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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Apostasy and Power part 3

Apostasy and Power

part 3

Gifts of the Spirit

For those who ascribe to the real Christianity, anything that resembles a supernatural ability is only attributable to gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e., the person has become a channel of God’s life and image. These abilities do not result from some latent ability that has been re-emergant within mankind. The sources of psychic abilities and true miracles lie outside the realm of man. I hate to use the word “channel” for it is used by others I am in disagreement with, but essentially, man is indeed a channel for both of these events. Scripture indicates no such thing as secret powers within mankind and speaks of the true event in terms of a manifestation of the spirit.

When we see psychics and other shamans performing what seems to be something “hyper reality”, we are indeed NOT seeing any gift of the Holy Spirit, which comes as a result of repentance, redemption, faith, and obedience. These are manifestations of spirits from that secondary world which is between the transcendent place of the almighty and the physical world of mankind. Anything running around of its own accord, manifesting in mankind, without due purpose of bringing glory to God himself, has other, counter purposes in mind. They will, as they are want to do, give a person anything they want, within certain limits, as long as it interferes with that person’s realization of the reality of God, man and the universe that surrounds them, and also the true relationship between them set forth in the Word of God. This is their prime directive.

Samson displayed supernatural abilities that were clearly not his own, and can only be explained as the strength of God working through him. The demoniac in Mark 5:2-13 was so strong he could not be bound, but shattered chains like thread. This was clearly a display of demonic power.

It is evident that mankind does not have supernatural powers of our own, when manifested, they are the result of God or the secondary spiritual world which is set against God. One never hears of any Angel, anywhere, even in human fiction writing that has possessed a human for God’s purposes. Possession is aggregate to the spirit realm that would see you never find the truth of man’s relationship to God, for they hate God, and they also hate YOU.

There is NO neutral ground that mankind can claim as his own, such an idea is the delusion of the proud. The detail of the reality of psychic phenomenon is NOT some impersonal, universal force with a dark and a light side. There may be a little shop down the road with a sign that reads, “white witch” come get your good luck, but such a thing is all part of the deception to keep you from the truth. Flatly stated, the reality of the universe is that there are two spiritual beings that oppose one another, God and Satan, and mankind is perennially trapped in the conflagration.

God has all power, but he will not violate free will. He does not want robots, and there is nothing in his Holy place that does not agree totally with his Lordship and has not chosen, free and clear to be right where they are. If you wish to be with God, and to love God, as nothing short of this will do for God, then you must choose God. Not to choose is to choose. Satan’s weapon is the lie that we can make it apart from God, and find godhood within ourselves in the form of unlimited potential. The down side is that Satan wants you cursed, blackened and splitting. He wants you trapped in a fire hole up to your neck, frying like bacon but never being vanquished. He wants you trapped halfway inside of a road to nowhere for eternity looking out into nothingness, with no end in sight, as some have intimated that this is the fate of Judas Escariot. He hates God, and God loves you, what better way for him to hurt God than to make a victim of you.

Which Witch is Which?

Atheists now even speak of things spiritual. Spiritual powers are now a metaphysical metaphor and certainly don’t relate to the Bible. The Association for Humanistic Psychology even refers to conferences including subjects such as psychological and spiritual responses to planetary peril. They now champion the return of spirit to therapy, and acquiesce that the spirit can be a great service to the mystical quest.

This is an atheistic mysticism which denies it is a religion, claims scientific parlance and is stringently opposed to Christianity. Despite this, the Christian church has wholeheartedly embraced psychology and has no idea what “spiritual concerns” really mean to these people. Modern psychotherapy, is indeed a fake religion, its own insistence to the contrary not withstanding, and actually has the vision to destroy true religion.

Don’t agree? Don’t think what I say is true? In telling of how the pseudo science of psychology has turned to mysticism, Walter Bromberg writes in his book, From Shaman to Psychotherapist:

“Whereas in previous generations “altered consciousness” was considered a mark of bohemian depravity if sought voluntarily or one of madness if sought involuntarily, nowadays a “high” is the essence of psycho logic sophistication.”*


Doctor Witchdoctor, gimme the news.....

Modern medicine has also taken this blind leap of faith into mysticism. One need only look as far as the claim to be able to heal mind, body and spirit. Holistic medicine has grown leaps and bounds in its enterprise to gain acceptability. The new concern for spirit has come about as the West has increasingly accepted Eastern mysticism ideas and methods.

If you are a Christian who accepts any willy nilly use of the terms, “God”, “Christ” and “Spirit” you are trading in doppelganger terminology. Don’t be mislead by these terms used by those who are not of the faith, especially if it appears to put science on your side. “Spirit” is a religious term, not science or medical. Next time you talk to your doctor or psychologist, ask them what religion involving “spirit” they are passing off to their patients in the name of medical science. This isn’t a game folks.

Psychologist Jack Gibb put it this way:

“The absolute assumption that a lot of us are making in the Holistic Health Movement is that all of the things necessary to create my life are in me... I believe that I am God, and I believe that you are...”*

*Ibid p. 153

Some Christians are doctors, for sure, and they use the term “Holistic” because it has become the vernacular, yet they lack a true understanding of how the vast majority of those involved are practicing some form of sorcery. Experts in the field actually admit that the religion behind Holistic medicine is ancient shamanism revived. Anthropologist Michael Harner states: “The burgeoning field of Holistic Medicine shows a tremendous amount of experimentation with techniques long practiced in Shamanism. In the West, shamanism is being reinvented.”

Mircea Elaide, thoroughly documents in his classic work Shamanism, that witchcraft’s basic premises and practices are identical everywhere and always have been. He states:

“Shaman (pronounced SHAH-maan) is a word from the language of the Tungus people of Siberia and has been adopted widely by anthropologists to refer to persons in a great variety of non-western cultures who were previously known by such terms as “witch,” “witch doctor,” “medicine man,” “sorcerer,” “wizard,” “magician”....

Shamanism represents the most widespread and ancient methodological system of mind-body healing known to humanity.... These shamanic methods are strikingly similar the world over even for peoples whose cultures are quite different in other respects and who have been separated by oceans and continents for thousands of years”*

*p. 20 (Shamanism by Mircea Elaide)

How could that be? How could cultures be so different and so separate yet have the striking similarities of Shamanism? Unless of course, there is some larger, single source driving them all. It’s not a surprise that shamanism is taking the same forms in Western society today, .... truly, is there really ANYTHING new under the sun? The Christian church is no innocent babe in all this, accepting shamanistic terms under the guise of psychology. There is a school of thought that believes that the “great falling away” of the Christian church which is predicted in end time prophecy, will happen when the AntiChrist reveals that the body of Jesus has been found. But this is a limited “man’s view point” of God’s perspective. It’s unfortunate that the church at large would be shocked and amazed that the “great falling away” could have been going on for almost 300 years now, a blink of an eye in the view point of God Almighty. And we all have to ask ourselves: If the deception would be so great as to fool even the elect, what would the “Great Falling Away” really look like?

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