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Friday, July 2, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Candida and Alkaline Blood

Candida and Alkaline Blood

Today I’ll continue with the posts on Alkaline blood and its importance. Something called Candida is a by product of having too much acid waste in the blood. In Latin the word is Candida, but you and I would know this organism as yeast, but in reality it is really a fungus. Most problems in the body are caused by fungus, and few people are aware of this. Yeast and Fungus are single celled forms of plant life that live in the air, the ground and the water. What we are discussing here is the presence of Candida in the gastro-intestinal tract. We actually need it for sustaining life. It goes bad when it becomes drastically overgrown and can be annoying and or fatal. Yes, fatal. Women know all about this stuff when they get yeast infections, and their kids can get something called “Thrush” which is just the yeast growing in the throat.

Mainstream medicine knows about all of this stuff, and they also know about the problems stemming from too much yeast and fungus, but they do little about it. Giving your kids antibiotics when they are young sets up the whole chain reaction for later adult life. The truth is that with our typical American diets most people develop these out of control growths within their bodies. Excess Candida is really just ONE of the villains. We are deluged by an attack of microforms, including yeast, fungus and mold, viruses and bacteria. All these little creatures deposit poison in our system. This is called a mycotoxin or exotoxin, basically meaning “fungus or bacterial poison”. These are the acid wastes that swim in your blood and are deposited there when they eat up all your glucose, proteins and fats, the stuff your body needs for energy. Therefore, the Candida and such eat what you need to survive and then "take a dump" in your blood stream.

These poisons take advantage of the weaker parts of your body, polluting them and making them over tired. In acidic blood they have free reign to cause all sorts of havoc by breaking down bodily tissues and processes. Their poison doesn’t just get into our blood but also into the cells of bodily tissues. What this means is that as they poison you, they break down something like your liver, and make it work less efficiently. If your liver is the bodies filter, and it can’t eliminate your own waste, then you are now doubly poisoned.

Over the entire history of our planet fungus, yeast and mold have developed into over five hundred thousand different forms. They go from periods of explosive growth to thousands of years of dormancy. Egyptian tombs have held onto living spores since they were first sealed and until they were opened in our time. These little guys produce as many toxins as they have family members, too. They just love to provide a deadly cocktail for their hosts.

It’s this cocktail that does all the damage, not the little critters themselves. Understand though, they only appear because of a bad environment, like acidic blood for instance. The wastes cause a huge list of symptoms, from diseases to chronic and degenerative problems. If you have athlete’s foot, you have a mild fungus, if you have AIDS, you have a monster problem. Underlying symptoms can be things like diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, fatigue and also infections that can be transmitted from person to person.

Signs of an overgrowth can be, pain, infection, depression, hyperactivity, antisocial behavior, asthma, hemorrhoids, colds, endometriosis, dry skin and itching, toenail fungus, joint pain, dizziness, heartburn, gas, chronic overweight problems and on and on. In fact if you just feel bad overall, you might consider trying to change the PH of your blood from acidic and see how that makes a difference!

Micro-forms love to swim in their own crap. They also love the low oxygen levels that come with doing so. One of the problems for people with high blood pressure is a low amount of oxygenation in the blood cells. Natural breathing methods have proven to alleviate the problem to some degree, and although not an end all cure, they do point to a connection between the inner state of blood cells and the overgrowth of microforms. It’s those poisons they create and dump in your blood that also add to the acidic environment, so if you can just get a picture of the swamp that is your blood stream because of all these out of control critters in your belly, perhaps it will motivate someone to take a look at this problem instead of just getting a pill from the doctor.

So how is it done? How do we battle these little monsters? Surprisingly it can all be done with what you and I place in our bodies to turn the blood alkaline. They don’t like alkaline blood and will actually turn off as the blood moves away from the acidic environment.

We all need to be concerned for ourselves and our loved ones in discussing the interior of our guts and the condition of our blood. What happens is a two fold process inside out systems. The first step for microforms is the small colonies they collect in inside of our bodies. In this phase we don’t realize any symptoms from the poison they deposit within us. However, in the next phase we are presented with sudden chronic problems that become obvious. Your body is now screaming for help and the problem may have taken a few decades to develop right under your nose, ever since you first got that shot at the doctors office when you were a kid. But that’s just one of the ways it can happen. Bad diet can trigger a problem, too.

When your body goes from acid back to base, or alkaline, yeast, fungus and mold stop growing and revert back to being friendly, at this point the body can now eliminate all the poisons they have dumped inside you and things can return to normal. No more Pepcid AC.

Let’s say you had a tropical fish tank. If you polluted the water and filled it with lots of decaying food, and then deoxygenized the water, you’d have a tank full of dead fish in no time. When you are young, you don’t realize what you are doing to your body many times, with all the abuse it can take. But when you are about 40 years of age all that comes home to roost, and it’s not just that you are getting older. Literally, you are now dying of poison and will probably not live to see the last half of your sixties because of what you fail to do today. And that should never be the case. I can’t imagine thinking I had only 18 years left to live, when I am only 40 something and NOT doing something about my internal condition. Do you have someone whom you love who has chronic problems? Get them to change that fish tank water for good! Don’t let them die too soon, when they could have gone deep into their nineties.


  1. Utter rubbish. please stop mis educating. Candida thrives in an alkaline not acidic environment. Hence many ACV enemas and then regular drinking of ACV will cure candida 100% of the time.

    1. I do a lot of paraphrasing from the sources I get my information from, so if you disagree then go argue with them. I have found this information to be correct and I stand by it.


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