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Friday, August 13, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: National Dissolution and Soren Kierkegaard Part 4

National Dissolution
and Søren Kierkegaard

Part 4

So let’s finish this blog post. If I ever have to type the name “Kierkegaard” ever again it will be too soon.

As we have said, Existentialism has no real basic tenant or rules, in fact it even disowns it’s own title of “Existentialism.” This idea of allowing for anything and everything all in the name of non-structure has found its way into the church. The results have been a myriad of theological view points. Things became so bad at one point in the recent past, that one so called theologian announced that “God is Dead.” Now just about any social cause has become the linchpin of theology. We have: urban theology, black theology, liberation theology, Hispanic theology, process theology, rhetorical theology, and a cornucopia of others. It’s no surprise that with the birth of each new theology the ascendancy curve becomes smaller and smaller.


The rise of all this confusion has not left the Christian world without its bruises. Basic questions as to mission and purpose are renewed consistently. In the days after World War II, churches, denominations, and major movements across the country operated on the basis of a basic conservative set of theological ideas. But as we have seen in the beginnings of a new century, those questions are still not settled, many problems of which relate to arguments over shaded gradations of word meanings. Of course, it all depends upon what the meaning of the word “Is” ... is.

The purpose of the coming of Christ has become a major point of contention and has been co-opted by libertarian theologians. Their answer is that Christ came to the world to bring economic liberation to the masses. The old answer was that Jesus came that all may have eternal life which was lost at the time of man’s fall from grace. Since God loves everyone equally, and “went to the wall” for his fallen creation, it makes one’s head hurt to think that anyone would question this. You’ll have money, and you won’t have money all through your life, but you will die one day, and what happens then?

Even Salvation has its equivocation in the contemporary Christian church. Believing in Jesus now brings probation, not salvation. There are now new definitions of everything caused by the insidious influence of the virus known as existentialism. Faith, imputed righteousness, works, are all now up for grabs as to the true meaning and definition of these words, and thus, as a result so is man’s understanding of their place and results in keeping in line with what God says is truth and not just what we have intellectualized as truth.

Thy Kingdom Come

We now have a group of people who can be known as “Reconstructionists”. These are folks who believe that the role of the church is to take over the world, improve social structure, and prepare society for the return of Christ. Christians should have actual dominion over the political structure, is their mantra.

Kingdom now” theologies are an ever increasing problem which offers instant everything. Instant healing, instant wealth, instant “whatever you want” if only you’ll embrace the Kingdom. With all this confusion over meanings and purpose, we often have more questions than answers. Little do most realize that this confusion is little more than a smoke screen and the true purpose of it all has never changed in and of itself for hundreds of years.

Alexander Wept, For There Were No More Worlds To Conquer

The ancient Greeks had a language which was pin point specific in the use of words and meaning. They had seven different words for “love”. They knew that “Eros” was not “Agape”. When Alexander the Great conquered the world of his day, little did he realize that in the coming age just after his life that Christianity would be born and the Word of God would be transmitted in the world wide Greek language of the day. This happening was no mistake. This was no serendipitous chance meeting of a populace that had many different languages but now was inundated with the pin point accuracy of the Greek language. This was divine purpose. Existentialism has now muddied the waters of language so much that any discussion can vere wildly off into an argument over just what has been said and meant by the most basic of words in any conversation. If you don’t believe me just try to have a discussion on evolution and see how far off the point one can get.

Somebody Loves You, You Loves Somebody

This dissipation, dissolution creates confusion in a populace. The result is vulnerability in a culture. Effected by this vulnerability, the world may find itself all too ready to accept a new voice which puts straight the crooked path of understanding and truth. A new global voice, a new plan for the future, a new hope which will be novel but certainly plausible, would logically be the next step. Who would this person be? How would the world see someone who offers all-embracing, panacea-style theology? Existentialism is only the first salvo in what can only be something ominous on the horizon. It has already begun in the recent past, a past we all know actually happened. We’re not talking about ancient history here. We all know events from the 1800’s until today DID happen. They continue to effect us on a daily basis. For those forces that never sleep and have thousands of years to implement a game plan, it is no big deal to move millimeter by millimeter toward a final desired result. “A final solution”, if you get my reference.

He loves you, too. Depending on how you define love. ------------------------------------------------>

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