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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: The Fear is in the Land

Organizations that apologize for Islamic terrorists on a regular basis, such as
the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), are engaging in character assassination when they equate honest criticism of Islamic extremism with the charge that the person doing the criticizing is anti-Muslim or anti-Arab. The charge is as ridiculous and as dangerous as a claim that criticizing Nazism during World War II would've been anti-German or criticizing Communism during the Cold War would've been anti-Russian.

In case the apologists haven't noticed, the United States, the western democracies, and, for that matter, more moderate Muslim states and peoples around the world are defending themselves against an aggressive enemy. That enemy is the forces of Islamic terrorism. It should be obvious that criticizing those who are trying to kill us, and in fact have already killed many of us, because we refuse to submit ourselves to their control has nothing to do with the ethnic background of the killers but, rather, has everything to do with their actions. What these apologists are doing is no different than claiming that it would be anti-Italian to criticize the Mafia.

A case in point is an attempt by CAIR to seek damages from US Airways for ejecting a group of 6 bearded Imams who publically chanted "Allah Akbar" before boarding a passenger jet in Minneapolis last November. While this would be part of a prayer for moderate Muslims, for the Islamic terrorist, such an utterance would be the the equivalent of shouting "Heil Hitler" before gassing a group of Jews. After boarding the plane, the Imams, rather than sitting at their assigned seats, situated themselves at locations in the plane that were reminiscent of positions taken by the 9/11 hijackers. According to the police report, an Arabic speaking passenger spoke to one of the Imams who expressed radical views. Hijackers shouted "Allah Akbar" as they seized the passenger jets on September 11, 2001 turning them into missiles. Under the circumstances, people boarding American airplanes are right to be concerned.

Yet I saw the executive director of the Foundation for Arab-American Leadership, Dr. Hussein Ibish, chortling and sneering the other night on Hannity and Colmes in response to concerns expressed by Stop the Madrassa Coalition representative Sara Springer over a planned opening of a public school in Brooklyn that would be dedicated to the teaching of Arab language and culture. I'm sure that such a school would be fine in more peaceful times but is it not reasonable and proper, in these less than peaceful times, to be concerned and vigilant?

We are struggling to survive as a nation and as a people and many have already lost the fight. How many children lost one or both of their parents on 9/11? The Department of Homeland Security is telling us to expect more mass murder in the coming months. Yet groups such as CAIR are shutting down our ability to identify the nature of the enemy by harassing and suing those to dare to speak of it. An example is talk show host Michael Graham, who resigned from his DC radio gig rather than apologize for remarks he made about Islamic terrorism. His station was threatened with a lawsuit by CAIR. Today, Michael Graham is back on the air in Boston but for how long? Indeed, the fear is in the room.

It's rather chilling to acknowledge that in the United Kingdom, extremists are telling the British people: "You're Next!". Recently I attended an anti-terrorism meeting with FBI agents who suggested that I Google "Domestic Terrorist Organizations" and take a look at the long list of terrorists right here in America.

There are many. A terrorist is someone who wants to change the government or society with the use of criminal acts. One of the ways that you and I can help the good guys out is by being vigilant. Today. Now. Report anything that makes you suspicious to the police immediately. For instance:

Individuals who do not fit the surrounding environment, dressed in bulky or inappropriate attire for the location or time of year.

Loiterers who hang around parking lots and other locations not generally open to the public.

Individuals making diagrams of buildings, taking pictures of non-tourist attraction locations, this can include videos. (and don't be fooled.... race and skin color have very little to do with terrorism anymore.)

Abandoned vehicles or vehicles left running for extended periods of time.

Any unattended boxes, backpacks etc., that are strangely out of place. For instance, if you find a backpack at the bottom of the trash can in the restroom of a public place.... RUN LIKE HELL!

One more thing, if you see neighbors who are living in an apartment, but only have computers and an army cot, or they are very thread bare, yet have a place to live and don't seem to have any means of support... this is a real tip off. So if Cosmo Kramer is your neighbor. Call the police. :-)

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