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Friday, January 8, 2010

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Summer 2010 and the Mahdi Pt. 2

Summer 2010 and the Mahdi
Pt. 2

The Greek word for Antichrist is “anti” to oppose or “instead of” and “cristos”, which is the “anointed one.” Therefore, the whole term means “to oppose the anointed one”. So, the Antichrist will be someone who opposes or comes “in place of” the anointed one.

Point number one, “the” Antichrist is coming and also there are many Antichrists in the world. In fact that sort of thing is even true in our own day. There is someone in a foreign nation who claims he is Jesus and also had many followers. These followers mark themselves with the 666 number already, and even refer to this person as the “Antichrist”. I know that sounds contradictory, but that is sort of the way it is supposed to happen, the Antichrist will say he IS Jesus and in doing so, will fulfill his place as the “in stead of” Christ, because he will not be the original. You with me?

Point number two, the Antichrist “spirit” will deny that he is the “Son of God” and that he is related to the Father.

Point number three, which we made last time also: the Antichrist is now working. Remember it was working then and is still working today.

When we first hear of the Antichrist it is in the book of John when he originally coins the phase, but the first symbolic appearance is in Daniel 7 and 8, as a beast with ten horns. The first prophecy about him is in Isaiah 14, where he is referred to as the King of Babylon. The first real identity of him is in 2 Thessalonians 2. Now remember, in the Old Testament, Jesus himself has many scriptures that allude to him without a specific reference. They speak of how he was to be born, how he was to live and also how he was to be a living sacrifice for all mankind. There are lots of them, but one can identify almost 40 major ones that Jesus fulfilled. Jesus has more prophecy about himself than anybody.

The second group of people who have a large number of prophecies are Abraham and Moses, their names are mentioned so often in the whole Bible that they create their own commonality. But who comes in third? Who has the third most predictions concerning him: the Antichrist.

Jesus himself said that though those days be shortened there would be NO flesh saved. He was referring to the days when the Antichrist was here in the flesh making the world his own. Things just aren’t going to get better folks, and it won’t be long now within our lifetime. It matters little what so called positive thinkers and contemporary prophets tell you today, if it goes against the Word of God, it’s not only Antichrist, it’s just plain wrong.

Remember, when Israel was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Roman Empire, there where prophets of their day who were telling the people of Israel that the city would never be destroyed, that God loved Israel too much. Or, in today’s terms, I guess you could say, Israel was “too big to fail”. Heh. But Rome did come, and all the prophets were killed along with 6,000 of the people who were listening to them. Remember, Jesus said the temple WOULD be destroyed and yet these Jewish prophets of 70 A.D., only a short time after the Jesus events take place, were already contradicting him.

Now, symbolism concerning the Antichrist in Daniel 7 talks about a “beast” that has ten horns. Its teeth are like iron, a symbol of using one’s MOUTH to create war and fighting. Its claws are like brass, and in the book of Daniel that is a symbol of the Grecian empire, so this could be a territory that is to be trampled over. The beast devours much flesh with its mouth, killing many people, and “stamps out with his feet” which means he marches into and overpowers many nations, or territories. He has ten horns, which are ten kings or rulers, and in the middle of those ten is a little horn that rises up among those ten, which has a mouth that speaks great things.

Now in Revelation there is another picture of this beast and it says, that the beast has a body like a leopard, a mouth like a lion and feet like a bear. In Daniel chapter 7 you have a description of those creatures, for instance the Lion represented Babylon, the bear represented Medo-Persia, or today’s Iran and the leopard represented Greece. Now leopards are very fast, and just like the days of Alexander when he captured the world before he was 33 years old, the beast will move very fast. The mouth was like a lion and Babylon had authority in its day over the entire Earth, they passed all sorts of laws that controlled everything. And the feet here are like a bear, and the beast’s feet crush and pulverize. Babylon which is Iraq, Persia which is Iran, and Greece which is the modern day territory of Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria. All that territory is what is spoken of in the book of Daniel as he sees one man controlling it all, organizing all of it together under his rule.

I would suggest that this is the reformation of an Islamic Kingdom. For many centuries the Muslims had a system of something called the Caliphs. There was an empire once known as the Ottoman-Turkish empire. Just like we have great empires down through history, and even world powers today. They owned land from southern Russia to west Africa and even Palestine and Israel territories. They existed for about 1,000 years and owned the middle east territories for about 400 years. But the Turkish leaders of those days ended the rule of the Caliph’s. Recently, however, the ruling factions of the middle east are pressing to re-form the rule of the Caliphs and form a Muslim empire.

Saddam Hussien himself felt he was a new kind of Nebuchadnezzar, in fact he spent 100 million to rebuild Babylon. It was his desire to create a territory shaped like the crescent symbol in the Muslim religion. He attacked Kuwait not so much as to get oil, but so as to begin the construction of the “crescent” of power in the Middle East. He was at war with Iran for about 10 years and he wanted to seize all of that land also and march upward and westward to Israel and even into Egypt. This territory he wanted is the same territory we have just spelled out as the area the Antichrist takes over. Now, this didn’t happen with him, because he was not the man for this to happen with, BUT he is not the only one with this idea and it is a very natural “middle east-muslim” concept.

So how do we find this guy, this Antichrist? The whole world will be blind to him when he comes so even those who are looking for him will not see who he really is until he is revealed. No offense to those who believe that Prince Harry of England is the one. But, we can trace who he might be and that’s a great starting point to continue the points of this blog.

Back in Genesis there are two trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. According to Revelation the Tree of Life is a tree that bears twelve types of different fruit every month and will be for the healing of the nations. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a forbidden tree.

Now, after the fall of Adam and Eve there are two sons born to them, Cain and Able. As you know, Cain kills Able and then God raises up Seth. From that point on there are two lineages that are formed. Cain’s lineage comes from Adam and continues forward to Tubal-Cain, seven generations, and then stops. From that point on you don’t hear anything about Cain’s lineage. But when you go from Adam through Seth’s lineage, ending at Enoch, Enoch gets taken up or raptured. Seven generations. We today are 6,000 years from Adam in the Garden of Eden and now live in that 7,000th year time. So don’t be surprised by a taking up of the church at the time of the revealing of the Antichrist.

The entire lineage from Adam to Cain and his lineage and Adam through Seth’s lineage covers the first 1,000 years of human history. In fact, Enoch was taken up in 988 according to the numbers given us in the Bible. Adam lived 930 years, 70 years short of 1,000 years and Enoch was taken up in 988. That’s all done with generational numbers and ages. And, as those of you who know understand, for God a day is like a thousand years and visa versa. Here we are in the seventh day.

In 1 John, when he was referring to the Antichrist and his day, he spoke of Cain who was “of that wicked one”, therefore, you can trace the Antichrist through Cain’s lineage. Now obviously Cain’s lineage continues on, somewhere somehow. But where does it go and where does it end?

The second 1,000 years, of course includes the flood and Noah (who comes from Enoch’s son) who went into the flood with three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. So now we have a lineage being formed from Seth’s righteous side in order for the Messiah to be of that line. Noah’s son Ham had four sons, Cush, Nimrod; who was said to have gotten off of the mountains, and two more sons. Historians tell of how everyone after the flood was living on the mountains so as to avoid the problems of another flood, but Nimrod moved his people off of the mountains. They moved off of the mountains and into the plains of Shinar, which today is Iraq. (Babylonia)

Now all around the mountain called Ararat, where the Ark settled, all that area is mountains, like Armenia and Turkey and such. When those flood waters settled, they settled like any flood waters, they went to the lowest point of land. That being Iraq. Much of the bones of the flood victims settled in the plains of Shinar, or Iraq.

All of this will lead us to the tower of Bable next, but I’ll get to more of that next time. Just stay with me and you’ll see where I am going with this. Until the next installment, remember...

.... you be good. ;-)

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