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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Ecoquest Business

Ecoquest Business Opportunity

I watched Ecoquest from a nearby window, so to speak, as a friend of mine actually got involved. I will say up front that their top item, a space age air purifier, is a darn good product. They have many other health related products too, and they all are marketed as MLM. Fortunately, the company has been a round a while, so you have a pretty good idea that they aren’t going away tomorrow. I’ve had that happen, years ago I bought some ATM machines to place in stores, right before the company got shut down by the Justice Department for violations. But Ecoquest seems a stable outfit.

The problem is with the process and, of course the MLM. For those of you who don’t know, in MLM (Multi level Marketing) the system is flawless. One person begats two, two begat four, four begat eight and so on, as a down line is created. This is a great system. It should make millionaires of everyone. But it doesn't. The system is run by flawed people. If you don’t listen to the MLM purveyors, you know that it’s extremely difficult to get to ten down line people, and then the bottom seven are always being changed out again and again. People don’t always work at the same level and with the same competency for making MLM run like a smooth machine. You need to know this, before you pluck down your hard earned cash.

Years ago, I knew some folks who were in Amway. You know these guys, the ones with the circles and the white board. Years later I ran into them and asked them how the Amway was going? Well, they weren’t millionaires and had long given up on the home meetings. This is common, I have found. I have not met anyone who lives down the block from me who is in MLM and owns big houses and boats and vacations six months out of the year. You meet these people at the seminars. You get them on the phone. But never just randomly do you run into them. And I live in a high end entertainment neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Well, back to Ecoquest more specifically. A great product, but as with anything, cost! cost! cost! If you don’t have capital you can’t make these business models run. The sales people never tell you that, they just want to sign you up. But if you listen to all the sales chatter and the handling objections and sales resistance talk, which is all it is... then you will crash yourself. Can you sell? Have you worked a job where it was commission only and been able to make a living? Salesmen will all tell you anyone can sell, but that’s simply not true. Nor is it true that products sell themselves. But salesmen will never say that.

Ecoquest’s air purifier is about $750.00. There is a lot of up line involvement so it’s divided up as much as possible. But, have you ever bought an air purifier for almost $800? It doesn’t help that other in store brands are like $75. This product MUST be sold. Sorry. The concept is to have the customer place the machine in their home for a week or so to see if they like it enough to keep it. Now the machine I saw worked pretty well, as far as I was able to tell. But who stays home all day? Some claims my friend was told would happen when displaying the machine, did not in fact happen, and he was told, “Well, that doesn’t always happen.” A good point since most sales will tell you that the examples used to sell you the product or service is not a typical result. Your results may vary. Which makes me wonder, how they can sell me anything at all??? If you can’t sell me the typical result.... why should I buy??? Freak things happen all the time, sometimes you hit lucky seven, but not everyone does. How can you sell to people with the lucky seven hit when it rarely happens? Do you see what I mean?

Anyway, the machine stopped working after a few months, probably because it was an old display model. No one ever bought one of his machines, the price sent them screaming for the exits. You have to be able to sell, people. And what’s worse, California passed a law against selling anything that creates ozone. This machine only put out about .02% of ozone which was considered relatively safe, but then the machine was replaced with another model the next year, one which did not have any ozone. Huh??? Consumer Reports also slammed the product along with the Government, Ecoquest’s reply was that the Government and Consumer Reports just got it wrong, they didn’t understand the technology. But, changing the machine to comply kind of makes you wonder, if what they say is true.

More power to you brother, if this is your thing. Make it work for you! This is just one man's take and there are many pro and con on the internet for you to find. Just keep one thing in mind for me. Remember that buying a distributorship or home business is NOT the same as getting a new job. You don't buy in and then begin to get paid. A business is and should be treated the same way you would treat a tomato plant.... buy your seeds for one plant, then feed it, let it grow, feed it, let it grow, and then when it is firm enough in itself, get a second one. But all of that will cost you something time and again before you begin to reap returns. That's the natural law of things.

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