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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fort Hood and Bill Clinton and Blood Moons and Buffalo

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine. Increasingly in our day and age of over information, coming from television, the internet, radio and just about anywhere and anything that wants to compete for our attention and, of course, our dollar, we find ourselves awash in a sea of truth, fiction, or a combination of both. These are the reports from news and internet sources that bring together subjects like the tragic Fort Hood shootings, President Bill Clinton chatting about space aliens, blood moon harbingers of the future and stampeding buffalo in Yellowstone Park. It’s difficult enough to see burger chain restaurants selling pizza and submarine sandwich fast food places selling tacos without the addition of our news spilling over into the range from what is, to what might be, to the totally outrageous. If you peruse the internet for any length of time, you’ll realize that information itself has lost its moorings and gone adrift.

Forth Hood
Recent stories like the tragic shooting in Fort Hood, which seem to be on the rise all over the world, are now linking themselves up with the internet “doomsayers” on a consistent basis. Increasing earthquakes, which are documented from 1990, are also now included in the “end of the world” notices that accompany each new shift of tectonic plates. There is even a video online in a recent news story of buffalo stampeding through Yellowstone Park, as though they are escaping some up and coming natural disaster. Animals are a pretty good judge of these kinds of events, and indeed something could happen with volcano activity in the area. But you can be sure to find that someone somewhere will be warning of the sky falling when it does happen.

There is an interesting news story of former President Clinton appearing on a popular talk show and discussing space aliens, and how he had once ordered an investigation
President Bill Clinton
into the phenomenon. If you have done any creative searching on the net, you’ll find that this isn't the fanciful entertainment news that it seems to be to a lot of the internet populace. Self proclaimed “time traveler” Andrew Basiago and those who subscribe to him, would indeed tell you that President Clinton knows more than he lets on - a lot more. Mr. Basiago claims that every president from Jimmy Carter to Barak Obama knew they would be president years ago due to a government program known as Project Pegasus. His information on aliens, space aliens that is, would seem to also inform us that conspiracy
Andrew Basiago
theorists and those who live on the fringe have more on the ball toward the truth of the government’s involvement with space aliens than can be realistically portrayed on say, an episode of the X Files. By the way, Mr. Basiago plans to run for President of the United States in 2016. It’s the future, he says. 

Blood Moons
Whether you agree with informants such as Pastor John Hagee or not, he is indeed a respected practitioner within his circles, perhaps more so than Mr. Basiago, but that is a matter of personal choice. Recent stories about the coming blood moon eclipse may be to many an interesting lunar event which happens only once in a “blue moon”, or it may indeed be something attached to Jewish prophecy and historic holidays. Pastor Hagee believes from his studies on the subject that the event is indeed more than just an interesting science study and he outlines this as being the first of four lunar events which will harbinger major changes in the world as we know it. Once again, this is serious stuff depending on what you, the reader, choose to accept as truth, fiction or truthful fiction/fictional truth. The bottom line is, however, that all of this is being reported as news. 

Major stories of global warming, and the world’s ill preparedness on the subject are now also a regular offering in the news arena, but they too, also carry the naysayer responses to what is referred to as “chicken little” reporting. One need not look too far to find evidence for the idea of global warming as a fact, but it’s the interpretation of information that brings the debate forward. In many instances the debate itself gets its own news story. Indeed the lines have become blurred between what is the truth of data disseminated to the public and what is fanciful opinion. One has to ask, with hands thrown up high, if anyone and any informant can be trusted. 

Recent YouTube video graphically showed the problem with much of the news reported today. In the video, a local news station cut away from their own live broadcast, to report on a plane that had gone down on a major freeway. In the helicopter cam shot, the viewer was witness to a small prop plane that had crashed on the freeway which was surrounded by several accidents that apparently had happened as a result of the incident. The anchors were quite serious and heartfelt as they attempted to describe the horrific scene to the viewer, only to be interrupted when they were told it was a set piece for a filming television show. Ah well, back to the news.

What is the real story? What is worthy our time? Is the Fort Hood shooting and the increase in this sort of lunacy taking place in our society a social problem or is there indeed a bigger story of signs of end times? Or is it both? Are blood moons merely a science story or a bigger sign toward a major shift in our way of life upon Earth? How much does Bill Clinton really know? Can anyone tell us the truth unequivocally or do we rely on the scatter-shot information which comes and goes and may or may not manifest itself, while in the meantime garnering our attention and filling up our time? Let’s ask the stampeding buffalo, they seem to be the most reliable source for our undivided attention.

Or perhaps we should just join them.... and run! 

*Originally written for a more neutral editorial page, but you know where I go to get my guaranteed information.         

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