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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Ignoring Israel Part 8

Ignoring Israel

Part 8: Israel and America

There is a fence, a large concrete fence, that runs along the 1948 boundaries between the Israeli peoples and the Palestinians. It has caused an uproar around the world. It is there because of the many terrorist attacks and acts of violence that come from the West Bank and Gaza. Since the inception of Israel as a state, most American Presidents have been supportive of Israel, but they have all, in one way or another urged Israel not to build any kind of wall that would inhibit Palestinian traffic.

Many members of the American government and also some Israeli citizens, have taken offense at the Israeli action of inhibiting Palestinian traffic in and out of the country. Palestinian Authority flags were obvious in the many protests filmed by the news media during the wall’s construction. Their claim, as was also the claim of their supporters, was that they have a right to be able to come in and out of the country to find work and support for their own families and communities.

Many Israeli companies have no problem with the egress of Palestinians, as they are known to be hard workers, and often fill necessary jobs that Israeli citizens refuse to take. The problem, as is all too often the case, is that enemies of the state often use the same reasoning for entrance into Israel in order to launch terror attacks upon the citizenry.

As a person who lives in Southern California, this issue is all too real, and fascinatingly congruent. America also finds herself embroiled in debates about immigration, notably in relation to the building of fences and barriers along the Mexican border. Once again, this is a problem due to the millions of Mexicans who have crossed over into America illegally. They too take jobs many Americans would rather let them have, and many take them, but they also take the non taxed wages earned and send much of it back to their home countries. Many worry that this too increases the crime rate in America, and leaves a big hole of entry for those who would terrorize the nation. 

There are now such things as “Minuet Men” who patrol the border looking to capture and haul back across the border the illegal immigrants who attempt to cross over. It is estimated that there are about 12-14 million illegal immigrants living and working here in America, they were not born here and they take American money and jobs from citizens. With a homeless populace of approximately 300 million Americans, it is not hard to see how such an argument reaches beyond just the constitutional legalities. Also, as had happened in Israel, local Mexicalis could be seen protesting in the streets with large crowds waving the Mexican flag. 

These are only a few instances, as I had also mentioned in the last post, which illustrate what happens when America forgets who Israel is, and pressures her to act in ways that go against the plan of God. I seriously don’t know what more evidence someone could give for recognizing the many points of reality that are being displayed upon the world stage. What happens to  Israel, happens to America, and when it is America that places Israel at risk, she herself is visited by the same consequences Israel endures.

Only a country steeped in atheist education could ignore Israel and the results that come from attempting to manipulate her position. I worry a lot about the current administration and its attempts to have Israel give back land gained in the war of 1967. The Israeli Prime Minister answered in much the fashion as I myself predicted he would. “That simply isn’t going to happen”. It’s a hot topic I do hope that Mr. Obama abandons, but if he doesn’t, watch out folks!

There are those out there who have as their prime directive, the complete destruction of Israel, in fact they want to wipe them off the map. They want Israeli men, women and children slaughtered like cattle. Is it any wonder America suffered 9/11? Now America shares in the targeting by those who want our destruction. Is it because in the past we have supported Israel? Or would it have come anyway due to our capitalist society that is considered the “Great  Satan” of the world? This is hard to say specifically, but the facts of what is our reality due to terrorism, and that which we share with the nation of Israel, are far from merely being open to interpretation.

There are those who feel that the War with Iraq was the blowing of one of the prophetic trumpets of Revelation. This being due to the way the sky was blotted out when Sadam Hussein set fire to 17,000 oil wells in Kuwait. In the Bible, there is a telling of events in Kings that relates heavily to the story of the Gulf War. There is a man named Ben-Hadad who also comes against Israel, and his name means “fierce”. Saddam Hussein’s name actually means “destroyer”, his mother so calling him that, it is reported because of the difficult time she had giving him birth. It is said that there are many similarities between the two events of the Ben-Hadad war with Israel and also America’s war with Iraq. But the thing we need to keep in mind for our day and time is that Iraq is present day Babylon, and the histories of Israel, America and Babylon/Iraq continue to this day to be entwined in events that effect the world.

Yassir Arafat, a leader of the PLO, once met with American President William Jefferson Clinton in the early 1990’s to assuage Muslim forces that assisted in the first Gulf War. Several years later the government used tactics on Israel that it would not employ itself if the positions were reversed and forced Israel to sign a peace treaty with someone they considered a known terrorist. The Madrid Conference of 1991, coerced Israel into peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Despite his involvement in the Olympics terrorism that saw Israeli athletes snipered to death, America still sought to have Israel make peace with a man who had become an underground gun runner seeking Israeli destruction, and also a supporter of Saddam Hussein during the first War with Iraq. No need to spell out the history of the “Decade from Hell” that has befallen America from 2000 to 2011, and still seems to be continuing today. Arafat himself threw up and died in a Paris hospital in the early part of the decade. The cause of his death is still considered unknown. 

Former President Jimmy Carter met with leaders of Hamas, a known terrorist organization, in the spring of 2008; a year known for its close call re-enactment of the “Great Depression” here in America. The very existence of Hamas is geared toward eradicating the people of Israel from Palestine. Their Prime directive is to “liberate” Jerusalem from its occupiers, an area known to them as al Quds. Jerusalem is the planned site for the capitol of the new Palestinian state.

When Carter was there, an earthquake hit West Salem, Illinois that shook the middle of the country. No need to point out the name Salem, and the name Jerusalem.

But are these events of America’s actions in dealing with Israel and Israel’s enemies truly a cause and effect or are they just events that happen randomly and can be place together by “linking the dots” on the time line grid? It does, of course, make a difference from what perspective you are coming from when considering the events of history.

But the trail of American and Israeli involvement goes back in history like no other. There are those who speculate that the Japan tsunami may have had something to do with Japan insisting on the rebuilding on the West Bank. Japan doesn’t have that historical link, so I am not a believer in any direct cause and effect in this case. The whole Earth is increasing in disasters of this type due to the end times we live in, and I think that this is a better explanation.

But I will say this, that Israel is more and more a burden to America, and the future of her will be intrinsically tied to how the United States deals with Israel in relation to her own Biblical history.

more to come, but not much more ;-)

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