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Monday, July 18, 2011

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Ignoring Israel Part 3

Ignoring Israel

Part 3: Israel, Like No Other

Many out there in the world are sure to disagree with the idea that there was a Holocaust. This horrific event is considered by many to have been a Semitic creation, despite war time photos and films that would argue to the contrary. The whole idea that over 6 million Jews were annihilated by the forces of Nazi Germany in war camps, where Jewish citizens, often citizens of Germany herself, were sadistically tortured and killed is dismissed by a large portion of certain parts of the world as nothing more than propaganda.

The problem with this point of view is the resultant historical significance of the Holocaust. For one thing, the United Nations certainly believed there was evidence enough for this tragedy, so much so in fact, that they made it a point to “find reparations” toward the Israeli people by working to re-instate them as a nation. But from a Biblical standpoint, there is also prophetic evidence of this event as seen through the eyes of the prophet Ezekiel some 2,600 years earlier. Jewish historians recognize this idea as fact, and those who of course support Israel don’t have a problem with it either. It would be safe to say, I believe, that the event is either supported or denied based solely on the position one takes on the Jewish state itself.

Painful to Look At
According to Ezekiel, the nation of Israel would be a “valley of dry bones rising out of their graves to live again.” Scholars tell of this prophecy as indicating a time when the nation would be on the point of annihilation, but instead would rise from the grave and return to their land, they would then form a great nation and a mighty army. (Ezekiel 37:10-12) If anyone has ever seen the horrific photos of heaps of human bodies all piled up on one another or of the emaciated living skeletons kept in death camps, it is not difficult to see that the Nazi led Holocaust was no mere minor bump in the road for the Israeli people.

Moses too, warned of severe persecutions for the nation. When the blessing and the curse of the law was established, there was then no getting around a cause and effect for those who belong to the Israeli nation. There would be blessings for following the law, and rotting of those blessings for disobedience. Blessings would make Israel the big gun, the BMOC, if you will. God would indeed show his favor on the nation by covering them with unheard of and seemingly impossible good fortune and blessings if the law was followed. Conversely, if they disobeyed the law, they would have sickness, drought, poverty and captivity. As a result, the nation would be few in number. (Deuteronomy 28:62)

And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shall fear day and night, and thou shall have no assurance of thy life. (Deut 28:66)

Eight hundred years later the Kingdom of Israel was invaded by Assyria. They were exiled and scattered throughout the Earth. Just like Moses had warned them. One hundred and fifty years later the Babylonians came and took Judah away. They destroyed the first temple and looted the land, leaving it open to the sorts of citizens that had at first been cast out by Joshua and his men in the beginning.

Six hundred years later, the Romans did it again. They slaughtered the Jews and burned the second temple. For the next 1900 years the people of Israel existed outside the land, in what is known as the Diaspora, or Galut, meaning “exile” in Hebrew. These are all historical facts, and to doubt the history books on these events, as some do in the case of the Holocaust, is to doubt in the face of recurring events that are germane to the people of Israel. Think about this,  can you see anyone else among the nations of the world with such a history?

Of course, there are those suffering nations that lay at the feet of bigger powers, like those of the Ukraine that suffered beneath the Russian bear, or the Pacific Rim small nations that suffered below the heel of China, but Israel has suffered uniquely in that they have existed as a people without a nation to call their own for an impossibly long time. Surely, they would have disappeared into the genealogy of those nations that they were dispersed into by now. You and I, though we may be from European descent, or South American descent, or Asian descent, may indeed have Jewish blood in our lines and not even be aware of it. Without a place to call home, how can a people continue as a people?
Auschwitz Crematorium
Hitler and the Holocaust are not all that far fetched when one considers the long term history of the Jewish nation. I started this post talking about Nostradamus and his prophecies and one thing he does indeed mention is the re-occurrence of seemingly obscure figures who appear from out of nowhere and go on to infamy. One of these persons was indeed Adolph Hitler.  Hitler was so incredibly effective in his persuasion, that a huge portion of the European citizenry was literally brainwashed to believe that the Israelis were sub-human and deserved to be exterminated.

A Jew named Karl Marx was one reason for Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, but the citizenry was already primed for fear and loathing toward them due to the belief that the Jews had been responsible for the defeat of Germany in World War I, and the continued economic crisis that existed just before the onset of World War II.  It didn’t help that the allies of the day were demanding Germany pay up for all the destruction it had caused in the early 1900’s and the resultant economic crisis was one of hyperinflation and loss of value in the German dollar. (Sound familiar, America?) By the time 1923 rolled around, it took 4.2 trillion German marks to buy one American dollar. German paper money was only useful for kindling wood.

The hyperinflation created an atmosphere of doom and desolation that made it easy to finger Jewish bankers as the “Henry F. Potter” who is only motivated by greed and avarice. (The banker in the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life) In a panic mode, the people of Germany were primed for an emotional talker who filled them with hope and focused them all on a common enemy, be he real or imagined.

When Hitler came to power, he made good use of the “them against us” gospel, and included  Communists and Slavs in his chastisement of the Jews. Historians believe that the Reichstag fire of 1933 was actually set by the Nazis but blamed on the Communists. This in much the same way as many feel the 9/11 terrorist attack was an inside job created to fuel the people into a common enemy mode. The fire led to a suspension of civil liberties (sound familiar?) including freedom of speech and of the press. In 1935, Jews were deprived of their rights as citizens.

Hitler was definitely after the nation of Israel and in something called the Crystal Night, he proved it beyond a doubt. That night the Nazis literally attacked the Jewish people, and their property located on German lands. In one single night 91 Jews were murdered and over 25,000 were dragged from their homes, thrown out of the country and placed in concentration camps. Go on Google sometime and look for “secret government camps” that have been built right here in America, which are empty but surrounded by barbed wire. There are some videos on YouTube also. What are those empty camps for?

The Crystal Night also saw the pillaging of thousands of Jewish businesses and homes. This was the marker for the beginning of the elimination of the Jewish influence from German society. This policy then evolved into the “final solution”, for which Hitler is also famous for coining. The estimates are that in the next seven years, the Nazis had killed about 11 million men, women and children by starvation, beatings, shootings and gas chambers, not to mention the human baking ovens of Auschwitz. Two thirds of the Jewish population in Nazi controlled lands, about 6 million Jewish persons, were exterminated over this period. Moses had said it, they were made few in number.

According to Nostradamus, Hitler was one of three Anti-Christs, and indeed many at the time believed he was THE Anti-Christ. In this, we may find a “leak” of information, as I have referred to before, in that Hitler may have been one type of Anti-Christ. Keep in mind the collapse of the stock market here in America that sent shock waves all around the world. The Great Depression hit Germany especially hard and paved the way for a leader like Hitler. A leader like an Anti-Christ. October 29, 1929 is on the Hebrew calendar as Tishri 25, 5690. A democratic Germany gave dictatorial powers to Hitler on Adar 25, 5693 (March 23, 1933). That’s about three and a half years or forty two months. Sound Biblical? Sound like the Tribulation time line? Can it happen again?  

More on this next time.

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