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Friday, July 10, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: National Grants Business Opportunity

The seminar business is in high gear right now, and nothing proves it like the presentation for this opportunity by the National Grants people. Like so many others, they offer a full day of seminaring while listening to what is basically the yellow legal pad sales pitch.

I’ve seen the presentation twice now, and the first time when the speaker told his true to life story, he seemed very sincere and forthright, I will say I was not too pleased to see another speaker this time with the same story and set up. But I understand this sort of thing is the norm for seminars. Always see the same seminar several times if you can, it gives you a better perspective on what is real and what is rote.

This time however, the tone had changed greatly. Due to the ailing economy these folks, like others, are turning into chicken little. The sky is falling ! The sky is falling! You’ll never retire from your current job. Social Security is gone! You’ll have to scrape to get buy the rest of your life! But, we’ve got the answer!

Perhaps they do, but it all comes down to the same idea of free trade and commerce. Basically, the company holds your hand during the process of getting Government grants for various purposes. According to them, there is so much trash that has to be dealt with and considered, the average person can’t get Government grants. There are just too many hurdles to jump over.

For instance, you might fill out an application for a grant in the wrong ink color. Black instead of blue. But only on Tuesday, when the sun is in capricorn is blue favored, no... I am being a wise guy. But you get the idea. Knowing the Government as I do, there very well could be a valid concern for this sort of thing. And there are many examples like this of how conveluted and strange the Government system is, but that would take more space than I am willing to spend here.

The idea is that you join their club, for around $4,000 and become a member and then work with a team of people who assist you in getting grants. You can’t just get grants for any old thing though, and that’s where we run into trouble. You have to be doing something for the Government, say something like improving the community.

Say you want to renovate a bunch of abandoned buildings, turn them into apartments or condos. There is a grant for that. If you have a steel belly for becoming a landlord, then you might want to consider something like this. Done correctly, this could be a boon to the surrounding community, but how much of the money goes to the renovation? Are the renovations done cheap and the cash pocketed? Eh, who really knows, I would hope people could just do the right thing. ... I would hope.

There was no second meeting for this one, no deeper dig I could do at the time. I am, after all , sponsoring this sort of thing myself. I was not able to find too much bad blood on the internet about these guys, and maybe that’s a good sign. All I can tell you is that you have to pay to join their club for services in assistance in getting grants. Can you do it yourself without spending $4,000? Hard to say.

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