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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reviews by Hubie Goode: Train Your Child According To God's Principles

by Lucile Taylor

Today, our kids are being raised in an environment that is apart from the one we grew up with. A lot of things have already changed and more are even changing - from the mere admission to the internet to more complex technological advancements. It is hard to deny the fact that these factors have also increased our children's accessibility to dangerous materials such as alcohol, drugs, and pre-marital sex.

Inevitably, what is acceptable and considered normal two decades ago may have been unwantedly shunned with today's standards and lifestyles. Although some parents agree to some developments brought about by technology for parenting, many would still prefer to raise their child the way they know how, and it is through Christian parenting.

Christian parenting, although unusually popular, is a more favored parenting technique. Some call it a parenting style, but for most parents, they merely called it their lifestyle. Living under the words and enlightenment of God is the best way to live life. Unfortunately now, Christian living is slowly diminishing. However, there are still a number of families who strongly live under their faith in God.

Wouldn't it be nice to see your children living the words of the Lord? This is even the dream of many parents - to raise God-praising and God-fearing children. However, for most parents, this remains a dream, something that is possible but very hard to achieve. There is still hope, as long as you are determined to inculcate Christian values and principles through Christian parenting.

You see, your children's spiritual development is intimately intertwined with his or her emotional and physical development. For you to be a success in Christian parenting and for your children to thrive spiritually, the age-appropriate presentation of biblical truths and values are very substantial. However, Christian parenting can sometimes be a very difficult task, especially now that we are living in the world filled with millions of ways to be right. In the past, we grew up in a world where right and wrong were clearly defined and parents were deemed to be the primary authoritative figure in their child's life.

But there will always be hope for Christian parenting. If you find it very hard, start with baby steps. Take the whole family for weekly church visits and mass attendance every Sunday. Don't forget to pray before eating, sleeping, and waking up (preferably together with the family). Set good examples. These little things will help you in making Christian parenting a success.

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