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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Firefox Enters World War Sex

Brendan Eich

One has to wonder if indeed the recent protests by the Gay lobby over the CEO of Firefox’s contributions to Proposition 8 in California, isn’t symptomatic of a greater world wide war over sex and an individual’s right to choose his own predilection for it accordingly. Brendan Eich,  Mozilla's new CEO made a $1,000 contribution to the California ballot measure back in 2008. It wasn’t until 2012 that the information was uncovered. Now in 2014, the Homosexual Rights lobby is making a stand and calling for everyone to utilize another browser for internet use.

One has to wonder if the lobby itself isn’t developing a “headhunter” mentality in defending their position in the public eye. Recent news has been rife with the mention of this ongoing battle, as is most recently provided by the Phil Robertson scandal involving statements he has made which imperiled the “Duck Dynasty" television show for a brief time until public outcry pressured for his return. 

Author Linda Harvey, who runs a pro-family ministry called Mission America, is now also under attack for a book she has written entitled: Maybe He’s Not Gay. This book, which outlines her reasons pre-pubescent children do not need to be confronted with sexual choices, came under brutal attack by activists who had not even read her book. In the meantime, she has asked to take the book down for offered sale and it is now, for the present time, only offered on her website. 

American food chain, Chic-fil-A was also targeted by a homosexual rights group. They referred to the chain’s food as “hate-filled homophobic Chicken.” They have also attempted to prevent Chick-fil-A from doing business in the state of Illinois. 

The problem isn’t simply a North American one, though much of the impetus for the lobby does indeed come from the United States. The fight, as it were, has appeared across the world. On Dec. 31, the Moscow Theological Academy, the Russian Orthodox Church's top learning institution, removed Deacon Andrei Kuraev from his position within the organization. They claim he regularly appeared in the media with shocking statements, and his activity is overly tumultuous. It was not the deacon's stand on political prisoners or outrageous stunts by musical acts that resulted in his dismissal. Instead, it was a LiveJournal post about a teacher from the Kazan Seminary who was fired for making homosexual advances to students and then given a better job elsewhere. Kuraev believes this exemplifies a broader "gay metastasis" in the church.

BBC News anchor, Clare Balding, was a victim of an abusive internet attack on Twitter over her decision to front the BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics despite Russia's laws against gays. Miss Balding, herself a lesbian who is about to tie the knot in the near future, felt no remorse or animosity toward those who opposed her. Her attitude is admirable considering that much of the abuse contained slanderous and defamatory language, which incidentally, came from those who support gay rights.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently announced his intention to sign a bill dubbed the “jail the gays” bill,  saying he was declaring “war on the homosexual lobby”. In a recent statement, Pope Francis has himself referred to there being a Gay lobby and for there to be a need to have something done in relation to the lobby. He certainly did not mention any sort of “war” on the Gay lobby, but it is clear that conflict can certainly be coming on the horizon with the Pope and the Catholic Church, that is to say, more so than is already present.

Considering the larger scope of the ongoing world war over sex and the inclusion of Firefox CEO Brendan Eich in the issue, despite the action in question being a private one of his own choice and also that of it being an issue from the year 2008, one has to wonder if things aren’t getting to the point that the gay lobby itself is becoming as militant as those they claim to be in contention with. Can we now look forward to the American people losing their right to place votes, as was the case for the Proposition 8 ballot in California, when votes were tossed out after the measure passed? Do businesses like Chic-fil-A not have a right to do business because they don’t agree with the Gay lobby? Will high ranking officials, celebrities and business persons be forced to “go into the closet” in order to allow the Gay rights activists the freedom to not have the burden of opposing view points? 

Brendan Eich and Firefox appear to be only the latest victims dragged into a war over sex that appears to be happening all over the world. It is a fight that may or may not be won in the trenches of legislation, but it is one that will certainly wear out its welcome in the hearts of the public. Just what happens when this resistance lowers is anyone’s guess. When the picket lines are crossed, and the songs of peace and freedom end, what sort of world will we find as a result of the division and animosity created by movements on both sides - simply over sexual preference? 

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