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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Health Do's and Don'ts

Health Do’s 
and Don’ts

You could always go live by the beach and grow a natural garden nearby. Eat what the waters yield, shower in the rain, or......

Negative attitudes about dental health could be robbing your kids of their own good health. Dental problems tend to be universal and are not generally attributed to genetics, in fact they usually aren’t at all. No one is born with “soft teeth”. No one loses their teeth at an early age because their father did. Gums are not supposed to bleed. If you floss and you have gums that bleed, it’s because you don’t floss enough. If you hate flossing, there are now toothbrush looking floss sticks you can buy that “snap on” the floss sting, they work really well. False teeth are the result of bad hygiene, not a pleasant alternative to cavities. Never give anyone the idea that false teeth are a positive. Bad teeth and their results can also lead to brain problems, as they can infect the blood with nastiness I would rather not go into.

Some say mouthwash is not for kids. The pretty colors and nice flavor may make them want to drink it. Top brands can contain twice the amount of alcohol as beer and wine. Personally, I feel this is only a problem if you don’t monitor a child’s use of mouthwash. They must spit, but they must also have the benefit of killing all the bacteria and germs present, that will sit on their teeth all night while they sleep, without some type of cleanser.

I have a few other things to say about mouthwash, particularly Listerine. If one just looks at the science before you, you may come to the realization that something like Listerine can be a great help to you beyond what doctors will tell you. For instance, “pimples.” Teens get lots of them for hormonal reasons, and their pimples can be handled by putting lots of water in their system, unless there is some chronic skin problem. But did you know that Listerine works great on pimples?  I can’t say that the strong, and often terrible condition that teens have with pimples can be helped by spreading Listerine on them before bed time, since I have not seen it done. But for you adults out there who get the occasional pimple on the nose or forehead, Listerine works like magic. Someone out there try this with their teenager and let me know how it works.

More mouthwash stuff. Living here in Los Angeles as I do. Bad air and smog pose a problem I have never had in my entire lifetime. Namely, my ears get all raw and red and drain into my throat. This causes a sore throat and makes me sleepy for some reason. I know several people here in LA who have the same problem. I have solved it in two different ways. 1) By standing in a shower and letting the water run into my ears, swallowing consistently, to get the ears cleaned out. 2) But I have also solved this mystery by pouring a little Listerine in my ear when it gets upset like this. I let it sit in my ear for about five minutes, and as others have told me, if indeed this is some type of bacterial inflammation, then it makes sense that Listerine would work, since it was made to take care of bacteria. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. Be careful if you try it. (Hydrogen peroxide is toxic, never ingest it)

A few years ago, I spent some time in a hotel that had a wolf spider problem. Wouldn’t you know one morning I woke up and could not hear a thing. I had gone deaf in one ear. I used a Q-Tip to clean out what I believed must be an over abundance of wax, since this has happened in the past, only to pull out this black, ugly sludge... which had small black legs with it on the Q-Tip. Yeah, you got it. A wolf spider had crawled into my ear over night. The darn thing bit me inside my ear when I went to clean it out. My inner ear swelled up and I was still deaf for a few days afterward. Listerine helped heal this. No kidding! Of course, it hurt a bit, but the whole thing went away in no time after I applied the Listerine. 

Liquids like shower water and mouthwash won’t hurt your inner ear, but solid objects would always be a no-no. Some people just can’t deal with their ears, however, and go to a doctor to get drugs to handle an ear draining or bacterial infection problem. If you must do this, just remember that antibiotics are for viruses. They are also “against life”, hence the term anti-biotic. Taking  an anti-biotic is a small dose of death to your body. It screws up your lower intestines something fierce, and you become a human “fart” factory. If you have gas problems, you probably were given an anti-biotic as a child. Doctor’s don’t know how to fix this problem. See:

Children’s medicine is determined by weight and  height, not age. 

Does your child have allergies? Does you child wet the bed? The two can be connected. Allergies to cow’s milk, chocolate, eggs, grain or citrus fruit can make kids wet the bed. Their bladder swells and keeps the outlet from closing properly. This allergy can also bring on deep sleep, which stops them from getting up at night to release their precious cargo. Find out what the allergy is and  keep it out of their diet, naturally the problem goes away. And no drugs were used!!!!

The years between birth and two years old are prime time for language development. But what if your child if deaf? There is such a thing now as a crib-o-gram. Diagnosis for deafness can be tested from the first day a baby is born, so you’ll have a leg up on those two years the child will miss.

Second hand cigarette smoke is as real a killer for the smoker as it is for those who live with them.  Pregnant women who inhale their husbands cigarette smoke are at a high risk for producing a baby with birth defects. Trust me, I know this first hand. It destroys the folic acid in a woman’s body. Cigarettes acidify the blood of a smoker and the second hand smoke also does this for those who breath in the fumes from this nasty habit. Infants are much more likely to get bronchitis and pneumonia when exposed to second hand smoke. Just say NO to cigarettes, people. 

Are you or someone you know pregnant? Cigarette smoke is one thing, but under cooked meat is also a problem. As is exposure to animal droppings. Cleaning the cat box while pregnant?  Taxoplasmosis leads to mental retardation, blindness, and epilepsy. Cook your meat thoroughly, keep the cat outside.

A kid’s vision should be checked before they are one year old. Early tests check for developmental problems like poor focusing, poor convergence, and amblyopia; a condition that can cause one eye to stop working all together. Kids are rookies, lets face it, they will assume everyone sees the world the way they do, even if it is fuzzy and out of focus. (This goes for mental perception as well.) 

Caffeine has been proven to stunt the growth of babies in the womb. It is a drug. It does have drug like effects, and science has proven it is not a good thing for babies in the womb. Stay natural, mom. If it doesn’t come right out of the ground, skip it.

I recently tried Apple Jacks and Froot Loops cereal again after about 25 years of having left that sort of fake food behind. The formula is NOTHING like what I remember. They have completely changed it into a piker of their former selves.  Why? Because the sugar they used to use was proven to make hyper active kids mean and nasty. It’s true, sugar can make your kid a real monster. Sugar is also as addicting as caffeine and cigarettes, it can also put a belly on you in later life that will just not go away. Sugar is evil. Plain and simple.

Old aspirin can hurt you. Decomposition of aspirin in the stomach can aggravate you to no end.  You can bleed, get ulcers, anemia, and even erode the surface of your stomach with daily use. Aspirin makers believe that they are making something for the benefit of mankind, but they could do a little more work on aspirin.

Antacids often mask symptoms. They can cause kidney stones or even increase the amount of heart burn you experience. The sodium in them can cause problems for those with high blood pressure, heart problems, and those on low salt diets. Better to deal with acid reflux by changing the diet for good. A high alkaline diet is the best way. See: or get this book, The PH miracle. 

Are you one of those people who has nightly problems with acid getting into your throat and kicking you awake from a sound sleep? Your esophagus is relaxing while sleeping and deep breathing is sucking the acid from your tummy right into your throat like a straw in a soda bottle. Have you ever had the problem of waking up and feeling the acid has gone into your lungs? Felt like you were going to die, didn’t it? Go jump in a hot shower and breath the steam deeply. It will alkalanize the lining of your lungs and stop the burning. Of course, you may elect to also go to the emergency room. It’s up to you. Ah, the things you have to do to adjust to the ravages of age.

Addicted to nasal sprays? Throw out the Afrin! Afrin is a cursed blight on mankind. So strong that it will addict you over night and then make you bleed. It will demand constant application even when you don’t need it, and it will cause your sinuses to swell up until you use it again. Afrin is like cocaine, plain and simple. 

Have pets? Sneeze all the time? You’re allergic to them. Will it help if you get rid of the pets? No. The fur follicles that you are allergic to get up inside of your air conditioning unit and continue to spread all over the house when you use the air. Something for allergies may help, because you love fluffy and spot, but if you are allergic, or someone you know is, you must clean out the air ducts on a regular basis. Big money in that.

Natural foods, clean air and water. Basics for healthy living never go out of style, no matter what Madison Avenue would have you believe.

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