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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Son of God

A lot of people have given poor reviews for this epic, but I really have to wonder if they are purists or atheists. Surely, this is as familiar as Christmas itself, but is given some dramatic flair and human view points of the "political" positions of the side line principals which is barely ever explored in grander, more "by the book" movies on this subject from the past. I think that slight shift and exploration was a needed and, if i might say, novel approach inside of a story we all know too well. Writing, performances, camera work, and musical score are excellent, so I think those efforts need to be addressed and appreciated as well. The major problem others have told me about are the slight variations on the requirements of certain roles, which are adjusted for dramatic cursive, and not necessarily cannon to the text - and I can agree to a point on this. I'm willing to allow Nicodemus to have more of a role as the "independent" between the two extremes and Judas to have human confusion and regret, if not only for the literary tension and depth that it creates. Such "creative writing" to dress the narrative is not dangerous enough to turn the truth into a lie. Parents may want to ensure that little ones understand that the writers aren't being pin point accurate in some spots, on character and also chronological issues, but this is movie making, and it's not to the point where Jesus has a relationship with Mary Magdelen or some such thing. With that in mind, it IS possible to have an engaging experience with this film making.

4  out of 5 stars

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