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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Sickness, Disease and Microforms in Acidic Blood

Sickness, Disease and Microforms in Acidic Blood

In the late 1800’s, the work of Louis Pasture developed ideas in classical Biology that disease relied on germs that come from outside of the body. But there are some amazing works done by his contemporaries which did not receive the press of Pasture’s work. Their endeavors produced intell that points to a reality of bacteria and other microforms that come from our very body cells themselves.

Pasture believed in something called the “germs of the air”, and was implicit in their primary role of making one ill, however, the truth is a bit different. Although, involved in the act of making one ill, the germs of the air themselves are simply another catalyst for an already compromised biological system.

Including the various microforms that can be generated within one’s own body, their entrance coming through our respiratory system or intestinal tract, they also begin to grow once they are within the body. Once interior, they then promote similar growth of unhealthy bacteria already present in the body, depending of course, on the environment they find themselves in.

As I have written of before, when the blood is acidic, these microforms get the big “go ahead” for this process. To contract an infection, a body has to be predisposed to it already. This plays a big part in family history diseases such as cancer and such, for how many people do you know never get certain ailments, while others have it rife within their families? If you have the acidity to let a bug take hold, then you play right into the family illness history. Conversely, if you already know of family history, you can end it NOW, at least for yourself, by working on the acidity of your own blood.

Consider for a moment the flu epidemic of 1918. It killed about 30 million people, a huge amount in that day as compared to our current worldwide population numbers. However, it would happen to one home and not to the neighbors next door. Without the fertile ground of acidic blood, germs can’t proliferate, much in the same way as hard soil won’t produce crops.

Microforms also have an annoying ability to be metamorphs. Bacteria can change into yeast, yeast into fungus and fungus into mold. The work that has revealed this has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, for Lord knows what profitable reasons, and has resulted in more than a hundred years of misinformation about health and disease. This knowledge proved way back then that disease is a product of our inner environment and not the result of an external attack.

This forgotten chapter in biological history revealed something living on its own within the cells and bodily fluids that is capable of developing into a more complex form. These elements are known as microzymas, and they are the beginning of all cells in their inception. The body’s regeneration and degeneration always begins and ends with microzymas. In the correct environment these microzymas can evolve into more complex entities, including bacteria and fungi. Yes, it would seem this is the curse of the body. However, it is a process that has corrective tendencies, as it can metamorph both forward and backward, becoming the more benign entity once again as it had first been. Therefore, reversals of disease itself, at a certain point of development, can actually be “cured” due to a change of the environment in which it lives. That is not to say that long term damage from disease conditions can be reversed, for as once damage is done, it can be permanent, but the major concept to take with you is that an ounce of prevention must be the linchpin of physical directive health.

Pleomorphism is the term of the microforms ability to, in total physical reality, act like some Star Trek alien and be one thing, like fungus today, and revert to a microzyma tomorrow. One thing, the fungus, being harmful, the other being the benign form of the microzyma. In fact it has been purported in theory that red blood cells may also be able to perform this same function. They are able to become whatever the body needs, be it brain cells, bone cells or anything else. Bacteria and its buddies: fungus, yeast and mold are merely the anitcell developments of red blood cells and an indicator of where you are on the blood acid chart.

For instance, you have already seen water turn into steam or ice, this is a pleomorphism. Keeping in mind that it is the environment that brings about this transformation. Thus it is quite natural and logical for our inner bodies to have the same principle capability as we are all a part of God’s great creation. Chemical structure never changes, but the form does, and in often too many instances the function also changes. Steam or ice can be used in various other functions that cannot include just regular water in its primary form.

Acidic blood is the direct environment that changes microforms in the human body. Microzymas don’t always become bacteria, and fungus doesn’t always become mold, it requires an acidic environment. A blood stream that is also a healthy alkaline environment prevents these things from happening merely due to its germane state.

There have been incredibly informative experiments that have displayed the transformation properties of microzymas. For instance, one type of amoeba (a single celled organism) feeds on bacteria and another dysentary amoeba, feeds on rice. Each one has specific DNA that is resident in their form. Amazingly though, if you flip flop their diets, the genetic material changes! They metamorph into each other. Literally they each become the other microform. I know, sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? This is even a more tantamount change than a caterpillar into a butterfly, but more so, as it can happen in the blink of an eye. Yet, keep in mind, the activity remains consistent with all other natural occurrences that have their logical place in our reality, so it is not all that surprising, this is simply a fact that has not been known before the beginnings of microbiology study.

Science is all about those things which are observable, if it is not observable, then it is not science but something else. Pasture’s work of “germ theory” benefited from marketing efforts and press coverage much to the detriment of us all, as these amazing biology facts were being discovered in his day and time yet they were largely ignored. Mainstream medicine has largely ignored these facts as it has been “hi-jacked” by forces such as Big Pharm, who’s main purpose seems to be getting at least ten prescription pills into every person on the planet on a daily basis.

But it’s not all their fault, the fault also lies in the malleability of the microforms themselves. Let’s take beer for instance, only a trace amount of yeast is present after fermentation of the grain, and it is no longer visible to the naked eye. Only the alcohol - a “mycotoxin” by the way - is still remaining. Where did the yeast go? It has returned to microzymas. Now think about cancer, every cancer tumor is surrounded by a pool of lactic acid. (Another mycotoxin) But the microform may or may not be there, so even when you go looking for it you may not find it. The bottom line though is environment, keep the blood alkaline and the weeds won’t take root.

Death, you may say, is perfectly natural. We all gotta go sometime, and indeed the insanity of acid blood and microform invasion is perfectly natural when one is headed to the great beyond. Becoming acidic is actually the body’s way of ushering in death. Once you stop breathing, the anaerobic environment that microforms breed in becomes paramount. It is then that these little deconstucters begin their natural work. They are indeed the principle undertakers of our bodies when we die, for they are assigned the job of taking the body back to the dust from whence it first came. You might call this the carbon cycle, as I have talked about in other posts, the body decomposes down from its complex information process into the simplified form of dust. If we had begun in the water as primordial ooze, then we would deconstruct down into a liquid form, and that is more evidence of evolution propaganda. But to stay on point, microforms are what makes the body rot.

Therefore, keeping the above in mind, if you have microform overgrowth within the body of a living being: you have begun to prematurely perish. If you have older folks in your family whose houses smell odd to you, it is the fermenting bodies that you are perceiving. They are literally rotting while still alive.

Understand though, there is nothing inherently wrong with the micro-organisms themselves, they are actually functional and good for the body when contained within the correct environment. Cells all over the body must constantly break down and renew themselves in order to stay healthy, microforms are the garbage collectors for this process. Their function remains benign to the body in this instance. As in the water into steam example, you would have a hard time drinking steam when you are thirsty, but if you allow it to condense it can be of greater utility.

The problem for Louis Pasture was one of confusing the disease with its symptoms. This misconception has now been firmly entrenched as scientific law. Disease is actually a general, underlying condition, not the symptoms that are diagnosed. Germs come from within the cells themselves and any germs that come from outside of the body are mere catalysts for the internal imbalance that is resultant. What most call a disease, is really a collection of secondary symptoms, they are the weeds and not the roots. The roots being, of course, over acidity in the blood and microform overgrowth.

Mainstream science has conquered several types of disease, or at least it believes it has, over the last few centuries, but there are many that are still a mystery to the medical establishment everywhere. Many are those who are amazed at new outbreaks of a disease that was thought dispatched long ago. One must understand that no matter what is bothering you, the root problem is always the same, consistent with inner biology and outer nature: acid blood and microform overgrowth.

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