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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Keeping Your Blood Right

Keeping Your Blood Right

Brainwashed is what we are. Brainwashed by years of being sold crap that is supposed to be food, taking the hard earned cash out of our pockets and giving us biological death. It’s about time we revolted. About time we had our own tea party as it were against the commercial supporters of our free market society who have been slowly killing us. I’m not talking about big tobacco, although there is much blame to be placed there, and I am also not talking about big pharm; which has us all drugged and dulled while they vacation in Bora Bora. I’m talking about the food producers and advertisers who have us all trained, mentally and physically, to be dead long before our time, with a sweet sugar smile on our faces. (Kinda like the Joker)

Not long ago a light came on in the morass of darkness by some great pioneering scientists which was overlooked by mainstream medicine who are so deep into their own myths, its amazing they can find the door to their own office. These days there is a new model of health to consider. After years of work, the pathways to better and more natural health have been discovered, and we can only hope the thought police don’t find out. You can now have access to the science that will help you to overcome many chronic illnesses, many often caused by the crap we all consume which alters our blood.

As I have said in this blog before, its all about balance. The yin and yang of our existence if you will. The physical world is full of this “opposites maintaining balance” thing and it directly applies to our bodies as they exist in this reality. Imbalance is easy to spot: disease (dis-ease), low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, excess weight, foggy thinking, aches and pains, as well as overflows of mucus. Balance is easy to spot also: energy, mental clarity, smooth operation of body systems, clear eyes and skin, and a lean body.

Imbalance is all around us, just look at the guy next to you in the store, restaurant or on the bus. They are fat, tired, look older than they really are. Chances are someone you know suffers from one of the three top killers in America: heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Half of all of us will die from heart disease or cancer, my own family now has a running story line with cancer that I am attempting to bring an end to. One third of Americans will die from diabetes. But Big Pharm and the FDA don’t mind as long as they can make the payments on their Bentleys.

We have been so brainwashed that the usual reply to these sort of facts is: “Well, you have to die from something.” No, its natural to die, but its also natural to live healthy! It is your birthright to live healthy, right up to the day you keel over. The answer is all around us, and it has nothing to do with complicated science or drugs or diet drinks. By the way, just to note: the word diet is really a misnomer, if you have to go on a diet, that implies there will be a return to regular eating once goals have been achieved. This is crap, since you will just return to the state you just worked so hard to get rid of. No, a real diet is a life long change from the way we do things, not just a recovery from the holidays.

Heart Disease, cancer and diabetes are all connected to your diet, the things you eat regularly. Eight of the top ten causes of death are all related to what we eat, not to mention the 60 % of overweight Americans all over the country. Eating real food and getting the best nutrients will help you avoid all that, along with the misery of a low quality life that leads to an early death.

Even mainstream medicine will tell you: “Foods contain the nutrients we need for the body to work properly and when problems arise, they are from imbalances in nutrient intake. What we eat means everything.”

How long have diet crazes been around? Has anything shown a permanent “cure” for the obese and the unhealthy? We Americans go from one crazy idea to another trying to lose the excess baggage we all carry around and yet we’re fatter than ever. We even now have a fat epidemic among kids.

What we eat is not only the key to being slimmer, overall health and wellbeing, it is also a major factor in our body chemistry. Most of those crazy and a few of those good sense diets actually create wild imbalances in our bodies. Losing pounds with these ideas does not necessarily promise you good health, and the results of that can leave you with less money in your bank account, and still feeling unhealthy. The whole cycle clicks in again. Out comes the pizza and ice cream to make you feel better and once again the imbalance gets worse. Then its back to the doctor, who is of course, happy to see you. (Just to be fair, I have discussed this sort of thing with my own doctor, and she told me I am correct, but people just won’t do anything about it, “Just give me the pill, Doc.” Is what she always hears. As I said, “Brainwashing.”)

Forget about the cholesterol count, calories and fat grams, blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone levels, or anything else you’ve learned at the doctor’s office. The PH level of your blood is the number one factor in your whole physical makeup. Keeping your blood right, the correct balance of Alkaline and Acidic levels is “God in the details” as it were. Different areas of the body have different correct PH levels, but your blood’s PH level is the big kahoona. Just like the body’s temperature must remain a certain degree, your blood has to remain in a certain “range” of measurement. Your body will try very hard to maintain that, even by destroying other systems and tissues in other places in the body.

Every cell in your body is effected by PH levels. Your metabolic process depends heavily on PH balance, mostly Alkaline. Having an acidic level for long periods of time will “rust” body tissue, and if ignored will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. Your heart won’t beat right, your brain won’t work right. Acidity interferes with your life itself. It is the root of all sickness and disease.

So how is this PH level balance achieved? Once again, the key is in what we eat. Some foods are Alkaline and some are Acid. Not all acids are bad, but they must be the minimum. 80% of your food must be real food, like green vegetables for instance. Most of what is in the grocery store is not food. You can eat it. It will fill you up. But its not really food. You can’t find Corn Flakes in nature, or Hamburger Helper. Meat and grains are acid foods and must be relegated to the 20% of daily food you intake. Real supplements can help you achieve this balance also. I know what you’re thinking, you want me to eat like a rabbit. No, the whole earth was created for you to eat from, right out of the ground, and that is human food. If cows and other meat animals weren’t so full of hormones and drugs and antibiotics, they would be a lot safer. You never see someone with a steady venison diet who is overweight, but you do see fat beef people and fat beef cows. Get the connection? Not only that, but we now have 11 year old girls with breasts. Growth hormones in the milk are probably to blame.

Author Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote: There will come a time when we sit down to the banquet of our consequences.”

There is a lot more to be said on this subject, and I’ll get to that at alter blog date, but for now I want you to do some home work.

Here are some links to go visit, and gain some knowledge that will help you to see your grand kids grow into adults.

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