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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi Pt. 4

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi


There are many teachings in tradition about just who the Antichrist is supposed to be, and many of them come from old Jewish tradition. They say, for instance, that because Jesus was a Jew then the Antichrist is to be a Jew, and this is why the Jews will accept the Antichrist as Messiah and when he is accepted, he will bring peace to the world. But these sources are old theological teachings and not necessarily something that lines up with what the Bible says about this.

According to some, there is nothing that says the Jews will accept the AntiChrist as Messiah. There have been many who have come and gone and been accepted, but they weren’t necessarily the AntiChrist. Some also say that he has to be a Jew because he will rebuild the Jewish temple. But Solomon’s temple was NOT built by Jews, instead it was built by Hiram’s men who were workers from Lebanon (Gentiles). The temple itself was only “dedicated” by the Jews of the day. My facts aren’t quite secure on this next point, for I have read many variations, but according to the major view of my research, the temple is already built when the AntiChrist takes it over at the halfway point of the Tribulation. (After his forces invade Jerusalem)

The re-builder of the Temple could actually be Elijah the Prophet. Scripturally, it is Elijah who must return and restore all things. The Book of Zechariah tells of the rebuilding during the time of the “Two Witnesses”. You might feel that the Arab nations who oppose such a thing would indeed stop the rebuilding, due to the fact that their own Temple is in the immediate vicinity, but they will already be severely weakened by this time, and they will be unable to prevent it.

There are, interestingly enough, Jewish leaders today who are promoting the rebuilding of the temple, and this seems to lead into the “Two Witnesses” idea as they will take over the temple mount and they themselves will be something the world has never seen before, something like “Supermen”.

True, tradition has spoken for a long time about the AntiChrist being from the tribe of Dan, however, there is much to consider when looking at the AntiChrist as a Muslim. Once you do a little homework on the Mahdi, it becomes a bit academic to see that this Muslim-AnitChrist is indeed a possibility.

There is a person named the Dejal, who is expected to be the King of the Jews by the Islamic Nations. Dejal is found in the “Hadith” as a King who rises in the latter days. (Hadith being the traditions handed down by Muhammad’s listeners.) The Muslim world, however, is awaiting the arrival of the Mahdi as the anointed one who will rise in the last days. The Mahdi is expected to appear with Christ and they will both convert the entire world to Islam. Resisters to the directive will be “beheaded”, according to the Islamic tradition.

Now tie this in with Revelation 20 and Revelation 13 and you have a “beast” rising out of the sea who will be a military political leader. The False Prophet, Revelation 3:11, teams up with the Mahdi and will be accepted as Jesus by the Muslim world. The Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was ever crucified, so there will be no need for him to have the markings on his hands and feet and in his side that identify him as the Judeo-Christian Jesus. Further continuing with this line of thought, the false prophet is to come as a lamb, with two horns, possibly apostate Christianity and Islam.

Dejal is to arise near Syria and Iraq where the Kurds now live, and he is to operate for forty days going from East to West giving food and health to everyone. He is to be a man with twisted hair and a blind eye, in fact his eyes will be bulging out like a puffer fish. 70,000 Jews will be his followers and the world will know two years of famine before his arrival. According to the Islam tradition all believers will see the letters KFR (Kafir) on his forehead, which to them means “infidel”. (Keep in mind that they see him as the Jewish king)

(Stay with me now, I know a lot of this seems jumbled and disjointed, you have no idea how hard it has been to finish this blog series.)

This Dejal just might be one of the Two Witnesses. The Jews will see him as Elijah the Prophet, but because he takes over the temple mount, the Muslims will see him as Dejal. Dejal, as you remember will have 70,000 followers and the Two Witnesses will have 144,000 followers. Since Elijah and Dejal are the same person in both Torah/Bible scripture and Islamic tradition from their sources, it makes sense that Dejal/Elijah will restore Israel. Elijah must come and restore all things for the Jews and Dejal must take over the Temple mount. They also both work supernatural miracles. Now at this point, the AntiChrist rises up and kills the Two Witnesses. (The other Witness being Moses or Enoch according to what source you take.)

Both Sunnis and Shias believe the Mahdi is coming very soon. The Islamic “money” even has the horse of the Mahdi on it like we have George Washington. Both groups living in Iraq believe that he will come from the Carballa, Sumara area which is the “Sunni triangle”. Apparently the Sunnis and Shiites are fighting over the Mahdi. But they all have one problem: the United States. As long as The United States has forces there the Mahdi cannot appear, and as long as Democracy works he also can’t just move in and take over. President Obama has promised to remove all troops by August 2010.

Democracy is hated in this part of the world for two reasons, for one, they see democracy as the gateway to many things they consider evil, such as homosexuality, drugs and others. I am referring to the family oriented Muslims who are very strict according to what they will allow in their own homes. We like to give these people freedom but they feel we are destroying their culture. Even China feels this way. China has said that Russia was destroyed by Democracy, and they want nothing to do with it. They prefer the unity of communism over the fracturization that comes with democracy.

Now remember that the AntiChrist as I am presenting him here comes from that Ishmael/Esau lineage. Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran, has his eye on annexing the southern part of Persia and as soon as America pulls out of Iraq that is exactly what he will do. Why? Because he wants to be the one who introduces the Mahdi, a person HE CLAIMS HE KNOWS.

According to reports from intelligence sources who have captured terrorist computers, there is already a man living in a cave (as the Mahdi is expected to do) who has already described himself as the Mahdi and that man is Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden believes he IS the Mahdi, and he feels justified because for six years we have been unable to bring him to justice and he is living in a well or a cave and has been untouchable. Not coincidentally, the rise in infants being named Osama has quadrupled past the name Muhammad in the Middle East. Over there they believe him to be a hero. You would be right to say that the world would never accept him as any kind of revolutionary hero, but Islam would.

I find it quite amazing that the two future texts of Islam and Judeo/Christian teaching are suddenly coming together after hundreds of years. The Islamics teach what is in the Bible and they don’t even recognize it. It’s an interesting hypothesis that America itself may be restraining the AntiChrist and not even know it.

Like some old Shakespearian play, the Middle East is a family squabble that goes on and on as the descendants of Abraham, Issac (Israel) and Ishmael (Arab nations), both with different mothers, hold tight to their birthrights and perceived superiority over one another. Poor little Israel is such a small nation surrounded by its sibling enemies, and yet it survives today in a way NO other nation ever has in similar situations. It’s surely a powder keg in the Middle East and if the world would ever follow someone with bated breath and admiration, it would be the man who brings peace to a part of the world that could explode at any moment. When America pulls out of the area in 2010, the “plug in the dike”, as it were, will be removed and the resultant flood of turmoil will destroy many walls of stability that can never be repaired back to their original safety.

President Obama may be the “professorial” type and he is indeed quite educated, but his policies and lack of understanding of deep tribal and blood feuds in the area will be his undoing. Israel is still the target of international leftist who dream of a new, more thorough Holocaust. The Arab nations will always need to have Israel to blame for their failures and the Arab on Arab killings that happen every day in their own countries. When Obama addressed Cairo, he seemed to give the impression to the fanatics that America was now more friendly to Arabia, and would not necessarily defend Israel if she was placed under siege. That could have been a huge mistake for everyone in America, but only time will tell.

In the scriptures of prophecy, many interpret Damascus as being the first place to face utter destruction in the coming conflict. Recently the father of the Lebanese Prime Minister was assassinated by Syria, more Arab on Arab killing. Syria has long penetrated the government in Beirut and various Lebanese factions who back terror organizations such as Hezbolla, have kept Beirut dependant on Damascus for breaking political deadlocks in Parliament. Hezbolla has been rearming itself with lots of firepower since its battle with Israel in 2006. Will they go to war again? Will they be the ones to devastate Lebanon and Damascus, who can say? Who really wants to look too deeply at this mess?

And speaking of Damascus, would Israel be the one to destroy it first? Would this be the first strike that they would take despite America’s refusal to infringe on the new buddy relationship with Arabia? Syria actually looks pretty good these days, its getting stronger by the day and yet still backs terrorist groups, looks forward to Israel’s destruction and has nukes on its mind. Israel’s first strike would be proactive by any measure, and it would set off an unstoppable quagmire in the area.

The European Union, you’ll remember that they are supposed to be the revived Roman Empire in prophecy, has turned down the addition of Turkey to its ranks. 90 years ago there was a man named Kemal Ataturk who left the country a secular constitution and saved them from oblivion. This constitution has been systematically taken apart over the last century as the Islamic forces have continued to grow in the area. Will the military come forward to preserve the legacy of Ataturk? Obama’s administration would back the Muslims in a heart beat, and Turkey would fall ... well, like a Turkey. One more power under the thumb of the coming AntiChrist.

Egypt is actually one of the “three horns” spoken of in prophecy that will be conquered by the AntiChrist, as he rises up in power among them. Egypt is a United States ally who has long been a bastion of stability in the area. Their President seems poised to have his son, who is considered not the man his father was, to succeed him upon his death. Islamic movements have been impossible to stop in this country and the military is more fractured than anyone knows. New leadership could quickly cave into Islamic pressures or perhaps turn against them, if the latter, this would explain in this one instance at least the motivation of the AntiChrist to conquer Egypt.

And what of Saudi Arabia itself? The birth place of Osama Bin Laden. Saudi oil funding supports a radical push for all Muslims to fall into the extremist side of the Muslim life. The Saudis could care less about the suffering of fellow Muslims, they bully Palestinians on a daily basis. They care only for their version of radical Islam. Saudi Arabia only disagrees with Bin Laden over tactics and strategy, but both want a forced compliance with radical Islam. Doesn’t this seem to connect with what I have already said here about Bin Laden, The Mahdi and the beheading of resistors? You bet it does.

President Bush was told by Ahmed Chalabi that America would be welcomed with open arms if we invaded Iraq. Upcoming elections have already been rigged against the Sunnis by banning over 500 potential candidates by Shia political agents close to Iran. The Sunni now feel betrayed. In the meantime all factions fight for greater share of oil revenues among themselves. And Obama has nothing to say, because this is George W. Bush’s mess. The upcoming elections could send Iraq into a reverse free-fall if the populace is not pleased with their outcome. By the way the man behind the Iranian move to ban the Sunni candidates is Chalabi himself. It would seem that unification under the Mahdi cannot come soon enough.

Iran today races to acquire nuclear weapons that would result in a war to lead to the “return of the hidden imam”, the Mahdi as you now know him. Hell bent on destroying Israel, Iran is still protected by Russia and China, postulated as the nations in prophecy that will surround Israel in the final world war. Starting to come together for you? Israel may indeed strike Iran first when it sees the first nuclear bomb test out in the desert of Baluchistan. Will Obama be there to back Israel up? Not if he’s shaking hands with the Arab nations, and the idea of Israel standing all alone in the final battle is Biblically based, not to mention Islamic tradition based.

Much as many around the world hate to hear it, as Israel goes, so goes the world. She is God’s special people and land according to the Bible. You can see how this centuries old family feud can quickly involve the whole world, and is indeed coming to a head as countries, including the United States are being moved across the chess board of the world for positioning in the final act all laid out in scripture; and not just in Bible prophecy, but for the Islamics as well. This could all begin in the Summer of 2010 as America pulls out of Iraq, and for those who have been keeping a watchful eye on such things, it will be no surprise at all.

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