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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Living the Dream

I am sure as the sun rose over America on November 5th, that for many all across America there was a very palpable feeling of relief and new beginnings for many who call themselves Americans. And indeed, they should feel so. What we’ve all been witness to, as many would have you believe, is a kind of unheard of miracle for the nation of America. A black man elected as president? Isn’t Obama half white? Does any of this really matter in today’s environment
of progression and enlightenment?
What is really being missed here is the proof of something I have written about before. Namely, America’s educational system. My now deceased mother once looked at Colin Powell and wondered aloud how he could have succeeded to such a position. But frankly, I reminded her, color makes absolutely no difference. Colin Powell is an educated man. Now today you have it again, Mr. Obama is one cool cat. He has the gravitas and educational back ground to meet , spar and hopefully find peace with some of the biggest minds in the world, and that’s what has been proven here this week. Education is everything.
What I am most pleased about this election is that now millions of little boys and girls growing up in our educational system, no matter what race they are, can now turn to the highest office in the land and see the barrier broken. A barrier that has seemed impenetrable for many generations.
And I don’t mean just the political and social barriers, I mean to say that the product of education has triumphed for anyone who feels unworthy. It has been shown to perhaps the whole world that our system is the greatest one on this planet. As Mr. Obama has said himself, nowhere else on the planet could his story have taken place. Amen brother.
Whether you agree with his positions or not, let’s face it, America and the ideals that our forefathers put forth many years ago have “reached across the isle” and proven to benefit a man and his family who is now in the most powerful position on the planet. No longer do any of us have to find solace in entertainers, athletes and the nuevo riche. It’s not just George
Jefferson who has moved on up, it’s the whole of America.
It is my sincerest hope that Mr. Obama finds much success in his new office. I believe that one of the worst things that could ever happen now, and trust me, I am cautious to mention it, is for him to fail spectacularly. At that moment we will have gone from: “Anybody can succeed here...” to “Anybody can fail here...”. I shudder to think of the zingiest that would be produced from such a quagmire of mixed messages. For hope deferred makes a heart sick.
We as Americans have had enough of the old dragging in the mud thinking ...the kind of thinking by the way which was drastically uncovered in the mess that was hurricane Katrina’s
aftermath. I’m originally from New Orleans, and I can tell you, the public mess that was flashed across the world’s TV screens was something well known to anyone who lived there. I pray Mr. Obama would have a much different result from such future disasters (may they never happen) merely from his presence in the White House and it’s effect on those who lived in that kind of daily life and also for those who “served them”.
Just look at a photo of his family, a man and his wife, his two little girls, sitting on the steps in front of perhaps his own home. Maybe it’s Sunday evening, the sun is setting and they have just had dinner, watched some football on the TV. Of course, someone left the light on in the room, he’ll have to pay for that energy usage.... hehe. But, he’s you and me. He’s our family. He came up through the system just like we all have. He’s not from Krypton. He’s our brother. Kudos to you Mr. Obama. Kudos to America.

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