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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: America the Free - Not Chimerica

America the Free
- Not Chimerica

We often hear the term Chimerica when thinking about Chinese-American relations, and often assume that this means that China owns America. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. China is, indeed, a very smart opponent, but as those who examine carefully will see that America has this matter well at hand.

In these modern days of national strategy, a nation must look out for it’s own interests or face the consequences of not doing so. The most commonly used tactic by a nation to inflict harm, whether intentional or not, is to flood a willing nation with an abundant supply of some materials at such a low rate that it would be stupid for the receiving nation to create their own. An example is the flooding of America with cheap electronics from China. America just can’t compete.

This is no new event. Usually, a recipient nation who observes the flooding behavior of another will impose duties and import limits through their customs and excise departments in order to avoid such a circumstance. But, with the advent of free trade agreements and lobbying, this is proving harder and harder to do.

In the past, customs and excise formed a great part of a nation’s revenues, and so such departments were placed within the scope of income tax collection. Take, for example, Canada. Once Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, on the wake of September 11, it became the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency. This was caused directly by the attacks on the twin towers, and an emphasis on security rather than collection by Border Officers.

So with free trade, massive lobbying, and a focus on security rather than import control, countries are facing more and more import flooding by certain nations than others. America is not completely innocent this regard. America is well known for pushing products and services to other countries and implementing all sorts of leverage. And George W. was the master. He pushed ‘coolness’ and ‘oneness.’

How many Britons and Australians remember how proud they felt when George W.’s State of the Nation speech was aired in which he mentioned those countries. How proud a feeling was it?? And in Canada, how many people remember the complaints by our national news agencies and debates on why ‘America snubbed us.’ This is just brilliant! Say that another nation is not ‘cool’ for not letting you do something, and the other country will probably let you rape them or go along with what you want them to do for the ‘cool’ status.

So with China flooding America with cheap products, and America focusing on security rather than excise, China has profited quite nicely from America. So nicely, in fact, that it now backs the majority of American debt (holding most of the American currency).

And now, China is focusing it’s attention on rare earth elements, seizing Tibet, making slave-like agreements with Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and trying to pick away at parts of Kashmir in order to get more of it. The Chinese-Ceylon agreement is more subtle than it appears, as is Tibet and Kashmir, but this discussion is for another day.

The real question is, if China is giving up going for oil and banking on rare earth elements, why isn’t America or any other country following suit? Simple: it is ‘common knowledge’ (wink) that collection of these elements emits large amounts of ozone-depleting gasses that will cause global warming. Because nations are afraid to do this, they won’t. They will let China do the dirty work and collect those rare earth materials so that they can use them for green energy.

So, one would argue, because America is chasing oil whilst China is going green by polluting for a little while only, America is the real culprit. China, being the only gatherer will be making substantial profit ala the hoarding principle.

But, for a moment, let’s think very deeply about what’s really going on...

If you are America, the most powerful nation, you will, beyond doubt, have the best minds working for you and understand at a macro level and well-beyond what is going on. What if there are ample rare-earth elements on the moon? Let China waste their time grabbing the stuff from earth and raise prices because they are the only player, and then get it from the moon to sell to them when their time is up. By the way, it’s a no-man’s land between Earth and the moon, so if anyone wants to go there, they might just experience some malfunctions ala American gunfire - I mean micro-meteorites.

But America is working on getting back their debt as we speak. America is busy taking oil fields from Iraq and Afghanistan (with their eyes set on Venezuela), and will sell it to China so that they can fuel their earthly rape for rare materials the world so desires. And how to make these countries play ball?

Simple: do you really think a missile costs two million dollars?

Think about it, who will be responsible for the ‘war on terrorism’ costs of America inserting itself into countries for oil? The country that’s raped (not of their dignity but their materials) of course - I mean ‘freed from tyranny’ and/or ‘given democracy.’ (What wonderful doublespeak).

So China, don’t you worry, America will take back their dollars by selling you oil given to us from newly freed countries, and through their labour to repay the cost of their ‘freedom.’ They owe us that much, after all. And China, while you’re at it, pump-up those rare earth prices and don’t go to the moon because only America can. You don’t own us yet!

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