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Friday, June 25, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Apostasy and Power part 2

Apostasy and Power

part 2

The Fourth Dimension

I realize that it sounds a bit like micro management, but the facts are the facts. Claiming such a thing as the Fourth Dimension brings with it the erroneous designs that lead to ideas such as The Spirit of God, angels, demons, and man’s spirit all inhabiting the same dimension. The transcendence and unequaled superiority of God is once again questioned. Satan wanted to believe this also, that he could be equal with God, and his treaties toward Eve contained this same machination; namely, that God had something to worry about when they became equal with him. 1 Timothy 6:16 relates: “...who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light; whom no man has seen or can see”.

Man’s spirit has the place and function for operating within his own body, it operates within the physical universe and is subject to the natural laws that dictate prescription. God is not pleased when we attempt converse with disembodied wraiths. Such beings live in another place that is bound by its own laws, which we cannot measure with physical accoutrements nor understand based on our own material experience and much less take superintendence of by directives or wrote activities. When these revenants penetrate into the physical world in the form of psychic phenomena, the things they do seem like hyper reality but are in fact, as natural to that realm as the physical world is to us.

God is just not there. He no more inhabits the spirit world than we in the physical world do and he no more inhabits this spiritual dimension in similitude. He has a pure seminal existence like none other. Creator and creation, whether physical or spiritual are exclusive in their existence. The true supernatural, superior to either existence by physical or spiritual, only comes from God. Psychic phenomenon comes from the secondary spiritual place and from those who would attempt to hoodwink us into believing that we have indeed made contact, by our own means or methods, with the divine.

If You Can See it....

Indirectly and mistakenly, Pastor Cho has laid out the basic diagram for occult theory, nature religion, and/or witchcraft. His claims that God inhabits the physical universe allow him egress into the idea of the Almighty making reality from parts of himself. This is done by “incubating”, like a hen sitting on eggs. “Incubating” is the term substituted for “visualization”. There is no suggestion whatsoever of any type of technique used for creation by God in Holy Scripture. To make a suggestion as to any method of creation used by God is to limit him to our understanding, and since he is infinite, all encompassing, eternal and omnipresent; just to use a few superlatives, he cannot be marginalized. You may make the claim that “God said...” is a method, but since when was the whole of the universe at your beck and call to do the same, or how can limited man correctly identify this action as being on a par with our own abilities?

One can see the slippery slope of such directives. If God and man inhabit the same “fourth dimension”, then we can visualize, incubate, and create reality just as God does. But knowing mankind like you and I do, would we want to live in such a reality? A reality where any person or small group can intrude upon others reality with the power of the mind. We already go to war with tanks and guns over territory and possessions, what would we do with such an ability as this? And honestly, if it were indeed possible, wouldn’t we have seen it by now? The real reason such clap trap comes and goes like it does, is death. If generations didn’t die off, if we were all 500 years old, one would never see such ridiculous supposition. Why? Because we would have lived long enough to know the truth of reality.

Here is what Cho says in his book, The Fourth Dimension:

“We’ve got to learn how, to visualize and dream the answer as being complete as we go to the Lord in prayer. We should always try to visualize the end result as we pray. In that way, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can incubate that which we want God to do for us....

God used this process of visualizing the situation to help Abraham... By that visualization through the associated thought... Abraham could incubate his (future) children and dispel doubts from his heart. The main thing is to know the importance of visualization.”

If this imagination power is so paramount to God’s operation with mankind, one would expect that the Bible would treat it with titular importance. But visualization is never mentioned in the Bible, nor is it taught, it is more of an term of the last 300 years of man’s existence here upon the Earth, and that is the genesis of its origins. (I refer to the “intellectual elite” revolution of the 1800’s) The action of holding a mental image in the mind in order to manipulate reality goes way back in time to the earliest occultic practices. It is, not coincidentally, one of the most basic shamanistic practices. Paradoxically, this method is being taught by Christian organizations, psychologists, success motivation and healing practices. I see ONE Bill Gates, gifted with intelligence and education, and wonder where are all the millions who could be his equal if they only had visualized similar success.

Power Man

A wise man once told me that the sin of the young man is sex, the sin of the middle aged man is power, and the sin of the old man is greed. Considering the amount of weight in society that those in their middle years hold over their counterparts on both sides, it is not surprising to find that mankind has a long history of the pursuit of power. Despots, alchemists, modern science and mystics have all sought it. The myth that the greatest power is the one that lies within is the magic bullet of the day. The idea of the “Great Unconscious”, the part of ourselves that would open up the universe for us if we could only access it, is a type of “Holy Grail” toward attaining power. Our conscious mind is now considered the “red headed step child” of our being and is actually a viral hindrance toward our own self fulfillment.

I would love to see the evidence of this untapped and unlimited power potential that is sold to mankind on a mass scale. I see the books on the bookshelf, the authors driving Bentleys, but where is the evidence from their readers? How many books and tapes does it take to release this power of the mind before the public that buys this clap trap wakes up? I suppose hope springs eternal. Next time you see your Grandpa, if he is able, or even your great grandpa if you have one, ask him if these ideas are anything new and if he has ever seen anyone who can perform mind power on call. Surely, if something actually worked like this, wouldn’t a great author of the past have written about it? Wouldn’t Charles Dickens, or someone comparable, have novelized this success story in some way? Why wouldn’t they have? Are we this egotistical that we think progress has automatically opened ALL doors once unknown to the common populace? It would seem so.

But it’s not just the bleeding crowd that has been effected. Here is a quote from a Christian book:

“Would it shock you to learn that God’s healing power is available through your own mind and you can trigger it by faith? If you had direct access to your unconscious mind, you could command any disease to be healed in a flash. That’s how much power is at hand. Jesus obviously had access to it, for he produced command healings.

But God has purposely placed this power beyond our awareness. That way fallen man can’t tamper with it. However, there is a way to get to it, indirectly... by faith. (Yes, he has discovered a loophole. Oops! And we thought God had everything covered.)

Does that sound like Mind Science? Yes it does. It’s true that the cults have discovered certain of God’s healing laws and use them to lure people into their webs.... But let me ask, should born again believers be denied healing simply because certain cults exploit these laws?

That’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water. It’s ridiculous to say: “I can’t use these laws because the Science of Mind people use them.”*

*Personal Christianity Newsletter, Aug. 1979, C.S. Lovett, “The Medicine of Your mind.”

Seems funny how Pastors like this have strict knowledge of Jesus saying to have faith in God, but here faith in the human unconscious is the focus. Seriously, Christ was either who he said he was, God come in the flesh, or he was the biggest lunatic ever to walk the Earth. Would God at present in the flesh have need of “the human unconscious”? Strange logic.

But aren’t we made in the image of God?

Genesis 1:26,27 tells us that we are indeed made in the image of God. An image is a reflection like one in a mirror. In the same place as a mirror reflects an image before it, mankind was designed to reflect a reality other than his own. How can a mirror develop a good self image? If the image is distorted, then the mirror needs to be corrected to match the image reflected by it. To pursue its own self improvement and self confidence is to deny the ultimate reality of the relationship. It is a direct attack upon mankind’s pride to think that a correct personal position in reality is totally dependant upon God. We were designed to show the goodness of God, not some “superman- boy scout” heroism of our own.

If Eve had had “Godlike” powers within herself, then the idea of “being like God” would have been erroneous clap trap to her, and a waste of everyone’s time. We now know, after centuries of pain and anguish, that this promise was a lie. Since she did indeed eat of the forbidden fruit and didn’t become like God. Instead, the promise of God is that one would die, first spiritually, and then later physically if the forbidden fruit was taken. This DID happen and continues to this day. No matter how much progress mankind makes, he is repeatedly, down through history, hamstrung by the same problems which began right here in the garden of Eden. To deny that the events contained within this book really never happened, is to ignore the “cancer that came from living next to the nuclear plant”, so to speak.

Psychic Powers?

Psychic powers are not something that is tapped into inside of man. It is a penetration from another realm. A place where those that live there would love you to believe that reality is not ALL ABOUT GOD, but you can indeed access power from inside yourself. Mankind therefore becomes a slave to the temptation of power at the expense of the true reality of his position before God.

Even worse, Christians are now practicing Holy Spirit perception, a version of ESP that has been rewired for the Christian community. (Really, what would the “great falling away” look like?) Ralph Wilkerson of Melodyland Christian Center in Southern California writes in his book, ESP or HSP? Exploring Your Latent Seventh Sense:

“Why are some more gifted with HSP - hearing the voice of God, discerning demons, speaking words of wisdom and knowledge - and others less so, only manifesting it occasionally? Certain people appear to be more naturally sensitive that others to the seventh sense.

Those with American Indian ancestry, such as Oral Roberts, often exhibit a certain openness to both the sixth (ESP) and seventh (HSP) sense. I believe this can be traced to the keenly developed perception necessary for the primitive Indian’s survival...

Women are apparently more aware of hidden realms beyond .... Perhaps this explains why so many psychics are female.”

*Ralph Wilkerson, ESP or HSP? - Exploring Your Latent Seventh Sense. 1978, pp. 258-259

If Adam, in the garden, had psychic powers before the fall, and he would have been sinless at this point, then Jesus, who was sinless also would certainly have displayed them. But he always claimed that he was only doing the work that God the Father was doing through him. When Jesus told Nathaniel that he had seen him under the fig tree, Nathaniel claimed that Jesus was indeed the Son of God. Jesus didn’t correct him and say that it was some postulate of clairvoyance made possible by psychic powers. Unlike church leaders of today, he also didn’t recommend to anyone who followed him that they develop psychic powers.

Jesus was a pretty straight up guy. John 14:2 says:

“In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” He has nothing to hide, and isn’t afraid of some coo by mankind getting his hands on information that would threaten his position. (Not only that, but he would not withhold anything that would benefit you.)

More on Psychic powers and Miracles in the next segment, part 3

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