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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: President Obama, American History and Keynesian Economics Part 3

Justify Full
President Obama, American History
and Keynesian Economics

Part 3

Controlled inflation is a tricky sort of business. Inflation is a four eyed monster with its own will and drive that all too often refuses to be controlled. The things that control inflation are myriad, productivity, interest rates, careful management, personal competence, lack of greed or too much greed, and few systems, including dictatorships, have ever be
en able to tame and train those factors.

The world economy has paramount position in any economic situation. Decisions in Europe, South America and even China, decisions that have nothing to do with America, will impact the whole of the Earth’s nations. When nations could claim isolationism, they could indeed state that they were masters of their domain, but no longer! Any industry from across the globe can now compete with any other industry and or nation. Globalism is now the new catch phrase and American planners have less and less control over the situation.

Keynesian economics can indeed be shown to be faulty both in the short and long term. The once stable economies of the Western nations existed in the past when the government served as an umpire of sorts. They were not a part of the team competition. Workers and entrepreneurs produced the results and the government called the balls and strikes. In Keynesian economics, the government plays God and therefore fixes the game before it has even started. In this event, the game cannot be won by even the most talented of players.

Some could argue that the government has the right to do this sort of thing, if indeed it could be proven that the government is run by the smartest, most moral, most competent of men and women. This would be the case if the government were really run by the tall, holy men of the mountain who live above it all; above the fog of the public and the private. Unfortunately, as anyone who reads the sensational media knows, we have a nation of faulty humans who have risen to power above the level of their competence. The Peter Principle has become an ironic joke. (We even produce TV shows that are based on the current shameful news of public figures who have been disgraced.) How else can we explain our staggering debt, huge deficits, lost wars and costly scandals? When a government expands its control of the populace without matching the ability of its leaders to manage that increased control, the ground beneath its feet begins to turn into clay.

The Keynesian view that the government can solve all problems will soon be put through the grinder of proof. That grinder will be survival of the fittest. There is no nation anywhere who has proven that it can decrease its spending. The question now centers on where will new sources of revenue come from? France already has a 50% tax rate and we can all expect that eventually the money the government needs will come from you and me. Governments all over the world have taken upon themselves a cornucopia of obligations that they cannot and will not fulfill. In the economy of God, the government is never to be the father, mother, rich uncle or overall provider of each of its people, and when this happens its actions and reputation take on a more an more worldly view which can only be described as heavily influenced by Hell itself.

Now think about this: Where will the money come from? Back in Roosevelt’s day, it was easy to say “It doesn’t matter, we only owe it to ourselves.” But now “ourselves” has become more and more Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and German. The money we must borrow today must come from far, far away. Either that, or we must expand. America must add more states to its union, either by friend or by foe. Scary, huh? We’re the Borg. Resistance is futile.

In order to make this borrowing possible, from far, far away it will be necessary for the nations of the world to set up an international economic construct. There must now be a WORLD BANK. There must be commissions and cartels that are a part of world wide finance. We cannot borrow from ourselves anymore, and President Obama is setting out to make this more of an obvious recourse. But the world has its end also, and yet the bills must still be paid. How long can international finance flow? How long will interest rates be manageable? How long will former enemies continue to be friends? Will there come a time when other nations decide that it is time to overturn the current financial structure of the Earth, and along with it, the political structure also. We owe our soul to the company store and others who may or may not be our buddies have the position of calling the shots.

Keynes has placed the nations of the world in a position where they must come under a new system of international control. A world government is the final inevitability to which the whole Earth is headed. Europe is already pulling itself tighter together to bring about this change, as is the Pacific Rim and its nations. Japan and China have given huge credit to the world and it is the United States that has borrowed from everyone and his uncle, more than any other nation.

By the time 2020 rolls around it will have been 100 years or so since Keynes and his economic time bomb came upon the scene. His statement of “In the long run, we’re all dead.” has come true only for himself and those alive at the time. You and I have no such luck. This is the long run and we are still here. His lunacy of the government being God remains with us today and is perhaps the seeds that have been laid for the coming of the Antichrist. But who could have avoided it even if they knew this was the case?

Is this all Keynes fault? No, that would be dishonest to believe so, for all he did was appeal to the broken nature of mankind that desires to eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Keynesian economics gave Roosevelt and those who followed him both here and abroad the permission to live lives of economic dissipation, and of course, the grand ego is the “spoiled baby” who grabbed the poison candy because it looked good.

If you are your own man or woman, you don’t roll over for easy government support. Being a responsible human being, one who makes their own way and assists others beside them, is one of the highest human functions. You were created to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow, not to allow the government free nilly to provide and direct your life. We must live and breath and have our source of being in something beyond the halls of Congress. You weren’t a mistake, an evolutionary by-product or a being created to live on the dole day by day waiting for a hand out. God is God and government is not. Keynes has created a condition by which the incompetent majorities have over thrown the competent minority and they use the government as a club to subdue them. Keynesian economics has us all riding a train into a dark tunnel with a solid wall at the end. Fortunately, we can still turn to God, and live in HIS government which trumps all of mankind’s flawed attempts.

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