), and the purely human condition in which he exists.

Who are you gonna believe? The creator or the creation. Our essential nature reflects that of the nature of God himself, and anything else is a lie. The soul grows from an interaction with body and spirit and is the way in which we communicate with the outside world. The person who believes God knows that he can be possessed, in a literal sense by the redemptive power of God. Because of your acceptance of Jesus as savior and Lord, the believer knows he can posses the spirit of the living God by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore daily contact can be had with heaven itself, (amazing huh?) All joy, fulfillment and capability can be had each and every day with the creator of the universe through this Holy Spirit, and what sin basically is, is the breaking of this connection. According to God, reality is this way. There is an entire surrounding reality which everyone would right now be a part of if only mankind had not chosen to break with God. All these things you may be saying to yourself that are really just imaginary you read this, like angels, heavenly places, face to face commune with the creator or even, let’s say, the ability to bring into being those things that are not merely from an act of will, would be plainly obvious to you if we were not existing as the only perversion in God’s reality. (Due to our disconnection)

Freudianism must inevitably lead to despair, in fact he held that the death instinct eventually triumphs in each and every person’s life. He, like the character Larry David plays in the ignorant movie “Whatever Works”, would interpret spontaneous leaps out of the window in order to kill himself as a positive assertion that the death instinct was winning inside of his psyche.

Perhaps his biggest influence on mankind can be summed up in the idea that man does what he does and becomes what he becomes. Freud believed that sex is the motivation for everything. A person succeeds or fails in relation to the amount of cooperation a person gives his libido. Are you pursuing the satisfaction of the sex drive enough? Just ask Maxim magazine readers if you think this is not the case. “Dude, get a better job... you’ll never get laid.”

more in part 7

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