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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: The Spirit of Prophecy

The Spirit of Prophecy

by Mike Wong

When talk about prophets, we may think of the weird man wearing strange clothes scolding people for their sin and warning them for the judgment of God. This impression obviously came from the Old Testament. But there is a different expression of prophets and the spirit of prophecy in the New Testament. All believers are called to operate in the spirit of prophecy.

Being prophetic is more than able to predict the future. It is true that sometimes revelations from God foretell some events in the future, but in fact the most important value of prophecies is to reveal the heart of God. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10). The spirit of prophecy gives revelations to the testimony of Jesus, what He had done and what is in His heart. A prophetic person has the grace from God to experience His heart and reveal it to others.

By the blood of Jesus, we are allowed to enter into the sanctuary of God. We are able to restore our intimate relationship with God our father. We can experience His heart intimately and at many dimensions. We experience how He loves us. We experience how precious His grace and mercy is. We experience how joyful He is when He looks at us.

Whenever a prophecy is spoken forth, God's heart is revealed. Man's total being is completely corrupted by sin. We are incapable of knowing God without His revelations and grace, not to mention loving Him. It takes God to love God. When He reveals His affection for us, we receive the ability to show our affection for Jesus.

There are some common misconceptions among the churches. Some experiencing prophetic events like dreams and visions immediately claim themselves to be prophets. Others refuse any prophetic encounters with reason that they are not called to be prophets. There are clear distinguishments between being a prophet and operating with the spirit of prophecy according to the bible. The Lord promises to pour the spirit of prophecy on all of His sons and daughters, while only a few chosen people are called to the office of prophets.

An example of a prophet who revealed the heart of God according to the will of God is John the Baptist. He was called the greatest man born of a woman by Jesus. He was the forerunner prepared for the first coming of Jesus who also symbolize a group of God's people who are being raised up in the end of the end time to prepare the second coming of the Lord. They will be revealing the heart of God, His mercy and His judgment and warn people of the coming crisis. The prophetic anointing will be operating mightily on them. Some would even call fire from heaven and beyond. Let's follow the teachings of the Bible and desire earnestly for the spirit of prophecy.

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