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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: UP

Edward Asner • Jordan Nagai • Christopher Plummer • Bob Peterson • Delroy Lindo • Jerome Raft • John Ratzenberger

Disney/Pixar presents a film directed by Pete Docter. Written by Bob Peterson. Running time: 96 minutes. Rated PG (for some peril and action).

What a truly great movie! You know, ordinarily, I would have completely missed a movie like this, but for my blog I decided to try and get to an opening day, and wow, was I rewarded. Amazed too, for I have never been in a movie that seems made for kids where the place was packed with adults, and in the middle of the morning at that. I asked the woman next to me how all these adults could be here on a weekday, and she commented something about the unemployment rate. God help us!

Anyhow, Disney/Pixar has really hit this one out of the park as far as these types of animated projects go. I had seen Monsters vs Aliens a month or so ago, and found that one to be sort of regular as far as the genre goes, especially the elongated race at the end, which reminded me of sixty other TV shows and movies I have seen over my life time. I suppose that’s the point though, I am not 22 yrs old anymore. I have seen these things. Hollywood doesn’t like that fact. (sigh) But this movie UP is a rich and tightly written story which is a times poetic, at times touching and also fun. It CAN be done folks, and Disney proves it! We can have a movie without flesh peddling! We can have a movie without offending ANYONE and yet be entertaining!

Personally, I miss the 2-D Disney movies, a la Jungle Book, after all, I grew up with them. But with a creation like this one, so deftly and professionally laid out, I am willing to join the gravy train wholeheartedly. But, here is what really got me about the story: It’s actually quite deep in it’s meaning and the subtle lessons it passes along. If you are watching closely you’ll see them, you’ll perceive the inner voice of the narrative in much the same way as a great classic novel would reveal them. There is a great moment in the movie, which I DO have to mention that illustrates this moment perfectly. One of the major plot points has to do with a sentimental conscription that the main character has committed himself to for quite some time. When he was younger, he and his love had dreamed of achieving a goal together, but now, years later, as he is now alone, he has set his mind to achieve this goal on his own. And if you are watching closely, you’ll see a giant “okay, what now?” moment coming, along with a major bitter taste of disappointment. And, when it happens, he makes a fateful decision between holding on to the past and almost “worshiping” it, or throwing it all out in favor of the important things of today and tomorrow and moving on. How symbolic! How true to life is his answer at this moment. When the things you’ve held onto forever suddenly show the true banality of their reality, and how, in reality, they have held you back; and for no good reason.

I also have to give props to the voice over direction which is spot on. The young boy character in this movie has a young actor who is going to go a long way in the voice over industry for his ability to convey the most subtle of vocal meanings. He was so good I was quite taken by surprise as to his ability to illicit reactions from myself and those seated around me with just the slightest whispered inflection. Everyone here is great of course, and it was great to hear Lou Grant behind the main character, but don’t miss the performances for the visual side, which of course is also quite amazing.

Take your whole family to see this movie, whoever you are, whatever you believe and wherever you live. It’s a real delight to see a movie so sharp and expertly crafted. Spend the money this time, send Hollywood the message!

6/5 Stars (Really!)

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