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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: The Nuevo-Tech Deception, Neo-Think, Nuevo Tech

Update September 2017:  Well, waddya know? These guys are still kicking. A while after I had written this review, I saw mail actually come to ME about writing up some articles to help defend these guys from "written attacks" on the internet. Which is interesting since their introductory emails will state that they are contacting you now because: "you have been under observation for a while now, and we are coming to you with our offer because you have reached a moment in your life where you are mature and ready for greatness to enter your life." Really? Surley they know the work I've already done against them? I guess not.

I recently got new emails from them which hid their true identity as "The Leauge", which comes off as some sort of secret society full of high living millionaires that you can become a member of for agreeing with them. Televison talk show hosts and government leaders tell you their "anonymous stories" of how joining the organization changed their lives and can also change YOURS. The first book they will send you has been radically transformed. It is the same story of MIss Anabelle, crusading athiest teacher, but now it's in red leather binding and the pages are gold leaf covered in much the same way as Bibles are produced. As I said in my review here way back when, they want to actually replace your Bible with thier own literature. It would seem they did indeed read my review.

The bottom line is still the same. Agree with our materials, which promise that you will get millionaire ideas popping into your head as you read and enjoy their literature, and you will transform your life -  just like those famous people whom we can't reveal to you. Who are these people if indeed they are famous celebrities and power brokers? They're SATANISTS. Katie Perry is not joking when she claimed she sold her soul for success. It can happen. But according to God's word, it is all you will ever have and your eternal future will be at the non-mercy of a being who HATES your guts. The more you read their literature and agree, the more you must reject the idea of a loving creator known as God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Where do you think those "ideas" for success, that will pop into your head, will come from? They won't be your own. In the end of it all, you are eventually introduced to ZON, the real eternal power of the universe, so they say here. Who do you think ZON is? You have to ask, why it's necessary to meet ZON, if all success is simply a matter of creating values. 

Well, that's NOT what it's about. If any of these introdctory mails are actually true and real, then the inferred reality according to "The League" is that all those people in Hollywood are all closet Satan worshippers, as are the leaders of our Government. 

Don't waste your money.    

Reviewer's Note: When I first wrote this review, this company was still called Neuvo-Tech, having changed the name from Neo-Tech some time before. Since I wrote this review, I am sure that there are quite a few things that have changed, especially with the business model they use. I know, for instance, that the originator of this program has since passed away. It is now under the control of one Mark Hamilton, a name he goes by, and Hamilton has endeavored to overcome much of the bad blood that has happened since the inception of the original program. Now, hopefully due to reviews like my own, the company is known as Neo-Think. I would find it hard to believe that much has changed with the major voluminous text and most changes have been in the execution of the program. Still, there cannot be a large swing in the major philosophical point of this program as far as their being a group of atheists who believe that God is just a figment of the un-evolved human brain, and all the love and happiness you could ever desire can be had WITHOUT God, much less any consideration of Jesus Christ.They now are looking to form a public group on Facebook, so please keep a wary eye out for them. Hubie

Back around 1993 I ordered the first tome of Neo-tech, now called Nuevo-tech, and was dismally disappointed. This book is short on info and 2/3 of it is ‘testimonials’. I wasn’t very happy with the idea of paying something like $60.00 for mostly an advertisement and collection of testimonials. This book sat in my garage for over ten years. (One thing to remember, I was told that if I didn’t order their book that I would never hear from them again.)

Back in 2004, I bought Kevin Trudeau’s ‘Things they don’t want you to know..’ and found that this book was quite good. In fact, lots of the natural practices of eating and preventative medicine actually have worked to improve my overall health over the last two years. However, the claim of ‘cures’ is way off. Once you have some breakdown, no amount of raw beet juice is going to cure it. But guess what? I heard from Neo-Tech again. (Obviously a mailing list thing, but this wasn’t supposed to happen.)

So, I decided I would read and review what was offered in order to let others know what the company would not tell you. The next book in the series is called ‘The NeuvoTech package of Inner Circle Secrets’. It’s big, and cost a good penny. I was told it would be personally engraved. This personal engraving is a sticker on the front cover. This is what cost so much money ($99.00) to order. In fact the personal engraving they promise, because they promise it will last for generations and generations in my family, is nothing but a paper sticker placed on the front cover.

This book outlines a lot of what Neo-tech is about, and others have already told you about this, so I won’t go on and on. The only thing I got out of this book is the business practice of breaking down your work load into it’s physical parts. So for instance, a job you are doing takes 5 steps to create 10 items of product. Gather the similar physical elements in each step and do them enmasse. Don’t go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 but take the ‘A’ portion of step 1 and combine it with the ‘A’ portion of step 2 and so on, at the end of the job you will do the ‘Z’ portion of steps 1 though 5 all together. This works!

But it is very basic to a business innovation that can be found in any study of the Ford production plant. Unfortunately, Neo-Tech wants to promote Atheism to you under the auspices of business and innovation. Sorry guys, when God tells you not to eat the forbidden fruit, it’s because he loves you and is protecting you and wants you to trust him, not because He’s only thinking of himself and afraid you will discover his deception. God has nothing to fear from man.

This second book is mostly straight forward, it encompasses lots of information that seems very real world and practical. The problem is, it doesn’t just stop there, the whole thing goes in another direction as you progress through these 500 to 1,000 page tomes that you would never suspect at first glimpse.

This next book is ‘Miss Annabell’s Secrets’. Secrets? This is a novelization of the same ideas in the previous book. It’s a big, long story about Atheism in a school teacher’s life and how the poor thing suffered at the hands of mean old parents and teachers and administrators who objected to her telling her students that there is no God. Yeah, I feel bad for Saddam Hussein too, and Adolf Hitler... they are all just misunderstood.
How dare God loving people stand against the truth that Atheists want to bring to mankind? Well they just are victims of the “bi-cameral” mind. The what? The bi-cameral mind.... oh, don’t worry it exists... you just don’t know it... trust me.... it’s there... Really? I should trust you... and not the creator of the universe? Yes, that forbidden fruit is gonna be okay to take a bite of.... go ahead you’ll see the light, my friend.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, the bi-cameral mind that is, according to Neo-Tech, you only have an inclination toward God and spiritual things because you haven’t evolved to the next level of human development. Once you become aware of the universe, as they are, then you’ll see that Atheism is correct and you’ll be happy.

Actually, they go on and on about achieving happiness by getting rid of God and such, if only you’ll replace your Bibles with their book as the center piece of your life. The surrounding paraphernalia of this system writes compulsively about how Neo-tech will save the world. (Just a note: the movies in the Matrix triology are based on these ideas.)

But, to continue on with Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. What amazes me about this book is the way it ends... people crying and rejoicing because they have discovered how to live forever ... physically, yes, physically... they cry and say.... ‘Now life has meaning! Now life finally has meaning!’ Yes, if you take God and hope and faith away from people and replace it with Atheism, then you eliminate the meaning to life, but then replace it with life that never ends on the physical is a bit of a cheat... where will you put everyone when no one dies? The bottom line, this book is just a re-run of the second book, but in story form.

The third book, this one also ‘engraved’ for me, is called the ‘Neuvo-tech package of Inside Secrets’. What we are talking about here folks is ‘Aliens’ and unseen cosmic forces. I suppose if I had nothing to do in prison but write pages and pages of stuff I imagined was true with no proof of my own, and asked you to have ‘FAITH’ that this is the truth, then I would probably ask for big bucks for the book, too.

This sounds a lot like the mysticism that is debunked in the first two books. A LOT. And the writer did exactly that, he sat in prison writing for days on end.
Once you’ve read the books, you get to join in on secret meetings, So let’s move on to the ‘secret meetings’.

You are invited to the website to view the leader of this organization tutor you in how to gain the physical success and spiritual insight that this inner Illuminati are privy to.
There is no office to go to. You don’t go to the big mansion. You don’t meet any celebrity who’s on TV every night. Your mentor is only one person. The front man. And from what I understand from my investigations there are only a small handful of family members who are involved here, and since the founder was hit by a car and killed not long ago, the numbers of people involved are even less. Seems Zon could have told him about that car. (Zon is the universal power that they allude to.)

Your ‘mentor’ sits behind a desk and briefly chats with you about the wonderful move you have just made. He tells you you have begun the journey of a lifetime. Then he turns on a blue screen with type that letter for letter is typed in white type on the screen.

The typing is monotonous and it is all that ever happens. You read his answers to others questions about Neo-tech and that is it. That is the mentoring.
The mentor looked frightening to me. He’s blond and wearing dark glasses (inside) with a face that looks like Anton Levay. He speaks in a low tone and never diverts from that presentation. He doesn’t smile he just stares like a zombie.

If you ask me, the whole thing is pre-recorded. You are locked out of ever seeing the meetings again once you do see them, so you don’t pick up on this. But it is not personal, it is not leadership oriented, It is constructed to fool you into believing something is happening which really isn’t. Nobody is there and aware that you are watching and working with you. It’s very clever. That’s what happens folks, I am not a millionaire a year later, I did not go to a secret meeting of a society. I never met any celebrities who are involved. (As promised)

Good business advice is not worth your soul, people.


  1. Former neo-trechieMay 5, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    I bought the neo-tech discovery in 1986 back when it was written by typewriter and published as typed. No special publish fonts.

    I fell for their atheistic claptrap and only now I am discovering the extent of that damage. YOU WILL FAIL AS A HUMAN BEING IF YOU BECOME AN ATHEIST.

    Only after returning to the Bible did my life take off. All the things they (neo-tech) promised were achieved only after dumping neo-tech and returning to God.

    Take it from a former neo-techie of 16 years:

    You will fail by buying into their lies. Only criminals succeed with this type of philosophy.

  2. Well said! Thank you for your comment.


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