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Monday, April 19, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Christianity, Occult, Success, Faith, Mind Power

The Sorcerer’s Accomplice

Progress. When we mention the word “progress” we are lead to believe in an idea that moves people forward. The word “progressive” is also like this. Many of our ideas in society these days are considered progressive despite their inherent history of immorality. It is today as it has been for a long time, since history was first written, and this problem of mankind’s inability to see his own faulty ego as the center of this problem only makes it worse. We watch a movie like “Avatar” and we feel sorry for the natives, but happy as to their ability to thwart the attempts of others more progressive than they are. We place concepts in our TV shows that only a few generations ago were considered the worst kind of immoral perversion and embrace them as “progress”; never considering for a moment the historical evidence of societal disaster that this so called progress brings. We are always smarter than the people who came before us, we know better than they did. After all, they had knowledge rooted in ignorance and we are educated. Let’s not think about the cyclical nature of history and the thinking of those who came before our ancestors, and how some concepts were rooted in reversing the adverse effects of so called “progressive” thought which we now reverse back to the original progressive thought with little care as to the problems this progress has ALWAYS rendered upon society. We say: “That can NEVER happen to us!”

What’s so amazing about all this is how truly slick and deceptive progressive ideas can be. In our society today, the Christian church faces some of the oldest challenges to its faith. There are subtle changes today in Biblical interpretations that are a cancer to the underpinnings of the true Christian way of life. Most Christians are scarcely aware of what is happening and have little or no understanding of the issues involved.

The “snake in the grass”, as it were, is almost ethereal and surprisingly doesn’t even come from rival faiths and religions. It is instead a practice of “faith producing” techniques for gaining spiritual power and “getting your miracle”. They also come to the church as self-improvement psychologies for realizing one’s true potential. This is no frontal assault as you might think, but a bonified sneak attack.

Many of you have battled trojan horses in your computer and you understand the concept of a gift that comes wrapped in a package of peace but opens up later, once inside the camp, to reveal a destructive enemy. Even those who fancy themselves as cult watchers have failed to recognize the threat that is already among us.

As I have spoken of before in my blogs on the AntiChrist, one of the signs of the end times will be a revival of sorcery. This sorcery will be an integral part of his overall ability to lead mankind to ruin as he actually is given the power to make those things long hoped for by those of the occult and other sorcerer’s practices to actually take place right before the eyes of the world. In Revelation it even says he will be able to call down fire from Heaven in the sight of men. This is much more of a concrete and immediate moment ability than any Freemason lodge, Druid witches or wizards from all over the world, have ever been able to do.

Truth be told, right under the noses of the secular world and that of the church also, we people of Earth have been under the influence of a world wide revival of sorcery that has been going on for some time now. How has this happened you might ask? Mostly it is because of the commercial representation of “sorcery” that we have come to believe is the real thing. This includes all representations from “I Dream of Jeannie” to “Harry Potter”, to the lack of a “Stonehenge” which is held in any real seriousness by society today.

The real facts about occultism are mostly lost on the general public today, and they are even missed by the majority of the church. Due to wide spread ignorance of true occultic practices, sorcery has made its way into our everyday lives. Some secular folks don’t care, others feel it’s all just a level of entertainment and many, many Christians who have been forbidden by scripture to involve themselves in occultic practices have little idea when they are blindly performing them.

Understand, that according to the Christian way of life, reality is full of God’s presence. There is no moment of any day or night when God isn’t fully aware of and surrounding the whole of creation, even far out into space. To involve one’s self in some sort of practice that is even remotely occult or sorcerous is to deny this reality, due to the fact that much of these practices claim a person can pull some sort of power or influence from a corner of the universe, so to speak, if they just use the proper principles.

Interestingly, as further evidence of the cyclical nature of history, the call from sorcery and occultism is the seductive idea of achieving some sort of “God-hood”, or as in the case of the Freemasons I recently wrote about, the promise is for contacting the “universal light” within us all. Whether you believe in the infallibility of the Bible or not, it is indeed quite interesting how the story of mankind always comes back around to this.

Let’s say that Genesis is just a fairy tale written long ago by those less educated than us, the “ignorant poor” for which we progressives and scientifically educated and advanced people of today would have little use for in our society. Isn’t it amazing that the promise of Satan to Eve in the Garden of Eden is essentially the same as the promise of the occult and sorcerers? Eat of the forbidden fruit and you will be like God. And also, God is afraid of this happening. Hey! We’ve got power, huh? But we’re smarter than they were - aren’t we? We’re smarter than all of them, the ignorant poor who wrote a fairy tale to warn of this sort of thing and the disaster it can bring to the descendants they cared about, or we’re smarter than the first man and woman who had everything in the Garden of Eden.

One word that is always used to refer to pagan practices is “sorcery”. I am using it here in the context of any attempt to manipulate reality: internal, external, past, present or future. This is done with “mind over matter” techniques, that run the gamut from alchemy, like the Freemasons have, to the daily newspaper astrological reading (only for entertainment purposes of course) to the power of positive thinking.

Ancient sorcery actually seems to work though, and undeniably it has changed many facets of our society, from science and medicine to psychology and education. These changes may not manifest themselves in the primary results that are looked for, but the evidence of the “hope” of their acquisition is often enough to trigger long term social revolution, even on a peaceful scale. The pendulum has definitely swung back from the 19th century focus on materialism and behaviorist doctrine that was the ground floor of neuroscience for decades.

Science is now turning back into mysticism with concepts like “Superlearning”. Putting together concepts from yoga, music, hypnosis, autogenics, parapsychology, and drama; we now have something called “suggestology”. This applies altered states of consciousness to learning, healing and development.

Mind power and faith have now become twin brothers, if not outright symbiotic entities. Likewise, the impersonal “force”, as in “Feel the force, Luke...”, which the occultists refer to often as nature itself, much like the blue aliens in the movie “Avatar”, has become a Christian and secular way to “politically correctly” refer to God. This is, in fact a substitution, one that makes everyone feel nice and cozy and unoffended i.e. “Can’t we all just get along?” As a result, the “power of the Spirit” in the Christian church can scarcely be recognized at times to be any different than the mind power of psychics.

Parapsychologists have been studying “psychic” power for years and it is gaining credibility. While studying the Freemasons and their effects on history I ran across a lot of interesting facts about psychic spies that were used in World War II to “peer” into enemy headquarters and perceive what top brass officers were doing and planning. Surprisingly, some of this stuff really worked. The enemy, as it were, was also involved in the occult practices and amazingly there were even armies of psychics on both sides working to mentally influence the outcomes of military conflict. It’s no surprise that Alister Crowley, a known Satanist, was involved with the British MI6 at the time and was in his way the “James Bond” of his day. Ian Flemming, a commander at the time, knew Crowley, and it’s a good bet that a lot of the success of James Bond can be attributed to that relationship. But I digress. (Keep in mind that the AntiChrist will freely use much of this sort of power to ensure victory in the last days, in fact, he doesn’t lose until the second coming.)

Mind power is being taught without let or hindrance throughout society today. Organizations such as Scientology, Lifespring, Silva Mind Control and others are standard fare at motivational and success seminars. The ability to be able to exert your will over matter, or mind over matter if you will, is no longer something for the esoteric and marijuana crowd. It is now accepted as something quite natural, something that is a core of human potential, something that can be achieved - if you just use the right principles, the right “laws of success”.

There is nothing at all new about this New Age technique. This is the same old stuff from the beginning of creation dressed up and re-packaged for a progressive society. Practitioners, both secular and Christian, seem blindly aware of the true mind game they are involved in. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” wrote William Shakespeare, and sorcery by any other name is still sorcery. It hides everywhere one looks, behind scientific or psychological terminology and success motivation and development labels.

One occultic historian, Manly P. Hall, once wrote in an article: “... there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought - especially the so-called “prosperity” psychology, “will power” building metaphysics and systems of “high pressure” salesmanship - black magic has merely passed through a type of metamorphosis, and although its name may have changed, its nature remains the same.”

Success is the name of the game today. Humility is for wimps and self esteem is the lynch pin of existence. Time and again we have seen how the besetting sin of mankind is pride. We see it in the reality of white collar criminals who have economically crippled the United States as well as the fantasy of cackling Batman villains. Society now believes that its problems come from low self esteem, we just don’t think highly enough of ourselves. Once again, history cycles around. All through the Bible, we see Bible good guys falling down on their face before God, humble in the dust. Such a thing is counter programming for us today, and yet our current programming has an unusual parity to the statements of Satan: “I will raise myself up to be like the most high.” Again perhaps you believe that this is just a story and not truth. Think about who Satan is in the story. Even if you see him as an allegory, the lesson is the same.

But we know better. We’re smarter.

We’re smarter than those who wrote the story or we’re smarter than a fallen Angel who has existed for millennia and even had the smarts to convince a third of the Angels to forsake their place in heaven and follow him. We’re smarter. We have self esteem.

We are time and again told to visualize our success. An actual popular preacher has been quoted as saying: “Jesus knew his worth, his success fed his self esteem. He suffered the cross to sanctify his self esteem. And he bore the cross to sanctify your self esteem. And the cross will sanctify the ego trip.”

Holy Crap!

Success and self esteem preaching have become ubiquitous in the church today. The Gospel of Success has reached millions over the last forty years and has become like the mole on your forehead that you didn’t want there at first, but now is hardly noticeable until someone points it out. Scripture is pretty hard nosed about this, it claims straight up that Christ came to save sinners, to call them to repentance. From God’s perspective there is something to repent from, and since he never changes, he still sees it that way for us today. “Lifting yourself up” is a promise that God does not make, “waiting upon the Lord” is a promise he does make. How many of us read that and quietly scoff at the concept. It’s counter programming we reject at a deep level, and yet Bible people understood that to serve God was to suffer and be humbled. Has your church pointed out God’s perspective on reality to you lately? Have you been told that we are a fallen race in need of salvation?

I feel pretty sure in saying that this is definitely not the case, in fact, just the opposite is probably true. You have been told that it’s an abomination to mankind to tell people that they are sinners, its destructive to their personalities, its counter productive to evangelism.

Christian colleges, seminaries, missions, and relief organizations are also now in the success game, and most look to the techniques of big business for running their own organizations. If it works for the University of California then why not for a Christian college? If it worked for Ford in the 30’s, why not for a Christian relief organization? I’ve written about this sort of thing before, in my articles on the Nouveau Tech deception. Accounting, management and production have proven methods of operation which will work for anyone who uses the proper principles. But sorcery is rampant in the business world, and enters the church through success motivation and the latest psychotherapies “dressed anew” with Christian terminology.

more on this next time

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