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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Where Do I Begin? Part 2

Justify Full
Where Do I Begin?

Arming Yourself for
the Economic Changes Ahead

Part 2

Every year people decide to quit their jobs and go into business for themselves. Most of them unfortunately fail not too soon after they leave the safety of the 9 to 5 world. Business as such sees most shops and stores fail after four years on average. The thing is, there are those who do succeed. So what is the difference? Usually it is because most who fail are not ready to make the change. There are other reasons, of course, but there is only so much time and blog space to write on.

Quitting a full time job is no easy thing to do, and when considering it, you need to make as many considerations as you possibly can. The entrepreneurial life may not be for you, but the way our society is changing, you may have no choice but to learn how to earn. The future for our kids may be radically different from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that most who read this blog will remember. Mom or dad leaving for work in the morning and the kids catching the bus for school may indeed be an anachronism in about 50 years or so. The new reality of family home life seems to be headed in the direction of home schooling and the provider’s work station in the spare bedroom in the back of the house. Dad gets his cup of coffee and sits down at his computer as mom starts the day with classes for the kids at 9 am, or some such permutation.

Many questions have to be asked when making any kind of decision like this. For instance: Do I have enough money? Is the family ready for this? What product or service do I make money with right now, and do people really need it? Will someone pay for a professionally produced product or service from little ol’ me? Should I learn how to earn first with something simple and small? (yes!) You may indeed want to run some type of business or shop, maybe even something from the internet, which is the wave of the future by the way, but a small dog walking business might be a better training ground to get your feet wet in. Learning how to earn is always the first step, and if your kids and their kids are going to make it in the next hundred or so years then they had better be selling lemonade on the corner at an early age, so to speak.

Sometime in the future, 9-5 is going to be over with. Everyone will work according to market trends. Say for instance you have a home based business on the internet, then your business day will be from getting out of bed to getting into bed, and the time in between may not be a total of 16 hours of work, but the job is always with you. Your ability to earn becomes a third arm on your body that you never leave behind totally. I know that sounds like hell to some people, but things are moving in this direction thanks to the internet, computers, cell phones and so forth. You might say that all jobs cannot be done with the internet, or a computer, and you would be right. The thing is, with the changeability of job security, everyone will need at least some type of supplement to the day to day work life. What will you be doing between those five or six jobs with five or six different companies that you will work for in your lifetime? Will they always be dependable for your income? Could you find yourself on the street at any moment due to the economy? Remember, the national debt is 13 trillion and isn’t going away in the next 200 years or so. You won’t live that long. Your kids wont live that long. Life as we all know it, as we have grown up in, is over with. Learn to earn. Make sure you have your own life raft. We will all need it.

more on this in part 3.

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